Liberals Backwards Think

backwards thinking

Finding the horse’s ass.  Silly liberals, thinking like kids.

Liberalism – Born of ignorance and bred on immorality

I coined the phrase “liberals backwards think” from observing how liberals employ logic to reach their conclusions (adding the manner in which Yoda of Star Wars speaks his reverse syntax just for fun, not to say they are wise like Yoda, but to illustrate how easily they are confused by their own thought processes).  Liberal logic is what used to be known as “female logic.”  It is a faulty approach in which an emotional response causes them to jump to a conclusion. When queried why they think that is correct they then use reverse investigation to find facts to justify that conclusion which requires rejecting facts that don’t fit their conclusion. This is backwards to logic and science in which facts are followed in progression to reach a logically correct conclusion. This kind of irrational thinking typically infects about 60% of women and 40% of men.

On a more narrow scale there are varying degrees in which it affects a variety of demographic groups, black or white, Asian or European, young or old. The more immature a person the more susceptible they are to jump to erroneous conclusions based on minimal evidence. For instance, a child attacked by a black boy might jump to the conclusion that all black kids are bad. If he was befriended by a black boy, he might also come to the false conclusion that all black kids are good. The truth is that you must take each person on their own merits. This is why everyone is susceptible to exercise prejudice based on their life experience, but only a few become bigots who judge others on the basis of groups by ignoring that particular person’s character.

Liberals also have an equally difficult time with simple math. This is illustrated magnificently in the following example:

A woman goes shopping and comes home with a new coat exclaiming, “Honey, the store had a 40% off sale on this $100 coat and I saved $40!”  To which the husband responds, “That’s nice, sweetheart, but you spent $60 that we can’t afford.”

Liberal thinking works backwards and concentrates on their flawed conclusion – I saved $40, rather than the actual result, I spent $60.  So the liberal feels good about “saving money” from the purchase while the actual result was an expense.  The same is true about buying on credit; buy now, pay later, but the later isn’t a factor now when the liberal is making the purchase.

Not surprisingly, this is exactly how Democrats in Congress use baseline budgeting.  Instead of announcing they are reducing their increase in spending from 5% to 4%, they say they are reducing spending by 20%.  This fatally flawed system of reporting to the public is why the nation’s debt is always rising and part of the reason why deficit spending has become astronomical.

The massive Obama deficits

The other reason for the deficit is that Democrats, who decried the borrowing done to pay for the Iraq/Afghanistan Wars as “unpaid,” have been using massive quantities of borrowed taxpayer money to prop up Wall Street.  That is why Wall Street is booming while the economy is languishing.  The various “economic stimuli” and “quantitative easing” is spending America’s children into generation debt, making them slaves to government funding.

Liberal logic goes far beyond misrepresenting simple math

Math is not the only thing that liberals approach in a backwards manner.  There are many things that liberals today believe modern day people to be equivalent to people of the past.  There are also moral equivalencies they make that are contrary to righteous morality.  For example;

They equate modern day bankers with money changers in the Hebrew temples during the time of Christ.  They equate successful businessmen of today with the Robber Barons, feudal lords, and pirates of the past.  They equate socialism with Robin Hood, an English Saxon who fought the oppressive taxation of the Norman King John, and believe that stealing from the rich is morally right.

They say they believe taking life is wrong and defend the lives of convicted murderers, yet advocate for taking the lives of babies in the womb.  They defend the rights of criminals and demand the rights of citizens to bear arms be denied because they say guns, not the criminals, are what are dangerous.  They say they are for free speech, unless they disagree with what is said and then want the speech silenced.

Leftist logic is corruption of ethics

The Left will subvert everything righteous in order to justify their beliefs.  They will rewrite history to make villains the heroes and heroes the villains.  Examples are remaking “Sleeping Beauty” as “Maleficent” to reinvent the Evil Queen as the wronged, misguided hero who repents, and deconstructing Jesus the Christ from Savior to recreating Satan as Liberator.

In essence, liberal thinking is immature thinking believing that what sounds good is good regardless of results.  This is what becomes their “Law of Unexpected Consequences,” which is only unexpected to them and not to those who think things through.  It is the foundation of their argument that the results of their policies are not what is to be judged, but only their good intentions.  Unfortunately, the Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.

