Democrats say Republicans are Nazis who must be killed

  • AOC says America runs Concentration Camps on the border for immigrants.
  • Kamala Harris says ICE rounding up illegal aliens is the same as Nazis rounding up Jews.
  • Democrats dox Republicans and urge their followers to terrorize and kill their families.

What part of this is not subversive terrorism?  Democrats have been assassinating police, attacking ICE agents, and conducting mass shootings, then justifying them by blaming Republicans.  This isn’t politics.  This is a terror war.

No, you don’t get to say “they didn’t actually say ‘they should be killed’” when you say Trump calling the illegal alien crisis an invasion, a flood, and an infestation is calling for their extermination inciting shooters like El Paso.  Two-faced liberalism buys you no excuses here.  Liberal Democrats are not just inciting civil disobedience.  They are not just advocating resistance.  They are openly encouraging their looney base to take up arms and kill Republicans that have been maligned as Nazis.

This is how socialists seize control of a country.  They warp the minds of ignorant people, corrupt their morals, twist their souls, and lead them in an uprising against the rightful rulers.  Machiavelli instructed in “The Prince” how to combat the radicals that Alinsky instructed in how to overthrow righteous leaders.  This has gone far beyond rhetoric.  It is far past propaganda.  Democrats are shooting people en masse by blaming Republicans as being evil to justify making them their victims.  If you understood how Hitler corrupted the Germans to give Nazis leadership over the nation to follow him down the Road to Hell, then you would realize that it is not Trump Republicans who are following his example but Obama Democrats.

Obama Democrats encourage killing Republicans

Republicans are Nazi white supremacist, dontcha you know.  The border patrol is racist.  ICE agents run concentration camps and round up illegal aliens just as Nazis rounded up Jews to put in gas chambers.  President Trump praised neo-Nazis as “good people.” And Republicans are the new white nationalist of the KKK.  They all deserve to be killed along with their children.

This is what every Democrat presidential candidate is encouraging in their voters.  Their actions range from boycotting businesses to terrorizing families to assassinating police.  This isn’t political division.  This is a socialist insurrection.  This is not freedom loving patriots fighting for liberty.  This is identical to how Hitler led Germans against the Jews.  It’s not Republicans demonizing immigrants.  It’s Democrats glorifying illegal aliens while demonizing Republicans.

Obama began this war with his Department of Justice under Eric Holder declaring that incarceration of black criminals far in excess of their percentage of the population was due to racism rather than to black crime.  Obama Democrats do not encourage minorities to not be criminals.  They tell them that they are oppressed by tyrants whom they must overthrow.  This is all a part of Obamaism.  Democrats stupidly elected a Moslem communist to be president, and instead of healing the nation’s racial divide he opened up a chasm.  He corrupted the government, subverted the nation, split the culture, and began an open war between socialists and Americans.

Democrats are now actively and openly working to increase crime to terrorize the populace, while at the same time they are trying to manufacture a recession on which to blame Trump.  They don’t care if the people suffer as Bill Maher attests to.  After wrecking the lives of the American people, they then tell everyone that the solution is to elect Democrats.  This is Alinskyite radicalism to overthrow America’s system of government so they can install themselves as rulers.

This latest shooting in Philadelphia of six police by a drug dealer is clear proof of my words.  Before an hour had passed, Democrats were out condemning the police who were serving a warrant.  They blamed guns when their perp opened fire with illegally obtained weapons.  When it ended, the surrounding residents didn’t cheer the police victory but jeered at them.  This is the poison that Democrats have infused in the minds of their criminal base.

Teaching Morality

Communication is difficult to begin with.  People misunderstand and misstate their words constantly. Democrats deliberately obfuscating and twisting what people say makes it next to impossible.  If genetics has something to do with political affiliations, then Democrats are the party of criminal sociopaths.  Genetics may be a factor in their dysfunctional behavior, but it is certainly no excuse.  These two-faced leftist gas lighters and their liberal dupes twist every fact with their delusional truths.

Democrats always blame Republicans for what their own leftists do.

