Two-Faced Democrats openly hope and pray that America fails!

When Rush Limbaugh was asked what he hoped for the Obama presidency he replied, “I hope he fails!”  As patriotic Americans knew, his prayer was not a hope that the country failed, but a hope that Obama failed in instituting his Islamist communist agenda.  But Democrats, being the liberal liars that they are, cursed him by portraying his statement as hoping the country failed.  Now, because Donald Trump has successfully swept away Obamaism to make America’s economy roar again, it is they who are openly hoping and praying that the nation fails so they can blame Trump.  If this isn’t enough to prove to you that Democrats do not want what is best for the country, but only what is best for themselves, then you are a lost cause.

They’re Still Talking About “I Hope He Fails”

Democrats and their media smear and slander Trump 24/7/365.

Democrats vow to make America “carbon free” in the next thirty years.  Of course, that will be too late to save the planet that will be destroyed by carbon pollution from China and India, but that’s ok because by then America will also be a communist nation.  Democrats also promise to seize all American wealth to provide Medicare for All!  After eliminating America’s energy, destroying America’s economy, and seizing all American’s wealth, what do they think will be remaining?  The Democrat agenda is to destroy the world’s Golden Goose just so they can have the power!

These two-faced leftist, social liberal Democrats are anti-Christian, anti-American, and anti-God.  What does it say about those who say they are Christians, yet they take sides with atheist socialists, Islamo-nazis, and baby sacrificing abortionists?  What does it say about these rich leftists who say they aren’t being taxed enough because of Trump’s tax cuts, yet none of them skip their tax breaks or write a check to the treasury?  These people are two-faced liars who want you Christians, you taxpayers, you patriots to pay through the nose to give up your wealth to Democrat elites so they can pander to deadbeats and illegal aliens.

We elected Donald Trump because he stands for American Christian values and is doing what the Republican Party has failed to do because too many of them are RINOs working with Democrats!  We will fight for him and for America with our last breath!  We reject the NeverTrumpers who claimed they were conservative leaders but now are revealed for the frauds they have always been.  The stealth leftists who infiltrated the GOP to corrupt and sabotage conservatism have been exposed and their war on America is now in open rebellion.  Democrats riot in the streets, they assassinate police, they commit mass shootings, they lie about everything that is happening as they terrorize Trump supporters.

Their coup attempt has failed, and their voter fraud has been exposed.  Their importation of Latino-communists and Islamo-nazis is in danger of being halted.  The war for America’s soul is at a tipping point and only the steadfast faith and loyalty of American Christian conservatives will save this nation from the darkness of democratic socialism.  As McCain proved, if you surrender to the left, they will destroy you.  This is a life and death battle for America’s soul and there is no compromise with those who want to either make you a slave or kill you.  Never stop educating young people, and never stop confronting liberals with the lies they tell.

The reason Trump got elected

If Liberals Want to Pay Higher Taxes, They Can Send a Check to the Treasury

Why and How Did Fossil Fuels Become the Primary Energy Source for Western Civilization?

[Author’s Note: As far as I’m concerned, President Trump would do well to heed the red flag warnings of Democrat duplicity to stop their insurgency.  Their voter fraud machine is formidable.  He may win the presidency a second time, but without Congress he will get nothing done.  The only question is will President Trump take the action that Americans need to survive this war on Americanism?  What he should be doing is arresting every governor and mayor who provides sanctuary for illegal aliens and charge them for violating American immigration law.  He should also be prosecuting every Democrat involved in the coup attempt, as well as every Democrat who goes overseas to undermine his authority by giving aid to foreign enemies.

In addition, he should begin a massive effort to deport all the Latino-communists that Democrats have illegally imported, as well as all the Moslems who are setting up mosques and terrorist training camps in the USA.  All Moslems who believe in Sharia have no place in civilized society, let alone in the greatest free nation in the world.  Their goal is to never assimilate into other cultures but to colonize and overthrow them.  Trump should arrest and disbar every leftist judge that rules in violation of Constitutional law giving aid to Sharia jihadis.  And he should also arrest and prosecute the members of Antifa and BLM who advocate for killing police.

Advocating for killing people and persecuting them is not free speech – it’s Nazi fascism.  They cannot be allowed to conceal their evil by wrapping it in a façade of righteousness over their lies of claiming to be fighting racism when they are perpetrating it.  Democrats are actively waging war on America as domestic enemies sabotaging, subverting, and corrupting the culture at every level and their terror tactics must be stopped!  Leftists from communists to Islamists have been at war with liberty and Christianity for centuries, and this is just another phase of that war.  Not recognizing that fact is why the righteous are losing.]


Forging a Global Utopia

Democrats Save the World

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1 Response to Two-Faced Democrats openly hope and pray that America fails!

  1. Roy says:

    Before president Trump can administer justice to Democrat Mayor’s for violating laws on the books he needs to get Mitch McConnell to fill every vacant judicial seat with originalist judges first.


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