American Patriots Remember 9-11 – The Day Democrats Forgot

9-11 is this generation’s Pearl Harbor.  It is the day that America was attacked by the Islamic Jihad and went to war.  The service and sacrifice by fire fighters, rescue teams, and police as part of America’s military brotherhood is remembered and honored, as is the sacrifice of the armed forces that took this war to the enemy.  This is a day that America stood as one in horror that the nation could be attacked so severely, that thousands of innocent people could be mass murdered by fundamentalist Moslem fanatics.  In contrast to this existential threat to America, idiot liberals are duped by Chicken Little’s into believing that their existential war is against climate change.

Republicans have not forgotten and stand strong for America, while Democrats completely forgot in just a few months.  In the years that followed, Democrats cursed America’s military hoping for mass casualties in the war, elected a Moslem communist to be President and Leader of the Free World, assist Islamo-nazis in invading the West, and today curse the police as racist murderers.  As a paramedic/firefighter and a member of the military brotherhood of those who serve and sacrifice, I, too, take personal insult at their callousness and lies.  The righteous wrath of patriots is why we elected Donald J. Trump as President of the United States to undo all of the damage Democrats have done to this greatest of nations to make America great again.

We remember.  We remember the nation watching in horror as jihadis mass murdered thousands of innocent Americans.  They said they did it because of America’s “crimes” against Islam.  History shows that Moslems have never had a reason to invade the West, but that the teachings of Muhammad were to spread Islam by the sword to oppress or kill all who would not submit to their god Allah.  It is always the nature of leftists to blame their victims for fighting back against their oppression.

Democrats today are lauding Islam’s “contribution” to making America great.  These are the same people who say America was never great.  The only contribution Islam ever made to America was to instill a need by our presidents to build a navy and deploy Marines to Libya.  They went to destroy the Moslem pirates of the Barbary Coast who were seizing undefended American ships to enslave the passengers.  Democrats today say America is the problem in the world and socialism, the ideology of 20th century communists, fascists, Islamists, and Nazis, is the solution.

What is their idea of a final solution to eliminate Christianity?  As Islamism and fascism grow in the USA today there is more and more anti-Jew and anti-Christian hate.  Christians do not forget that Jesus is a Jew and that this attack by the anti-God atheist socialists and anti-Christian Islamists is all being endorsed by the Democrat Party.  Their effort to conceal their history of slavery and oppression by blaming innocent Republicans who fought to free their slaves is not lost on intelligent, educated Americans.  But America is in danger of falling into darkness.

Democrat Crimes Against America

The prayers and curses of Democrats that our military suffer grievous casualties, cheering the deaths of soldiers, spitting on their flag draped coffins, and then electing a Moslem to be president, sticks in the craw of every patriot.  They gave Obama eight years to persecute Christians, advance the cause of Islam, and subvert this nation at every level.  His czars of government perverted all that is right and good in this nation in his effort to fundamentally transform America from the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.

Democrats say Obama is a Christian “because he said so,” but obvious expect that no one read his book.  What Christian would encourage the persecution of the Christian church?  He tried to force abortion and gay marriage on the church as well as endorsing the persecution of business owners who are Christian, and personally wrote an executive order to put men in girl’s bathrooms.  His department heads all persecuted patriots and businesses that did not submit to his will.  The IRS and EPA were weaponized against Christian patriots.  The FBI and CIA were both headed by socialists and his Islamist supporters.

Both Comey and Brennan have taken treasonous actions against President Trump.  As CIA Director, Brennan helped to create the Steele Dossier to defame Donald Trump, and recently outed a protected agent.  As FBI Director, Comey brought this fraudulent document to the FISA court to obtain an illegal warrant by which Obama could spy on Trump’s campaign.  They interfered and attempted to obstruct Trump’s presidency and sent the nation into turmoil for the last two years.  All the while leading up to and beyond Trump’s election, Obama instituted his militant Organizing for Action anti-America group to form Antifa Nazis and BLM terrorists to riot and kill.

Americans are disgusted with the crimes with which Democrats have, so far, eluded justice.  We all hope and pray that President Trump has the power and the will to bring them to justice.  We all hope and pray that he has the authority to stop their massive voter fraud machine of gathering illegal ballots by which they hope to flip even Texas.  America’s voting system has been completely corrupted by Democrats sending absentee ballots to everyone and having their minions gather them to illegally increase Democrat votes while destroying Republican votes.  Unless this crime is stopped then Democrats will once again succeed in electing the leftist socialists that will allow them to destroy the Constitution and remake America into a socialist dictatorship toilet.

9-11 We Will Never Forget!

Memorial Day is to Honor All Who Sacrifice

[Author’s Note: The leftwing media is striving with all their might to create the impression that President Trump is driving America’s economy into a recession.  They did the exact same thing with President George W. Bush until they duped Americans into electing Democrats to control Congress – and then they made it happen.  They deliberately negged the economy to create a recession in the hopes of winning the next presidential election.  And when it looked like their oil price driven recession wasn’t going to succeed, they crashed their mortgage banks to nuke the economy.  The result was eight years of Obamaism to make America small again.  He kept the economy depressed, reduced the military, and made Americans suffer.  We can also thank McCain and Romney for not putting up a fight.  But Donald Trump is a Reaganite Christian conservative, though he doesn’t brag about it, and his reinstitution of Reaganism has brought the economy that Obama said would never come again roaring back, and Obama tries to take credit for it.  Democrats are two-faced saboteurs who spew nothing but lies and poison to turn Americans against what is good and righteous in the world.  If you don’t listen to anything besides leftist media drivel, then you will never be educated to the truth about the greatness of America and the duplicitous subversion of Democrats.]

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