  • JFK & RFK assassinations – The Kennedys were assassinated by a communist and a Moslem. Even if conspiracy theories are right that it was Castro, the Mafia, or LBJ, all of them are Democrat animals.  But Democrats blamed Dallas as a racist Nazi city that killed JFK.  They kept quiet about RFK’s assassination by an Islamist.
  • OKC bombing – Clinton blamed rightwing talk radio host Rush Limbaugh for the attack by McVeigh who was a leftwing radical working with groups to overthrow the government. The bombing was revenge for Clinton’s assault on the Waco compound of David Koresh where over a hundred innocent people were killed.
  • Gabby Giffords – The leftwing media was quick to blame Sarah Palin for this shooting when the shooter was an inbred retard who didn’t know who Sarah Palin was or to what political party Giffords belonged.  He was just a looney leftist who actually voted Democrat.
  • Aurora CO theater – Again the leftwing media was quick to blame the TEA Party because a member had the same name as the shooter who was another insane leftist.
  • Charlottesville – When a neo-Nazi Democrat ran his car into a BLM crowd killing one other Democrat as they were protesting to tear down Confederate statues, President Trump said of the other protestors that there were good people on both sides. The leftwing media instantly twisted what he said to claim he said the neo-Nazis were good people.
  • El Paso – Another leftist liberal wacko goes berserk and shoots up a Walmart after posting a manifesto on Facebook. The leftwing media cherry picked one line from it in which he complained about the flood of illegals stealing into the country.  They then blamed Trump, Rush, and all Republicans for using the same words.  They ignored the rest of his manifesto in which he ranted about liberal policies he endorsed.  They also ignored the fact that Obama, Bush, and Clinton all used the same words describing the same thing.

These are just six of the most egregious examples of Democrat twisting words, obfuscating events, and gaslighting so they could blame Republicans for what Democrats do.  The result of this is that liberals are stupidly electing anti-police Democrats as mayors of their cities.  The only people in America who are anti-police are criminals.  In socialist countries the police are government henchmen oppressing the people.  In a free nation like America they are the protectors of the people that keep them safe from criminals.

Democrats have twisted America’s soul in their efforts to take control.  Blaming all Republicans as being the KKK and neo-Nazis, of whom there are less than 10,000 actual members in the USA, almost all of whom are still Democrat who as much racist bigots as ever.  It is the pinnacle of lies, along with their declaration that Islam is peace, that these Democrat creatures are creations of Republicans.  Ask any Democrat if they know to what party Lincoln belonged and what party were southern slavers and today’s northern unions?

America is under assault by the warring factions of Democrats seeking to overthrow our Constitution.  Their minds have been corrupted to believe that socialist tyranny would be beneficial to them.  Unless President Trump puts down this insurrection, and stops Democrat voter fraud at the same time, this nation is on the edge of the cliff ready to fall off.

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3 Responses to Democrats say Republicans are Nazis who must be killed

  1. Honest Abe says:

    Funny that you hate blacks, Hispanics, asians, gays, liberals, Jews, muslims, Buddhists, and everybody else on the planet, yet you are surprised that everyone else despises you. Get an education, move out of your mom’s basement, and stop fucking your relatives. And yes, I hope you and yours die so the intelligent and evolved among us no longer have to deal with your stupidity. Seriously, hang yourself, and video it so we can all celebrate the death of a truly stupid person. I am all for differing opin6, but I have no tolerance for the intentionally ignorant and stupid. Your death would be no loss, an actual positive for society.


    • dustyk103 says:

      A suggestion, Abe, that you preface your comments in the third person rather than the second person because people can’t tell if you are talking to them, whatever their beliefs, or talking about the people of whom I wrote. On first reading this comment, I thought you were talking to me the author, but decided to look at the post to see to who you were responding and found it was just a general statement in regard to the article. I realize from that context that you were probably talking about the leftist liberal Democrats who wish cops were dead. Context is everything when you talk. That’s why Democrats are able to throw our own words back at us when we don’t preface them in the proper context that they apply to Democrats.


  2. Democrats, Are The Party Of Terrorism, Lies, Bloody Murders. The big lie, as Hitler himself once noted, is a lie so big that it is difficult to get one’s head around it. People are accustomed to small lies, which is why they can detect them. This, however, is a lie so big that it doesn’t merely conceal the close connection between Hitler and the left; it also pretends that Hitler was a “right winger” and that his true American descendants are Trump and the Republican Party. “Hitler” is the Left’s favorite term of abuse which they hurl freely at those who disagree with them. Historical Facts. Democrats have always killed people. Republicans NEVER killed…in cold blood. Andrew Jackson put a curse on his own party, and paved the way for the stupidity of hypnotic ignorance of the democrat party. He was rightly nickmamed “JACKASS”, because he refused to compromise with the truth. Adolph Hitler got a few of his own ideas from Andrew Jackson, regarding Jackson’s Holocaust of the Native Americans. Then Hitler went on to advocate the murders of 6M jews. Jackson Advocated Hanging Blacks From High Trees. System RACISM Came From Democrat Party. DEMOCRAT PARTY = GRANDADDY MAFIA. Although they condemn them publicly, (to keep their voter base deceived) the Democrat’s lying, deceiving, terrorism, and bloody murders continue today, through their reinforcements, of their immitations of the KKK… and they are called: MS13, ANTIFA, and BLM. I pray that America wakes up to the truth, and walks away from all the lies of these COLD BLOODED MURDERING MONSTERS, as many others are doing.

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