How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftism relies on ignorance.  Their liberal fascist censorship is ruining the public forum.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google shadow banning of conservatives is not making America a better place.  CNN and the MSM promoting stories they know are fake and not educating people.  They are all contributing to the dumbing down of America.  By obstructing free speech, liberals who force out conservatives end up in their own echo chamber where they cannot hear righteous ideas expressed by more knowledgeable people.  Instead they are encased in a cocoon of their own ignorance where they learn nothing.  The fallacy of liberal thinking is that they have the superior ideas and, without having a conservative to dissect their foolish fantasies that don’t work, they don’t hear anything of intelligence that challenges them to think critically.  They therefore become the lemmings that their leftist masters want.

An educated populace is the greatest threat to socialism.  Leftists corrupting liberals who do not examine the facts but simply believe the first thing they are told is simplicity itself.  How leftism corrupts ignorant liberals:

  • Leftist – “Republicans are racists and conservatives are fascists.”
  • Liberal – “Really?”
  • Leftist – “Really and truly.  I know.  I saw and heard them.”
  • Liberal – “Racists and fascists are bad!”
  • Leftist – “Let’s go beat the crap out of them for being bad people.”
  • Liberal – “You’re right!  Let’s go!”
  • Leftist – “You sure are smart for realizing I’m right and telling you the truth.”
  • Liberal – “I am intelligent and good.”

Liberals act without thought and then are told by the leftists that duped them how intelligent they are by appealing to their ego and emotions.  Those who do not think with their heads to examine the situation but rather with their hearts because a feeling was invoked are easily misled by those who prey on their emotions.

Democrats, not Republicans, are the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crowe laws, and who want the president to be an authoritarian dictator.  The dumbest thing you can do is to believe people who have a lifetime of proving that they will steal from you saying they want to serve you and are on your side.  Democrats promote racism against whites in order to lure ignorant racist minorities to their side.  What is most surprising is that those minorities who buy the Democrat snake oil never realize they are just poisoning themselves in the process.  Liberal minorities have suffered in Democrat controlled cities for decades believing pandering Democrat demagogues that their plight is Republican’s fault and the solution is to submit to more Democrat rule.  Leftists do nothing but promote fake news that is swallowed hook, line, and sinker by their lemmings.

Democrats promote “white guilt” to keep minorities on the Democrat Plantation

CNN stands by story exposed as a lie

CNN’s ratings have plunged the last three years putting them in last place even behind MSNBC, while the number of FOX’s viewers has ballooned.  Liberals blame this, not on the incessant spewing of anti-Trump hate and poison, but on viewers as being hateful racist pigs attracted to Trump because they say he is a hateful racist pig.  CNN reported a false story given them by Cohen’s lawyer, Democrat operative Lanny Davis, who later recanted and admitted to them that it was a lie.  Yet the executives and pundits at CNN persist in reporting the story they know to be a lie as true!  It is a sickness of the liberal mind that they can admit to their lies yet declare them to be true “in spirit.”  Leftists justify their fake news by claiming it is true of Trump’s character (in their deluded minds).  They rely on people being simple-minded suffering from tunnel vision to the point that they only see the headline and never check into the rest of the story.  That’s how propaganda succeeds.

Liberals conflate reality with their fantasies.  When Obama was president and he was caught lying, they said that people must respect the office regardless of the man.  Now they are caught lying about Trump and say they don’t have to respect the office because of the man.  So, they report lies, poison people’s minds, and justify themselves in their own minds with their own lies.  There is a word in psychology for a person who believes their own lies – Mythomaniac; the condition of the pathological liar.  The leftist media is populated by a large group of mythomaniacs who create and believe their own lies.

How liberals validate the facts in their minds to make their lies true lay in their ability to conflate and twist the facts.  For example:

  • Saying Trump and Republicans are against immigrants is a lie. They are against ILLEGAL immigration.  Republicans welcome immigrants into the country to work.  Democrats encourage illegal invaders to steal from citizens, take benefits they have not paid for like Social Security, Medicare, and Welfare, and not pay taxes.  But when arguing about illegal aliens Democrats always refer to them as “immigrants” as if they were lawful.
  • Saying conservatives don’t believe in climate change is a lie. They don’t believe in MAN-MADE climate change.  Science is irrefutable when it is proven.  Liberals declaring their lies to be “settled science” when they are promoting a lie just encourages them to believe they are more intelligent than sane people.  They declare anyone who rejects their lies to be rejecting “science.”
  • Saying Republicans are racists against minorities is a lie. They are against anyone who commits crimes.  The fact that criminals are mostly blacks, Hispanics, and other so-called “minorities” far more so than white people is not the result of white supremacy.  Democrats encourage these people to glorify criminals and then blame Republicans as racists when they are arrested or shot while attempting to rape, rob, and commit murder.

