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Supreme Court Reinstates Trump’s Travel Ban on Moslems

In a ruling made even before the case is heard the Supreme Court overturned the leftist courts that imposed a stay on Trump’s travel ban from certain Islamic countries. Supreme Court overturns lower court stays on Trump’s Moslem travel ban … Continue reading

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Obama bows beneath the yoke to Iran while lying to the American people

Even as he was giving the State of the Union Address with his empty seat and Moslem guest, Obama omitted the facts that Moslem “refugees” are bringing jihadi terrorists into the West, and that black gangs account for more gun … Continue reading

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ISIS hasn’t killed enough Moslems

Democrats and Jihadis condemn Israeli bombs killing children who were placed as human shields around rocket launchers.  Yet they have been silent about ISIS beheading men, raping women, and crucifying children in Iraq and Syria.  Although Moslems complain that Jihadis … Continue reading

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Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Killing journalists is what Mohammad did in his time, so why is it a problem for westerners today?  This was not unknown, and claims that it is a “radical few hijacking a religion” is a lie and they know it.  … Continue reading

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