My blog

With that in mind I have been writing articles, first for the online magazine  I turned to my own blog when Examiner decided to terminate our association, and unpublish a thousand articles I had written expressing Christian conservatism and exposing liberal lies.  Much of modern liberalism (which has been taken over by socialists) is based on deception and keeping the ignorant fooled to convince them to voluntarily submit to tyranny.

I approach these articles from the perspective of a Christian conservative with a lifetime of learning morality and politics in the hopes of passing on some wisdom to the young.  America has been deeply corrupted over the last century, and the young are confused as to why the greatest nation in the world is slipping away from them.  I am one of the Guardians of the Republic working to restore the American Dream, and these are my stories.

Stand with the world

[Author’s Note: A reader challenged my assertion that I am qualified to be a PhD calling me a racist. I replied to him:

I don’t need “reliable sources” for my opinion that my accumulated life experience, knowledge, and intelligence make me qualified to be a PhD without having to spend $100,000 to have a college award me that title. This is not the same as saying I should be awarded the title of Chess Master just because of have the aptitude to be one. I never applied myself to mastering chess. Becoming masterful at knowledge, however, is not the same. I didn’t learn what I know in four years to get a PhD, but I did learn it in forty years of living and studying. On the simple basis that 80% of professors at colleges and universities say that communism is good proves that I know more and am smarter than the lot of them! I can prove them all to be wrong because I know history and understand better than any of them! Most of them made their moral judgements based on their fallacious interpretations of tribalism and multiculturalism without understanding the fundamental differences in them due to their similarities to the American “melting pot.”

The fact that you say I’m a racist on the basis of nothing more than your hateful opinion is proof you don’t know what you’re talking about. Fascism was born of the left as anyone who lived in the 20th century knows. Only Democrat propaganda that has warped the opinions of ignorant liberals by painting fascism as anti-liberal and anti-left is why your thinking has been warped. Just because Nazi Germans and Communist Russians went to war on each other does not make them opposites. If you were educated you would know they started out the war as allies and only turned on each other because of the leftist racism of Hitler who hated Slavs. Their ideologies are no more “opposite” than gays and Islamists who unite to destroy Christianity but, like communists and Nazis, will find themselves at each other’s throats. They are all leftists. So, don’t try to lecture me about getting your facts straight when you haven’t the first clue of them. I recommend you start by listening to Dinesh D’Souza in his movie, “The Trump Card,” and learn facts for yourself rather than just repeat what you’ve been told. Then stop listening to leftwing propaganda media all the time so you’re not living in the bubble of a leftwing echo chamber.] – license to teach; the authority of my blog

Smear merchants – Democrat media’s propaganda campaign

[Liberalism: Born of ignorance, bred on immorality]

Born to ignorance and immorality, how to overcome liberal’s failures in logic

[Right vs. Left – the true paradigm (revised)]

Right vs. Left – the True Paradigm (original)

Young liberal wisdom: A series of unfortunate beliefs

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70 Responses to Liberals Backwards Think

  1. I got this site from my pal who informed me concerning this web page
    and now this time I am browsing this web page and reading very informative content at this place.


  2. When someone writes an article he/she maintains the thought of a user in his/her mind that how a user can understand it. Thus that’s why this article is great.

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  3. Rae Alan Yearnd Sr. says:

    The unexamined legacy of Obama is his spending and his debt. This will become a form of blackmail in the future as we will all become slaves to government programs that will be deemed “necessary”
    This is being propped up by the importation of a new underclass of illegal immigrants.

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    • i think the acceptance of the deception of Obama is America’s biggest failure.An entire generation has learned to not think but to follow BS dogma. An unknown with a perhaps name became the sweetheart of Liberals including Hollywood and liberal mice who liked his toots. To compound matters, any proof of the Obama sham makes then squeeze their sphincter muscles even tighter. They will keep Obamacrap forever, for otherwise, they have to admit they made a colossal error and were easily fooled. How can the smartest people on the planet be fooled? Is is even possible? Ask them.


      • dustyk103 says:

        An excellent point of why people who think they are intelligent suffer from delusion through denial to save their egos.


  4. greg says:

    Well done! Keep up the good work, you are being noticed because of it. Thank you.

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  5. Matthew says:

    I’d prefer it if they were just called fools. A “liberal” ought to mean someone who sides with liberty, not Islam and other criminality.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      I so absolutely agree with you! The Left’s hijacking of the language and names disgusts me. I’ve written about this;

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      • M Simon says:

        And Conservative means conserving error.

