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Obama’s liberal agenda is killing America

The Left is killing the American Dream through death by a thousand cuts technique.  Obama’s agenda is destroying the last great hope on Earth, and he’s doing it in such a way that he is leaving no fingerprints to tie … Continue reading

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Learning stupidity in the church of liberal socialism

Those who believe that profit is the evil of greed are as dangerous to America as the church of the Inquisition they despise.  Believing that profit, the lifeblood of business growth is bad is what is driving Obama Democrats to … Continue reading

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The Battling Boys of Benghazi, Obama’s ‘bump in the road’

If you, like Hilary Clinton, think that with 4 dead Americans “what difference, at this point, does it make?” you will not understand this poem – “A Bump in the Road.” Remember that calloused statement made by President Obama?  Recall Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Immigration bill another Obama vehicle to frame Republicans as evil

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), acting on orders from President Obama, is making a major push to force the Senate to vote on and pass the president’s immigration reform bill.  The bill promises to “solve” the problem of illegal … Continue reading

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The magic of immigration reform and ObamaCare

  What do Democrats offer America in making twelve million illegal aliens legal?  They do not enforce the illegal immigration laws as they stand, give illegal aliens benefits meant for retired seniors who have paid in to Social Security, Medicare, … Continue reading

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President Obama speaks at the Brandenburg Gate

When JFK stood before the Brandenburg Gate in 1963, he spoke to Berliners to express his unity with them after the Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall to stop people from escaping their control in Eastern Europe.  Since World War … Continue reading

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Truth in politics and in life

There are people who do not believe Obama is guilty of using government resources, namely the IRS and NSA, against his political opponents the same way Hitler used the Brown Shirts and Gestapo against his political opponents.  “Where’s the proof,” … Continue reading

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