Leftists NEVER say what they mean.  They ALWAYS deceive!  Socialists always portrays themselves as bringing about Utopia.  The rulers rely on the ignorance of the peasants to keep them under their control.  Such has always been the case and it is evident in how medieval religion was used to control the populace.  Islam and the Jihad conquered and oppressed people under their cultures were subsumed by Sharia.  The Catholic Church of the Inquisition emulated them in doing the same in Europe to make people servants to the church and hold power over kings.  They did it by telling the people lies that they must believe.

Islamists always portray themselves as bringing those who submit to Islam to Paradise.  The Catholic church always portrayed itself as God’s Doorway to Heaven.  Yet, along with socialism, all three always lie about what they represent.  All three kept their audiences enthralled with their snake charmers and in the dark.  Inquisitors only spoke of the Bible in Latin, Islam only teaches the Koran in Arabic, and the sheeple are kept quiet by commanding their ignorance.  That’s why the printing press converting the Bible into local languages resulted in the Reformation of Christians rebelling against the enslaving church.  But do not expect such a revelation to occur in Islam because the people known as “radical Islamists” are actually the fundamentalists following the teachings of Muhammad to the letter.

Christians crushed the Inquisition, Moslems endorse the Jihad

Twisted Feminazis blame men for illegal aliens committing rape/murder

Invasion of America by illegal aliens

Liberals like these Feminazis who excuse an illegal alien for raping and murdering a woman make every excuse for illegal alien criminals by blaming all men.  They say illegal aliens are entitled to whatever they want because; America caused their troubles, they are not from another planet, no human being is illegal, they are only undocumented immigrants, they are refugees, they are not law breakers.  They break America’s laws to enter the country illegally, steal from Americans, and then, surprise, surprise, even commit rape and murder when some American woman says no to their unwanted sexual advances, not because they are good people just looking for fun, but because they have no respect for law or Americans to begin with!

Girls may mature faster than boys, but women do not reason as well as men as adults which is why the majority of them become Democrats and Feminazis.  If you’re among the 40% of women who reason well, you know what I mean.  If you’re part of the 60% that don’t then you’re probably screaming “sexist” at your computer right now.  They are the ones at the mercy of their emotions that think irrationally.  The simple fact is that illegal aliens are lawbreakers by definition.  What makes these fools think that invaders give a crap about American law, human rights, or laws that protect women from rapists?

Liberalism is about being myopic, seeing one piece of a puzzle and believing they can solve it because they feel good about it.  Feelings are not intelligence, knowledge, or wisdom.  Liberalism is about lying to others and damning them if they speak the truth with good sense.  Liberalism is about being ignorant while believing oneself to be enlightened.  Leftism is the ideology of selfishness and deception believing they deserve what others have, have the right to take it by force, and lie to themselves about how they are justified.

Leftism is the mentality that tyrants and oppressors have used throughout history to steal, conquer, enslave, and commit genocide.  Democrats justify Black Lives Matter racism against whites by claiming that Republicans, who fought and died for their freedom, are racists.  They justify them rioting and murdering police by claiming the cops are the KKK unjustly persecuting blacks.  They justify Antifa fascists by claiming they are fighting fascism on the right.  No attention is paid to the fact that they are the ones committing crimes, or that they are the ones violently suppressing free speech.  They are as backwards in their thinking as they are deceitful in their words and myopic in their deeds.

The most important fact to understand about liberalism is that everyone is born a liberal and must be educated to overcome it.  Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on immorality.  Everyone is born not knowing anything about how the world works, and those who are enshrouded with lies fall prey to the deceptions of the left to become lifelong liberals.  Morally intelligent people learn how to recognize lies as they gain experience guided by intelligence founded in morality.  But leftists stay mired in the muck of lies and remain duped for life.  The only hope for young liberals is the public forum where they can hear the truth and perhaps the light will come on.  That is why stopping leftist fascism from censoring the Internet and all media is vital to the future of the United States.

Republican vs. Democrats: Results vs. Violent Resistance

Leftists are trying to criminalize Republicans

Raise the Voting Age to 25

[Author’s Note: This is World News because it applies to all the people of the world who are being kept dumb by oppressive leftist governments.  As the free people of the West are being corrupted and miseducated by leftists they are allowing foreigners to infiltrate their countries and subsume their own cultures in the name of racial guilt and religious freedom.  These lies must be exposed and the course of the elitists reversed before the free nations of the world become just a part of the failed socialist banana republics and Islamist toilets of the world.]

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