        The whole modern world has divided itself into Conservatives and Progressives. The business of Progressives is to go on making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is to prevent mistakes from being corrected. Even when the revolutionist might himself repent of his revolution, the traditionalist is already defending it as part of his tradition. Thus we have two great types — the advanced person who rushes us into ruin, and the retrospective person who admires the ruins. He admires them especially by moonlight, not to say moonshine. Each new blunder of the progressive or prig becomes instantly a legend of immemorial antiquity for the snob. This is called the balance, or mutual check, in our Constitution. — G.K. Chesterton

        Nothing has changed since that was written. Drug Prohibition was invented by Progressives. Look who still clings to it. Conservatives.

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        • dustyk103 says:

          Very interesting perspective, but it fails to take into account right and wrong, which is the truest measure of ideologies.


      • M Simon says:

        Dustyk103 –

        If drinking alcohol was wrong in the 1920s it is still wrong.

        Or the contrary argument – if cannabis medicines were right for the first 130 years or so of our country – they are still right.

        Right and wrong have very little to do with most law. There is some overlap – but most law is about Power and Control. Follow the money.


    • Matthew, I agree with you. What are your thoughts on tax reform?


  6. Bob Steward says:

    The best comment I can make is to put you in the rare air of Breitbart. Good work. Might think of bringing to light that there is no such thing as a deficit or a national debt for America. It is a fictitious debt created when you have a foreign bank controlling another nations money. Lincoln eliminated with a pen and so can any President who cares not for his or her safety. (All who did were assassinated.) After Lincoln created our own money our nation became the most richest and most powerful nation in the world. Then 1913 created the communist state we have now. I just get irritated when I hear that we have a deficit when every dollar created for our country already has a debt to it for a foreign bank!


    • RalphB says:

      You, sir, are what is known as a “money crank”. Your heart is in the right place in that the Federal Reserve is run by bankers who intend to make a profit rather than by politicians who intend to bankrupt all of us to pay for their desires, and therefore the government does not have direct control over the money but despite appearances, that’s not a “bug” but a “feature”.

      Since we are talking about fiat money here — potentially unlimited numbers of symbols on paper and computer accounts — rather than something concrete, finite, and of objective value, e.g. gold or other commodities — it is (and I know this beggars belief) actually better to hand over the fiat money supply to the banksters who at least have the discipline of marketplace competition and the responsibility to keep stockholders happy as well as statutory oversight of Congress to (supposedly) insure they control inflation and promote full employment. It’s based on the principle of the division of powers.

      If you granted the power to create money directly to congress or the Treasury (i.e. the POTUS) nothing could stop them from (trying to) create unlimited quantities of it and buy themselves and their constituents every thing their yearning hearts desire. That would lead to the complete destruction of the value of fiat currency and hyperinflation that would make the Weimar Repuplic experience look like a picnic. (See:; also Such a policy would wipe out every dollar-denominated store of wealth in the world: demand and savings accounts, CDs, Treasury notes and bonds, mortgages (after hyperinflation borrowers will pay off their mortgages with a week’s wage, you see), and so on.

      The genuine solution to our monetary system would be to require that money be something of objective value, such as gold or other commodities — as it was originally — prohibit fractional reserve banking, and allow those who wish to speculate with their money do so consciously by understanding that if they want a return on their savings they must accept the risks (shared though they may be) of losing principle — as with any investment. Observe the irony of our situation today: We have massive amounts of fractional reserve banking, imposing great risks on depositors (and taxpayers via the FDIC) while the sucker depositors get interest rates that are often negative when you factor in inflation. The Federal Reserve is over a barrel because if they raise rates the government will be unable to pay the interest on the national debt without the exact kind of inflationary policies you are advocating with your Lincoln “greenbacks” endorsement, an eventuality that would destroy the world’s economy and the banks with it, the only other alternative (under the current system) being to default on the debt, which could have the same disastrous result.

      I recommend that you study the Austrian school of economics to understand how money works. You can download numerous free books and resources on Austrian economics (referring to the “school” not the country, of course) at the Mises Institute website. I suggest you start with George Reisman’s “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics” — free download at:
      For those who wish to get started in understanding economics, the classic introduction is Henry Hazlett’s “Economics in One Lesson” available for purchase here:
      It is also available for free from virtually any school or public library.


  7. Jimbo says:

    Just found this website. Looks interesting. Reminds me of my favorite saying about liberals. I need to have it made into a bumper sticker…….

