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As Reaganism rocks Wisconsin’s economy, moderates, liberals look to profit

  In just three years Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin demonstrated the vast gulf that lies between liberal economics and conservative economics.  Wisconsin was a Democrat state living on Obamanomics running a huge deficit that was driving the economy into … Continue reading

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Obama declares the truth! “The debate is settled. Climate change is a fact!”

Lightning split the skies and thunder shook the Earth as President Obama declared the absolute and undeniable truth that climate change is a fact!  While Obama’s declaration is absolutely undeniable truth, the deeper truth behind this statement makes the deception … Continue reading

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Truth, lies, and the State of the Union – Obama shows America his resolve

In his sixth State of the Union address as president, Obama highlighted his achievements in rebuilding the economy, providing healthcare for everyone, funding and researching new sources of green energy to save the planet, increasing wages, and making the world … Continue reading

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Thieving Democrats advocate IRS steals more as Obama declares his dictatorship

Liberals denied that the IRS in 2012 was stealing from the TEA Party whom they mocked as they picked their pockets.  Is it any surprise that from the state whose governor said Jesus is not welcome that one of their … Continue reading

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Global warming best solved by communism

The denizens of the Left made two definitive and hilarious declarations this past week.  Number one is that their scientists have declared that global warming is man-made and there is to be no further examination or discussion of the subject … Continue reading

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Atheists tell Christians what Jesus would do about abortion

If you believe marriage is for a man and woman to commit to a family and not for hooking up, if you believe guns are for citizens to protect themselves from criminals and corrupt government, if you believe life is … Continue reading

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Dumb and Dumber; playing into the hands of stupid Democrats

State Democrats tax businesses out of their states like the federal government taxes businesses out of the country.  Democrats blame the businessmen who find they can make more money paying for foreign employees and shipping over the ocean than they … Continue reading

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Can the TEA Party overcome American stupidity?

“Obama – why stupid people shouldn’t vote” Ignorance vs. stupidity: Ignorance is a lack of knowledge; stupidity is an inability to learn.  (e.g.  Not knowing a fact like the date on which George Washington was born is ignorance.  This is … Continue reading

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Jesus is not welcome in New York

New York’s Gov. Cuomo has issued a brilliantly fascist, hateful command to all Christians, members of the TEA Party and GOP, and all conservatives who will not embrace abortion, gay marriage, and gun confiscation that they are not welcome in … Continue reading

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They died in vain – Benghazi

This is a tale about two heroes.  Not liberal’s idea of heroes whose only achievement was surviving a tragedy or disaster.  Not Leftwing heroes who cry “unfair” in America.  This is the tale of two men who sacrificed their lives … Continue reading

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