A Glorious State of the Union

President Trump vowed he would make America great again and he is fulfilling his every campaign promise.  Democrats displayed their hatred for Trump and contempt for America sitting on their hands while Republicans cheered for American prosperity.  Following this SotU, the greatest in our lifetimes, Pelosi ripped up his speech in the perfect symbolism of the division and poison Democrats have sown into our culture.  Democrats rebutted that everything Trump said about the booming economy is a lie because there are people who are suffering.  Democrats hate when Americans prosper and opportunity abounds because they need victims to be their subjects under their rule.  There will always be people who are suffering because they rely on Democrats to take care of them or turn to crime rather than working for a living.

President Trump’s 2020 SotU

President Trump delivered an absolutely glorious State of the Union address on the eve of his acquittal from the Democrat impeachment sham.  He rose above their persecution and presented his awesome achievements in undoing Obamaism to make America great again economically, militarily, and diplomatically.  He highlighted America’s booming economy and actions taken to destroy America’s enemies in the Islamist Jihad.  Democrat’s continuous claims that Obama did this fall on their faces in light of the fact that Obama promised to manage America’s decline with his new normal.  But President Trump has reversed everything Obama did to take the socialist Moslem communist’s boot off the throat of America’s economy and her people.  The world didn’t see the rage and chaos that Bloomberg says Trump represents.  The world saw his greatness.

“In just three short years we have shattered the mentality of American decline and we have rejected the downsizing of American’s destiny.  If we hadn’t reversed the failed economic policies of the previous administration the world would not now be witnessing this great economic success.  After decades of flat and falling incomes, wages are rising fast and, wonderfully, they are rising fastest for low income workers.  This is a blue-collar boom!” – President Donald J. Trump

The very best parts of Trump’s address were shoving Democrat’s open border, sanctuary city, criminal protection racket, along with their socialist ideology, down their throats – or perhaps it was up their butts so far that they choked on them.  This was fitting as Democrats spat on his every word, hissing, booing, even chanting against him.  They disrespected every American as they sat on their hands while he was praising the nation.  They disrespected his every guest, including a WWII Tuskegee airman veteran promoted to general, a returning veteran reunited with his family, and a young black girl to whom Trump awarded a scholarship.  It was a disgusting display of leftist contempt for good people.  They were in full blown Antifa resistance mode as fascist agitators.  It made the outburst by a congressman at Obama’s first SotU that he lied appear a mild snort.  That congressman was severely chastised despite his truth as Obama told a major lie at every SotU.  Pelosi and her ilk declared that every word Trump spoke was a lie, which merely exhibits the degree to which they suffer their Trump Derangement Syndrome – the mental illness of liberalism.  They make Washington toxic as they poison the country with their irrationality.

President Trump proved his nobility a multitude of times including awarding Rush Limbaugh, America’s Voice of Freedom, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, pinned on him in the gallery by the most beautiful 1st Lady Melania.  He lauded great Americans in the audience rather than what Obama ever did which was to present his suffering victims.  Democrats would not cheer because a prosperous America is bad for Democrats who need people dependent on welfare as parasites of society.  They import illegal aliens as voters to give them taxpayer benefits and cheat citizens.  At the end, Speaker Pelosi tore up his speech in the most petty act of childish contempt ever flaunted before the world.  Donald Trump proved his nobility while Democrats proved themselves lower than socialist sewer scum by scorning him and the people in the People’s House.

Democrat voter fraud in Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses’ foul up proves how incompetent Democrats are with what they want for a voting system.  No results and every one of them declares victory.  What a galactic joke for the galactically stupid!  No doubt Bernie won this running away and the DNC is going to sabotage him in favor of Biden.  Trump’s SotU did not include this debacle as a display of Democrat’s cheating along with a good slap in their faces for wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on their impeachment scam.  President Trump really must put an end to their voter fraud and sick the DoJ on their treacherous coup attempt or America faces a bleak future once his presidency ends.  Democrats dream of stealing the prosperity that Trump has generated and leading America back into decline under the iron boot of socialism once again.

[Author’s Note: It is with great disgust that I report that Romney voted with Democrats to impeach the greatest President of our lifetimes proving he is nothing but another angry little treacherous McCain RINO saboteur.  Manchin also voted against his red state no doubt under duress from Pelosi and AOC’s squad, but they couldn’t get the majority they wanted to declare this to be the “people’s will” despite the Constitution wisely requiring a 2/3rds majority to remove a president.  Why Democrat voter fraud is allowed to control so many Senate and House seats is contemptible.  Republicans hold 60% of states but only 53% of Senate seats due to Democrat voter fraud in states like Arizona, Alabama, and Montana.  Their fraud stole forty House seats in 2018 by using ballot harvesting and provisional ballots after election day to steal those seats.