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  8. Jeff says:

    You are a fucking idiot. Leave political commentary to those with FUCKING BRAINS


  9. Sortinghat says:

    Just know that before the end comes good will be bad and bad will be good on a widespread scale.

    Since WW2 this has increased leaps and bounds and the government thinks PC is the aswer.

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  10. Sortinghat says:

    So who’s looking forward to their own TSA personal guard to monitor them?


  11. DonT says:

    Just found this interesting blog, and am glad I did. Very informative and written in easy-to-understand language. Cheers.


  12. David Riley says:

    Informative, concise, and extremely erudite… good for you! Excellent site and article! TONS of articles on various topics, issues, etc. Thanks for sharing!


  13. M Simon says:

    Liberals started Drug Prohibition. “Conservatives” still support it. Could some on please explain the difference to me between Conservatives and Liberals? Other than the liberals have given up on Drug Prohibition?

    When Alcohol Prohibition was an issue the Conservatives were the last to give it up. FDR in a landslide.

    And Conservatives are supposed to be so good with history.

    Well we are not so bad off as we were in 1932. Trump 100% supports Medical Cannabis.

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    • dustyk103 says:

      Interesting you should bring this up. I’ve been meaning to write an article about how ridiculous it is that the Democrat anti-drug agenda became the Republican agenda. Democrats started prohibition and elevated the crime rate by trying to legislate morality. They invented all kinds of propaganda like marijuana makes people insane. They called it “loco weed” and said it made people commit mass murders and suicide rather than just becoming a mellow lump. Fifty years later this lie had been repeated so much that people believed it. There’s a great documentary with Woody Harrelson, “Grass,” that exposes it all. I’m still not advocating for it because, as far as I’m concerned, all drugs do is dull your wits, but some people want it for that very reason. For government to try to deny it just causes greater crime.

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    • Doug M says:

      Liberals accuse Conservatives of being greedy because they want keep what they earn. But, I suggest Liberals are even greedier because they want to take what others earn.

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  14. Doug M, I agree with you. Liberals preach the message that wealthy people are not paying their fair share in taxes as if it is the gospel truth. For liberals, they think people who want to keep their whole paychecks tax-free are selfish. Personally, I think it is liberals who are selfish. They want to dictate who much money we get to keep. Now, if you doubt what I say, ask your liberal friends, if you have any friends of that political persuasion, if they think you or they should be able to keep every penny you or they earn.


    • Wyeil Arbukle says:

      Boo who rich people have to pay taxes like everyone else, you right wing rich people are already tyrannical, abusive, and lonbby the US government in your favor against everyone else, especially non white places.


  15. jc says:

    Dustin with all due respect the pictures of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell wearing Trump shirts are photo shopped. I really wish some real research was done before this stuff runs rampant on the internet. You can find photos of them in the same shirts without the Trump logos. This kind of inaccurate reporting makes us look bad. Sure, we want to see a celebrity support Trump but why should we even care if they do or not? No one should look to a celebrity for affirmation.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I already noted that I know the pic is photoshopped, but used just for the visual to reflect turning sentiments in Hollywood. Actually, the fact that the picture is what helped launch this article to greater readership is worth it in order to spread the truth about Hillary to more people who are in the dark. Kurt and Goldie are just two of many stars who have come out against Hillary. While I agree that I give no credence to any celebrity endorsement because it’s just their opinion and, unfortunately because more actors are liberal fools than not, it’s usually wrong-headed opinions, most people listen to them because they like the characters they play in movies. I’ve had many actors who have ruined my opinion of themselves, but I won’t let them ruin the movies in which they repeat the writer’s words and play the part given to them with conviction. A shame most of them don’t learn from those writers.

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  16. Grampa Mullan says:

    Thank you for your service as a first responder. I had a son inlaw who was a paramedic. he loved his work and took it very seriously. I am glad to see another who believes as I do and is in a position to speak up and is unafraid to say what you think At seventy five i am no longer to do much physically but have a pen and a big mouth and am unafraid to use it. I see so many of the hive minded who follow blindly who think they do America service by voting people in like obama because he is black or Hillary because she is a woman. With such logic America is in trouble.


  17. Doug M, liberals are selfish, egotistical, self-centered, lazy, entitlement addicted fools. They claim that people who want to keep every penny they earn are only interested in the well-being of the rich. The Fair Tax allows everyone to keep every penny they earn tax-free. Under the Fair Tax, you pay a tax on new goods and services. Used stuff is not taxed. Basic necessities and purchases up to the poverty level are not taxed.


