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Democrat’s 2 Faces – Now the “Pigs” are Noble

Liberal Democrats constantly smear American law enforcement as corrupt, racist pigs who murder innocent black men.  They’ve had riots against the police for killing criminals.  They’ve organized assassins through Black Lives Matter to murder police.  Even the NFL has been … Continue reading

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Trump Extolls His Triumphs vs. Democrat’s Spewing Darkness and Hate

President Trump’s first SOTU following his first year of making America great again with tax reform and an economic revival was the opposite of Obama’s first year in which he lauded the increase to the welfare rolls, or his last … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Theory with Teeth

Release the Memo: While Democrat’s Russian collusion story has fallen apart, and they are trying to spin straw into gold with obstruction charges of a non-existent crime, the true conspiracy of Democrats inside the Deep State is being revealed that … Continue reading

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Should Children of Embezzlers Keep the Money Their Parents Stole?

When a rich man embezzles millions of dollars from his company, or like Enron executives, takes millions from pensions and stocks, and they leave the employee’s families destitute, when they are brought to justice should that money remain in the … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Brings Back Virtue, Not Sin

There once was a man named Trump, who was mocked by a socialist chump.  He said with a grin, “the election I’ll win,” and BO’s legacy he took to the dump. Democrats are claiming that the economic revival creating a … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Credit for the Trump Economic Revival

Why is this not the Obama Recovery?  Typical of all leftists, Obama takes credit for the achievements of others to cover up his epic failure.  Obama strove to convert America to socialism, made laws from the Oval Office, and forced … Continue reading

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Corruption in the FBI

The “Untouchables” have become the “Corruptibles.”  There is leftist liberal Democrat corruption deep in the bowels of the FBI.  But when you say this to liberals, who think one dimensionally, they only hear that the entire FBI is corrupt, not … Continue reading

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