Communist Democrats Establish One-Party Fascist Rule Via Mail-in Ballot Fraud as Law of the Land

Welcome to the Communist States of Amerika! Democrats are making all their dreams of domination come true on steroids with the passage of laws to make themselves one-party rulers. Their “For the People Act” is an act to sabotage the election system by corrupting it ultimately so they will never lose another election even when two-thirds of the people, or even if all the people, vote against them. Their bill allows anonymous mail-in ballots to be sent in for ten days after Election Day so they can overturn any election they choose. They will give the vote to felons and illegal alien communista criminals from south of the border along with children who are too ignorant of the world to know diddly about for what they are voting. Republicans who stupidly talked about working with Democrats have helped to subvert the nation, assisted their propaganda media in deceiving fools, and corrupted the greatest Christian nation in the history of the world to pervert capitalism into their socialist toilet. As communist fascism always does, they have killed the Golden Goose with their greed.

Amerika will decline under the new management of Obamunism. Expect the Democrats to abolish the filibuster in the Senate so they can pass any law they want. They will pack the courts and Congress with their cronies. Taxes will be levied to steal from Republicans and give to blue state deadbeats. They will reinstate the ObamaCare Mandate Penalty tax on the poor to pay for what they won’t have or pay through the nose for what they won’t get. They will tax guns and churches to crush those who own them. They will destroy American energy to make Amerika dependent on Arab oil and Chinese coal while continuing to pretend to be “saving the planet.” Stupid people will not figure it out until they are waiting in bread lines at grocery stores that used to be cornucopias of plenty. For those who do not opt into their atheist anti-Christian ideology they will impose Islamism to worship a false prophet and false god by brainwashing them five times a day chanting their god is greater together. They will flood the nation with illegal alien communistas by ten thousand a month and release felons into streets along with imported Islamists to terrorize the sheeple into obedience. The only recourse for those who prefer to be free rather than slaves will be a second revolutionary war.

Pelosi Forces Through Bill That Ends Fair Elections Once & For All

“For the People Act” is a Democrat vehicle by which they make anonymous mail-in ballot fraud the law of the land as well as give the vote to felons, illegal aliens, and children allowing voting for ten days after Election Day so they can change the outcome however they like – this is socialist voting for one party rule

[Author’s Note: Our Founders warned us. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan warned us. And Rush warned us. President Trump failed us when he stepped down without enacting the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrat coup. No election in the future will matter. They will just be for show as all communist elections are to keep fascists in power and give false hope for those foolish enough to stand against them. They will have twice as many ballots cast as registered voters and think nothing of it. Those who failed at education will now have their children indoctrinated into the state’s mis-education machine that will make their children dumb enough to accept socialism as good and reject Christianity as evil. It’s just a matter of time before they seize all guns from citizens and make us all subjects to our rulers once again. The progressives have proven they are just regressives, and those of us who failed to fight for Christianity are to blame for letting the God haters win. Understand their method:

  • Deceive
  • Corrupt
  • Pervert
  • Blame
  • Enslave

When you understand how the left deceives with lies, corrupts hearts, perverts minds, and blames the innocent to enslave others, then you will open your eyes to wisdom. As leftist governors declare the truth to be hate speech, and anyone who says the election was stolen is a liar whose free speech rights should be taken away, people will find their freedoms erode away under the rule of Democrat communist fascism.]

Candice Owens Scorches Biden And His Sexist War on Women

Democrat and GOP Strategists Welcome Trump 2024 Campaign (I’m sure they do as they all know they can rig the election every time to steal away Republican seats and this will just be an exercise in futility to frustrate Christian conservatives destoying their hopes for America’s future)

FBI Cannot ‘Disclose the Cause of Death’ of Officer Brian Sicknick: Director Wray (This is another deep state cover up of the lies they presented about the Jan. 6 Capitol invasion by Antifa so they can blame Republicans as racists who murdered police)

Georgia House Passes Omnibus Election Reform Bill (Election reforms are futile in the face of Democrat/RINO governors who will override election law with impunity)

Report Reveals Biden Team Already At Each Other’s Throats! (This is always to be expected when leftwing socialist communists and fascists go at each other just as Germany and Russia did in WWII after they consumed neighboring states in cooperation with each other)

Henry Louis Gates Claims Atrocities of Armenian Genocide ‘Exaggerated’ Because of ‘Islamophobia’ (Just the same way that they argue the Holocaust never happened under the Nazis)

Muhammed Owned Several Slaves, Four of his Slaves Were Black and He Was Involved in Slave Trade (Muhammad lived the opposite life of Jesus and is only revered by brainwashed leftists)

Obamas to Produce All-Muslim Podcast for Ramadan (If Obama’s book and actions were not enough to convince you that he is not a Christian American, but a Moslem communist, will this do it?)

Biden admin LOCKS ICE Twitter account, HALTING all public safety alerts on illegal migrants with criminal backgrounds (Democrats releasing illegals into Amerika once again with many known to be infected with disease)

Barack OBiden depleting America’s military arsenal AGAIN while crushing our economy into decline AGAIN!

The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

How we know that Democrats are communist fascists

Liberals ruin everything – How to lie like a Democrat


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