Stonewalling Trump – Obama Shutdown Offshore Drilling and Coal Mining

Obama didn’t even issue a national emergency statement when he shut down American’s offshore oil drilling and closed all the coal mines in the country putting a million Americans out of work.  He just issued an Executive Order.  Even though it was challenged in court that challenge was stalled by the Democrats and he continued on despite judges issuing stays!  This is how President Trump should steamroller the Democrats and their howls crying foul be damned!

Timid Republicans say they don’t want to use a “nuclear option” because when it comes about through massive voter fraud that Democrats are back in power, they will use it to do worse things like institute their global warming initiatives.  Obama already instituted their socialist ideals and that is why we now have President Trump and had a Republican Congress.  Only massive voter fraud in blue states, plus the desertion by RINOs, allowed Democrats to take control of the House and now be a barrier to making America great again.  Democrat’s socialist manifesto has already been brought to a vote in the Senate by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Democrats are howling in anger at being exposed.  Thank you, AOC, for your blithering idiot brashness in publishing this insane stupidity.  You shouldn’t have let Pelosi take it down.  Are you going to save the planet or not?  Democrats can claim it was a Republican hack till they’re blue in the face, but everyone has heard AOC declare these exact policies in public in front of cameras.

President Trump unhappy with the deal

President Trump needs to showcase the border wall that is being built and highlight how he will improve the parts built by Obama that are substandard.  Democrats like Pelosi have already proven they don’t give a fig about withholding the paychecks of a million Americans in government for a few weeks.  Shutting the government down again would be pointless.  She would happily make more stories of them visiting soup kitchens.  Democrats are proving they don’t care about the America worker, the American citizen, or American children.  They only care about keeping the border open to import illegal alien cheap labor, welfare voter slaves, and drugs with which to poison Americans.

How can it be that half the country would vote for these people and their policies?  This author, for one, does not believe they have half the population’s votes, but that they stuff the ballot boxes in their states with millions of fraudulent votes by felons, foreigners, and repeat provisional ballots that are counted without being vetted.  This has got to be stopped before Democrats steal America away from her people and give it to the global socialist elites.  President Trump has been beset by a coup attempt from the beginning and the leftwing media has been smearing and slandering him 24/7/365.  Despite all their efforts his approval is over 50% and will continue to improve as more Americans are educated to the truth that the Democrat media deliberately conceals.

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