Democrat Hypocrisy is Impossible When They’re Naturally Two-Faced

“Honolulu burns in nuclear fireball; Democrats blame Trump!”  This will be Hawaii’s epitaph from Democrat news activists that will omit the lead-in that Democrats sabotaged the peace process to end America’s longest war.  Some of us will just laugh at the bodies of Democrat fools they dig out of storm drains they thought would save them from a nuclear blast.  Instead of endorsing President Trump’s peace mission to denuclearize North Korea, they engaged in political theater to paint Donald Trump as a racist criminal.  They deliberately set out to sabotage the mission while he was engaged saying he would either sell out America to distract from Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony or bring the nation into nuclear war with North Korea.  As always, they couldn’t find a single lie with which to stick as their all predictions once again left their faces in the dirt.

For their theatrics, Democrats had a “star witness” against President Trump who has already been convicted of lying to Congress, but apparently now wants to tell lies the Democrats want to hear in exchange for a lighter sentence.  He has declared that Donald Trump did not want to win the presidency but was campaigning for publicity.  Out of the other side of his mouth he declared that Donald Trump asked Russians to help him win the election.  Then he declared that he knows of no collusion between Trump and Russia.  Only people who are so absolutely two-faced cannot see these contradictions in his testimony.  Democrats wallow in lies in everything from their most basic tenets to their most heinous dogma.  There is nothing about which Democrats don’t lie including declaring that Republicans lie and slandering them as doing what Democrats do.  The only people who believe them are those utterly blinded by the hate in their hearts for America.

Rep. Jim Jordan introduces Cohen “testimony”

Only a complete fool believes the first thing they are told without proof.  Foolish people allow others to tell them what to think without examining the facts for themselves and reaching their own moral conclusions.  The reason people’s opinions and their repetition of what they have heard from others is not permitted court is because people are largely unreliable in telling the truth.  Third party witness is called “hearsay” and not allowed as it cannot be corroborated.  This keeps criminals from going into court to slander the innocent or exonerate the guilty.  Leftists believe that “truth is in the eye of the beholder,” when in fact truth is not what you make it but what actually is.

There is nothing true in the words of Democrats.  There is nothing right in these leftist haters who scorn God and country.  Their every word and every deed are meant only to deceive, distract, and destroy America so they can fundamentally transform the land of the free and home of the brave into the land of the freeloader and home of the depraved.  Here is a list of the top five most egregious lies with which Democrats smear President Trump in their efforts to demean him in the eyes of voters.  Beginning with false allegations of racism and ending with their phony “existential threat” of environmentalism, Democratic socialists have only one goal – to unmake America and remake her into their socialist toilet.

List of Top 5 Democrat Narratives Lying About President Trump:

  • Charlottesville – “Trump endorses white supremacists;” President Trump was asked about the competing protests in Charlottesville, one side consisting of Democrats who wanted to tear down the statues of famous Democrats their party erected in the 1940s and 50s, the other consisting of southerners who wanted to preserve their heritage. He said, “I’m sure there are good people on both sides.  The leftwing media immediately twisted his meaning to portray him as saying this of white supremacist neo-Nazi KKK bigots (i.e. white Democrats) who had just killed a member of the police murdering criminals Black Lives Matter (i.e. black Democrats).  This false narrative, along with border security and war on jihadis, form the basis for Democrat’s lies smearing Trump as “racist against brown people.”  Republicans are the opposite of the racist bigots Democrats have been throughout history.
  • Russia – “Trump asked Putin to hack the election;” Rosenstein and Mueller have both said there is no evidence that Russia hacked the election or altered any votes. Yet 40% of Americans, i.e. Democrats, believe that the election was hacked and stolen from Hillary.  This is only because their media lied to them for months that Hillary was so far ahead that she would win in a landslide.  Instead, despite massive Democrat voter fraud in blue states counting unregistered provisional ballots and giving the vote to felons and foreigners in their states, Hillary lost to the Electoral College which gives the votes of the states to the candidate the state elects.  Democrats are fighting to eliminate the college and make America a democracy where their voter fraud rules supreme.
  • Border Security – “Trump separates children from immigrant families;” no children have ever been separated from immigrant families entering the United States. Those who enter the country legally are afforded all rights.  Those who were charged as criminals for entering the country illegally by sneaking around ports of entry had their children placed in state custody as happens to any criminals that is arrested by the government.  Legal immigrants are perfectly safe.  Those who cross the border at ports of entry are perfectly safe.  Only criminals who are caught are separated from the children in their company as most are drug mules, sex traffickers, and other criminals.  Who would want the children of criminals put in jail with them?
  • Moslem Ban – Trump denies Moslems religious freedom;” Islam is not a race of “brown people” as Democrats claim. Neither is it a religion.  Islam is a death cult that has been at war with the world since its inception.  Muhammad’s teachings are to deceive and conquer non-Moslems until they are so oppressed that they convert.  Raping infidel women is perfectly legal as is raping children to teach them “humility” in subjugation to Islam.  President Trump only restricted travel from high terrorist areas from which Moslem jihadis are invading the world to inflict terror attacks on the innocent.  No one in government is yet suggesting that Islam be banned in America.  Yet Sharia Islam is being infiltrated and imposed on Americans in direct opposition to American Constitutional law.  The greatest existential threat to America is leftist socialists, of which Islam is a part, that wants to kill off or enslave free Americans.
  • Climate Change – “Man’s pollution is destroying the planet;” this fiction is so indoctrinated into American children that they actually believe that man’s pollution will kill the planet and make all life extinct. They are taught that if Americans don’t elect a socialist government to take all American wealth in the next twelve years then it will be too late to save humanity from extinction.  Democrats don’t call this fear-mongering or indoctrination and will never admit they are lying to dupe people into giving them their money.  The greatest clue that this is a lie should be obvious to anyone with a brain that no one is asking communist countries to change their pollution habits.  Also, that Democrats, when confronted with how they should spend the people’s money, laugh at the fools.  Climate change is not an existential threat to humanity, it’s just another part of socialism that is an existential threat to freedom.

Slavers of the Democrat Party have been working at overthrowing the Constitution since the Founding.  This became especially true after Republicans took their slaves away.  But now they use the Santa ‘Clause’ in government to seduce their slaves back onto the Democrat Plantation.  They constantly smear and slander Republicans as being everything Democrats are to conceal their true nature.  They ally with socialists to overthrow capitalism, ally with Satanists to kill babies, and ally with Islamists to destroy Christianity.  They distract from their nature with bogus accusations like Trump-Russia collusion.  Liberals are all upset that Cohen said Trump knows a Russian criminal.  Knowing a criminal is not the same as being a criminal.  A righteous man does not have to be pure of spirit.  No one else can be Jesus, and if anyone recalls it was leftists who condemned even Him.

Democrats slander Trump as a reprobate and his followers as endorsing a criminal.  What they hate most about Trump is what we love about him, that he is a fighter who isn’t afraid to get into the mud to wrestle Democrats who live in the muck.  Liberals not only know American criminals, but they vote for them!  They re-elect Democrat criminals that kill people (Ted Kennedy), run male child prostitution rings (Barney Frank), evade paying taxes (Al Sharpton), are pathological liars who steal valor pretending to be veteran heroes (Richard Blumenthal), are absolute morons (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez), are racist anti-Christian Jew haters (Ilhan Omar), are Moslem socialist anti-white racists who betray the country to our enemies (Barack Obama), and are even autocratic saboteurs  (Hillary Clinton).