No Republican should be working with Democrats whose entire agenda is to unmake America.  All Democrats are socialists, it’s just that some operate by stealth to dupe ignorant voters.  They would happily nuke the economy as they did in 2008 to get Obama elected if they could blame Trump for it as they did Bush.  Democrats are already declaring Trump’s acquittal to “have an asterisk beside it” as they believe his trial to be unfair.  No doubt they will do it again as they sabotage this nation.  As Sen. McConnell pointed out, this backfired in Democrat’s faces in a big way as it brought their lies and derangement out into the light.  More people sat up and took notice seeing through their gaslighting, taking note of Trump’s great achievements without the fake news media smoke screen, and realizing who Democrats truly are.  There is now an asterisk next to the name of Democrats as the DNC now stands for Democratic Nazi Communist’s Party.  Like all leftists when confronted by a strong, morally righteous leader, their actions are those of impotent rage that eventually become assaults on weak innocents to appease their tantrums.  Beware the righteous wrath that descends on them when they do.]

Final Post – (Addendum at the bottom) Dear Patriots,

This will be my last post and emailing as I am ceasing regular publications on my blog, liberalsbackwardsthink.com, and my Facebook page, The Left is Never Right.  I am doing this only because Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other socialist media are censoring me so severely that my articles are not reaching 5000 people a day as it used to but a mere hundred people.  I was hoping to expand in the future but am being so extremely restricted that this isn’t worth the great amount of time and effort I devote to writing these articles.  While I have enjoyed informing people of the truth of how leftism is deception and wickedness, I need to do something more lucrative with my time and talent.

I will keep my blog active and perhaps post on rare occasions so that people have access to my insights and the wisdom I have already posted here.  They will either be short and sweet or researched and involved.  I wish you all the best.  Keep listening to FOX News and conservative opinions like Turning Point USA and Campus Reform.  And pray for Rush Limbaugh, America’s Voice of Freedom, to recover and continue God’s work to stand against the depredations of the left who would remake America into their socialist banana republic toilet modelled after Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.

God bless America and open people’s hearts to Christ.

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ADDENDUM: February 7, 2020

Fox & Friends Reviews the War of Words between Trump and Pelosi

The war between Trump Republicans and Pelosi Democrats is only going to get worse.  Pelosi continues to strive to gaslight her liberal lemmings while Trump talking to conservatives is like herding cats.  A political cartoonist should make a depiction of a jackass staring through his blinders at a tv that just says, “Hate Trump,” and next to him is an elephant rolling his eyes over his glasses as he reads through a stack of history books and news periodicals.  Democrats readily believe everything Trump says and does is a lie even when he praises Americans and our country’s greatness and Exceptionalism.  Yet their beliefs blow up in their faces when they say that at least Clinton apologized for what he did wrong after his impeachment because they ignorantly believe he was impeached for having sex.  Clinton’s crimes were not adultery but violating national security in his bedroom talk with an intern, lying about it, and tampering with witnesses.

Democrats keep saying of Republicans that of which they are themselves guilty.  Pelosi ripping up a signed federal document is a crime, but she won’t be because congressional Democrats themselves above the law.  That’s how they allow themselves to commit slander and tell lies from their podiums with impunity.  That’s how they justify forcing foreign companies to give their worthless children and friends ultra-high paying jobs for which they are unqualified and launder that money coming back to them.  That’s how they gave themselves the right to do insider trading to enrich themselves.  That’s why they shake down businesses believing no one has a right or should be able to build a business without first seeking their blessing.  They are not leaders, they are rulers.  Is it any wonder that mafioso crime bosses, drug cartel lords, smugglers, slavers, and all criminals gravitate to the Democrat Party?

They keep saying Trump thinks he is above the law.  That’s because he went into the Oval Office and has been destroying Obama’s “laws,” executive orders by a Democrat president they see as imperial edicts, that choked the economy.  As far as they are concerned those were law.  They believe that when they speak, they are making imperial dictates.  Their self-righteous hypocrisy, their narcissistic contempt for others, and their delusional beliefs that they have the right to power over the people is all focused in their declaration that President Trump, in enacting his rightful Constitutional duties, is a violation of their law.  Leftists have always believed that they are better than others, have no consideration for others, but only play the game of saying they care about those they consider their slaves.  Democrats have been and always will be the party of slavery, the KKK, and oppression of the people they dupe.