  18. Smithe3 says:

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  19. Doug M, here are a few videos for you: 1:, 2: them and then give me some feedback.


  20. Jim Carter says:

    You have written that “Wall Street is booming while the economy is languishing.” That is because Wall Street is very successful at running a con game.

    The Federal Reserve is a giant Ponzi game that yields humongous profit for select Wall Street financiers (Primary Dealers) that has been stolen from the people. If you found out, you would probably revolt—as has happened in previous societies. All Ponzi schemes are inherently destined for self-destruction and this one is already on the skids.

    “How does the Federal Reserve steal billions daily from the U.S. government ?” you may ask.

    Let me make it simple. The FRBNY has exclusive control of the $8-10 trillion annually received from the auctions of Treasury securities. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

    The accounts are client accounts–not operating accounts. There are no reports or audits of the accounts given to Congress or the public.

    The profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government. Concealing and taking what belongs to the government is embezzling. Details below.


    The Federal Reserve system is used by the Wall Street bankers to conceal the theft of $6 billion daily using the FRBNY’s exclusive control of the accounts of auction funds of Treasury securities. They have successfully operated the scheme for 100 years.

    The FRBNY has exclusive control of disbursements of the auction accounts. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3.

    The evidence that the Federal Reserve is diverting the money from the government using the above accounting scam is in plain sight for those who wish to see it:

    ONE: The FRBNY will only establish a line of credit for the government (book entry money) when they receive a Treasury security in the amount of the line of credit.

    TWO: The deficit security is sold as a small percentage on the auctioned roll-over securities. The FRBNY handles all of the accounts and disbursements. Ref. 31 CFR 375.3. The accounts are client accounts (not operational accounts) and have never been audited. Audits of the FR are conducted according to guidelines established by the BOG.

    THREE: Funds from auctioning the deficit security issues (currently $2 trillion annually, $6 billion daily) cannot go to the government. If they did, they would have to buy the securities just issued since no other securities have been purchased. Under those circumstances, there would be no increase in the money in circulation (inflation) nor would there be any increase in the national debt. The money from the auction must go somewhere but it cannot go to the government.

    FOUR: The only feasible destination for the funds is to members of the Primary Dealers who are tasked with collecting called and redeemed Treasury securities. As hidden owners of the corporate Board of Governors (privately owned corporations are not required to file records with the SEC), they can receive deficit spending profit along with funds for the roll-over security work. The owners have put up no consideration for receiving $6 billion daily, even thou it is touted as a loan. (If the non-existing loan was being paid off by the hidden money, it would then result is eliminating any increase in the National Debt. In addition, who, or what,is the source of the putative loan. The Fed does not have it.) (The operation of the BOG readily lends itself to a corporate structure; the FR System does not.)

    FIVE: Profit of the Federal Reserve legally belongs to the government. Hiding money that belongs to the government is a crime. Ref.

    It is assumed the same profitable scam has been set up with the Euro with each nation pledging to guarantee payment on the securities sold by the ECB. The money from the sale of the securities is theorized, based upon the Federal Reserve documented scheme, to go to the controllers/owners of the ECB. Money from the above operations are theorized to fund the New World Order scheme. Ref.

    Is any of this information of interest ?
    Jim Carter

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  21. Don Oates says:

    No comment per se! Just wanted to let you know I feel your articles and personal views are spot on with brilliant people like myself!😎Keep up the good work!
    Don Oates


  22. Jay says:

    In my lunch, I overheard a lady saying “who cares about emails” while condemning Trump over every topic the media feeded them with.
    I was almost there to burst it out for the stupidity of these people.
    Their bases for judgements are either highly self-centered or emotion-controlled rather than fact-based or morally-judged.
    They don’t know what to believe or what to not, nor what to put empahsis on or what to not.
    I am not religeous but can’t help myself repeating “god help America and let there be justice”
    Liberalism is like a disease nowadays as it blurrs too many peoples’ judgement and only encourages self-entitled PC minds who has absoulutely no room in their minds to take a “no” but only “yes”.
    Or else we are labelled “bigot” “racist” “sexist” and all sorts of baseless accusations.
    I let it out again. *sigh


  23. Joanna Stone says:

    I’m curious to your thoughts on Women’s rights. I can’t find them anywhere.