Donald Trump has proven to be America’s greatest president at a time when America is under siege threatening to be overthrown by the forces of darkness.  He has done more to improve America’s economy, her military, and foreign relations with friend and foe alike than any president in the last century.  He is Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan combined.  I am amazed, gratified, and have never been so proud of the man for whom I voted.  And I have never been more furious, disgusted, and incensed with the left that promotes importing criminal foreigners, killing babies, and forcing their socialist religion on the nation.  Donald Trump may be the last gasp of a dying republic before America falls into darkness.  But he will always be the greatest president since George Washington fought to free this country, create this great nation, and serve her people.  That is a truth that no smears can obscure, and no false allegations can erase.

Donald Trump’s greatest attribute is that he knows how to fight the wicked using their own weapons.  War is not a business for the meek.  You don’t win by playing nice or being fair.  In war, both sides use the same weapons.  It is only the cause for which they fight that renders judgement on them.  Liberals fight against American liberty believing the slavers of socialism will serve them.  The righteous fight for America as the land of liberty and beacon of hope for the world.  Try as they might, the left cannot slander the truth when it is out in the open for all to see.  They can only cover the eyes of fools to dupe them into believing all their lies about America being the evil in the world that anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear know isn’t so.

Michael Cohen’s outrageous closing statement right out of Hillary’s playbook of smears

COHEN: I’d like to say directly to the president: “We honor our veterans even in the rain. You tell the truth even when it doesn’t aggrandize you. You respect the law and our incredible law enforcement agents; you don’t villainize them. You don’t disparage generals, Gold Star families, prisoners of war, and other heroes who had the courage to fight for this country. You don’t attack the media and those who question (stammers) what you don’t like or what you don’t want them to say. You don’t separate families from one another or demonize those looking to America for a better life.”

RUSH: Right from the open-borders crowd — and you know what? This closing statement, I haven’t found much attention being paid to it whatsoever. And to me, it is all the proof you need that this guy is a robot who has been caught, who has been set up and is reading the words written by others. Separating families? The swipe here at…? These are the people that kneel and that have public ceremonies celebrating the killing of cops!  What is he talking about here?

Obama is the guy who had a Marine hold an umbrella over his head.  Obama villainized law enforcement as racist.  Obama slandered Gen. Petraeus.  Obama smeared FOX News as liars.  Obama separated immigrant families taking children into the country without their parents.  Democrats are the ones with a congressional slush fund of taxpayer money to pay off the women and men they sexually molest.  Everything for which Democrats try to slander Republicans are crimes and corruptions that are the heart and soul of Democrats, and unwitting fools repeat their lies as if they’re gospel.

Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez are forming competing goon squads to arm twist Democrats who are even thinking about voting with Republicans.  This is just more proof that leftists don’t want to convince people that their way is the right way, but to force people to comply with their dictates.  Republicans who think they can “reach across the aisle” had better only do so if they want to join with Democrats or they’ll be pulling back a stump.  This is how two-faced Democrats are and why they can’t be labelled as hypocrites who say one thing and do the opposite – because when you are two-faced you don’t go against your own nature but live opposites and backwards from one day to the next naturally.  Leftists are dictatorial slavers, not free-thinking libertarians.

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[Author’s Note: Leftist socialists from communists to fascists to Nazis to Islamists are all the same.  The reason leftists try to slander the righteous as being Nazis is to warp people’s minds against what is good.  They do this to dupe people into believing that in movies like “The Avengers” when they are fighting Nazis, they imagine them to be fighting Republicans in their twisted minds.  FDR may have chosen the wrong party against the wishes of his uncle Teddy, but that doesn’t mean Democrats led the nation against the Nazis or later against the Communists.  Democrats in the 1930s endorsed the great socialist leaders of the 20th century; Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.  America’s greatest generals were all Republicans; Marshall, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nimitz, Spruance, and most all the rest.  And it was the Lion of England, Sir Winston Churchill, who led and inspired the allied cause.  Leftism that is the foundation of all ideologies that are wrong in the world is promoted only by deception.  If they can warp the truth to mean what they want rather than what is true, then they will live that lie and that’s the most important lesson to learn whenever a Democrats tells you what to think.]

Believe half of what Republicans say and none of what Democrats say and you will begin to be enlightened.

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