Trump’s only crime is abolishing the Obamaism that choked the economy for which Democrats now want to give the Moslem communist tyrant credit.  Their moral equivalency saying that “Trump started it” when he didn’t shake Pelosi’s hand is proof of their childish wickedness.  Whether deliberate or not, that doesn’t compare to the vile, raucous display of contempt by Democrats.  Pelosi and Romney scorn Trump as “unchristian” saying they pray for him.  These are the people who endorse abortion, outlaw Christian prayer in schools, empower Moslem prayer in schools, and curse Christians in the public square.  To whom do Democrats pray when they are praying to destroy some who is doing great deeds for America acting against criminals, terrorists, and corruption?  Their backwards liberal thinking is exhibited clearly in condemning Trump for exposing Biden’s corruption rather than against Biden for being corrupt.  This is dysfunctional logic and irrational liberalism at its worst.  Their derangement and hate are clearly exhibited in the fanatic yelling at Republican students screaming, “Slash Republican’s throats!”  They will never stop until they can abolish voting, make themselves dictators for life, and crush the American spirit of patriots.

A lady asked Dr. Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?”  Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

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3 Responses to A Glorious State of the Union

  1. Roy says:

    Very few have the ability to write, as you do Dustyk103, and cut through the B.S. that we are fed about politics, on a daily basis. I will have withdrawal symptoms by not reading your material or seeing your captions and cartoon regarding our enemies on the left.
    Our spirituality hasn’t grown with our technology and it leaves me thinking “1984” has arrived. The education system, media, Tech companies and politician’s have all moved to ‘the dark side’ and we’re in trouble. The Left owns the media and controls the indoctrination of the citizens. I thank God for you, Rush, Trump, FOX and OANN and a few more for your common sense and simplicity in telling the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • dustyk103 says:

      Thanks, Roy. I hate suspending my blog because it is also cathartic to purge my own frustrations with our government. Democrats keep committing crimes, Republicans keep cowing before them, and Trump keeps making them look like Wile E. Coyote.
      Leftist voter fraud probably flips 10%-30% of elections with their provisional ballots they pull out of school closets and their car trunks and no one is acting to stop them. You can bet they have millions of ballots stashed and millions of illegals lined up to add to the vote of their felons and criminals voting multiple times. It doesn’t take that many ballots to overturn a district when so many liberals are duped by Democrats. I believe that actually investigating and crushing voter fraud is vital to the survival of this country. When Democrat controlled counties can report 150% more ballots than voters and they are all for Democrats, any idiot can see this is massive fraud. Now they have provisional ballots and ballot harvesting by which to increase their numbers further along with giving felons and illegal aliens the vote.

      Liberals can’t see through the immature hate that is being generated in their own hearts. Pelosi tells them she is a “master politician” and they believe in her. Then she exhibits that she is nothing more than another petulant child as she rips up Trump’s speech. Poll them and you will find that none of them even knows there were 18 witnesses and 29,000 documents in their impeachment fraud. When Republicans create a video of the great American stories that Pelosi & Co. contemptuously scorned, leftwingnuts saying it was “doctored” because it shows her ripping up the speech after each presentation. So, Pelosi didn’t rip up every one of those stories when she committed her felonious crime of destroying a government document? The meaning was not altered the way Democrats edit videos to create opposite impressions of what Republicans say and do, or cover up their own crimes. They happily applauded when Obama brought his victims in for them to cry about at his SotUs, but jeer when Trump brings in great American stories calling them disgusting.

      Biden says Vindman deserves a medal? He deserves a court martial! DeBalsio releases criminals without bail and they just keep on committing crimes, gives sanctuary to foreign criminals, gins up hate for police and ICE, encourages DOXing their families for terrorists and gangsters, and then he pretends to be on the side of the law when another BLM terrorist attempts to assassinate them. A crazed liberal wacko runs over a Republican voter registration booth and gets out to flip them off. I would have shot him on sight expecting he was getting out with a gun to finish the job. He should be charged with a hate crime as a terrorist assaulting innocent people with a deadly weapon. Democrats have brainwashed millions of liberal fools to believe that Republicanism and Christianity represent Nazi racism. It’s disgusting!

      I will not be happy with our government until they put these Democrat criminals committing voter fraud, corruption, terrorism, and their coup attempt in prison, not just use their crimes for campaign drives. No one is above the law – including congressional Democrats! I will post in the future, but it will be more like once a month and not a few times a week. I need to do something more productive with my time. There are plenty of righteous organizations that expose leftists in an effort to inform liberals. But liberals don’t listen because we know that they have been indoctrinated to ignore the truth. When they do they become educated conservatives and that’s why the left must censor free speech. That’s when they learn that Democrats whine about problems but never solve anything. True wisdom comes when they realize that two-faced Democrats are actually exacerbating problems in order to dupe ignorant liberals into following them like lemmings.



  2. Majgaard says:

    The Americans voting for the Socialist “Democrat “ party, will regret if they win the presidency.
    They Will come to suffer under the totalitarian rule as USA crumbles as they will destroy what once made America great.


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