  24. Andy says:

    Roughly, Liberals secretly believe in classism – benefitting economically from the lower classes, regardless of race. Liberals don’t respect minorities who pull themselves up by their own boot straps. Not at all. At least with Conservatives, there is a certain level of respect for self made men of all races. This is what 51 years of life in USA taught me as a person of color.

    What Liberals get *right* is the need to preserve the environment. Ie, National Parks, Forests etc are largely Liberal President triumphs, and great one at that.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Actually the National Park system and preservation are the venue of conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt. Liberals hijacked conservation to corrupt it into the global warming scam and using it to smear Republicans as wanting to breath and drink dirty air and water – a psychotic belief.

      Liked by 1 person

    • The need to care for and cherish our environment is basic, the National Parks are wonderful, but the idea that mankind is a blight on the planet, that there are too many of us is nonsense. As populations develop their resources to enable adequate energy for electricity, modern agricultural methods, etc. birth rates go down, and everyone thrives. Then we reach 2020, approaching 2021, without bringing all of the world to prosperity because of the rabid “Global Warming, Climate Change (which no one denies) movement. This is also the “We are all going to fry or the oceans will rise and drown us.” movement.
      The enormous costs of so-called “renewable” energy impoverishes us and is not the reliable fossil fuel energy that actually powers our world and provides the comforts, the quality of life that we enjoy in developed nations. In these same nations birth rates now are not even replacing populations. I am old and, hopefully, will not live to see the result of present trends. As of today, the criminal Joe Biden has declared himself President of these (once) United States and is not waiting for an inauguration or the results of legal challenges to obvious fraud during the election.


  25. Grampa says:

    With the posts above I see some confused some sure most give me hope that some are paying attention.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. I’m not blaming you, Dusty! 😀

    I’m all set for the SHTF, Moose-Limb Apocalypse, or whatever happens 😀


    • dustyk103 says:

      I know. I’m just pointing that out. Half my family are wholeheartedly Democrats and they’re the half that are big into drugs, socialism, and atheism.


  27. Fred Ducolon says:

    I commented to Fox News and the Donald Trump campaign , before he was elected that he could of got 6% more votes if Trump stated , that Hillary, both indirectly and directly supported Sharia Law, ( look it up on utube ) and over 50% of American women voters don’t know or care that Sharia Law won’t let women vote or drive, and discriminates against all other religions, thank you


  28. Hello Dustin,
    Your articles are fantastic! I have a small news site that I would love to highlight some of your articles on. I would give you full credit and lots of links back to your site. Please email me and we can connect more on the partnership. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Liberals are economically illiterate.


  30. David says:

    You aren’t a very good historian judging from what I have read by you (half an article). In fact you’re more of a bullshitter. Are you a Jew?


    • dustyk103 says:

      Lol! And yet you can’t point out any mistakes but call me names and make racist remarks. So amusing when liberals think they say intelligent things but only prove they are ignorant and nasty.


  31. Roger O'Daniel says:

    Good looking horse, but you chose the wrong animal for the photo. You needed a donkey, also named an ass. Then your rider could be mounted on an ass looking at an ass’s ass.

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  32. Antoinette Noelle Pearl says:

    I feel so relieved you are showing the truth and it is all about words and what they mean. I guess Pelosi is immoral since she has a fence around her house. Keep up the good work.


  33. misssissy53 says:

    I’m loving what you say and am so proud to be a Patriot. Thanks for the words.


  34. Matthew says:

    “Not surprisingly, this is exactly how Democrats in Congress use baseline budgeting.”
    Ha, ha! How many trillion in debt? How many more to try to keep trump in power? These RINOs are going to destroy this country. Yeah, I know, it’s the Dems too, but reps. are playing along.
    We’re doomed. Because of DeRps.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. GregoryZoomo says:

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  36. Love, insults and low blows – Hattons greatest


  37. A2J6H says:

    Great info, As looking back upon early 2000’s until now, it’s very disappointing the way the Republicans turned a blind eye and let the DemoRats get away with everything. We need God more than ever, but why would he save America when we allow babies to be killed, God taken out of everything and when it’s presented it has to be far for the Satanists to be able to do the same. Also all of the transhumanism and trans and gayness we allow and now perverting kids. The selfishness and pride this country has made the individual person is not what He wanted. I don’t think God will save America, we will have to, and by doing that, we will have to prove to God, we’re worth saving the country. There’s so many bad Republicans as there is DemoRats. We The People are going to have to bring this country back to the way the Constitution was built on. Good luck to you and great stuff!

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