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America’s State of the Union 2021

Communist Democrat fascists are making the good citizens of America criminals by reversing righteous law. Like all leftist thugs they make what is wrong legal and what is right illegal. They punish the good as they reward criminals. Their values are opposite that of God and what is good. This is why the left is never right because of how backwards liberals think. Continue reading

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The Causality Loop – Black Democrat Gangster Culture

Democrat deceptions have misguided American youths to believe that Nazi fascism and Marxist communism are opposite ends of the political spectrum when they are actually the same totalitarian socialist dictatorships of leftism. There are two types of people; those who acquire wealth through trade, production, and invention, and those who steal it. Righteous cultures employ law enforcement to keep the latter in check. Totalitarian governments are the gangsters who use their power to oppress and subjugate the people. They are the wolves preying on the sheep. Continue reading

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Life in Communist Amerika

Allied with the Chicoms, Democrat Americoms are rapidly establishing themselves as the totalitarian dictators of the new Amerika. Premier Biden is signing every dictate that General-Secretary Obama puts under his demented nose. Puppet Beijing Biden is not long for this … Continue reading

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False Prophets and False Christians

Democrats endorse atheists, agnostics, and Islamists over the Christian church. All of these are anti-Christian ideologies that want Christianity destroyed and Jesus to be rejected in favor of their god. If there are Christians among Democrats, why do they take sides with these people who say that Christians are delusional and act against Christians and the teachings of Christ? Continue reading

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Donald Trump Empty Promises

What purpose does it serve to campaign for America when America no longer exists? Unless this was his plan to root out every leftist RINO and Democrat agent in the FBI and throughout the government, and he has generals ready to bring them all to justice, all Donald Trump has to offer is empty promises. Continue reading

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Democrats – American’s new fascist dictators promoting racial superiority in their new gulags

The left is now smearing the righteous as evil, Jesus as a Nazi leader, and the church as the evil in America. They are promoting atheism and Islamism because both want to destroy Christianity. All of them operate under the lie that they are tolerant and loving when their actions are the opposite. How stupid do you have to be to not see the obvious? Only liberals will be fooled all of the time to not believe their lying eyes. Continue reading

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Democrat’s Communist Fascism crushing of America has begun

The purges have already begun. Re-education is not far behind. Democrats are following the Chicom model of ruling. Have you noticed that we have been cut off from antibiotics? China produces all of them and have choked us off, so they are reserved for the elites only and those they favor. That’s why Covid has become so deadly. When you stop treating flu infections with antibiotics, people die. Continue reading

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America the Great dies, not with a bang, but with a whimper

America was founded on Christian principles by righteous men who followed the teachings of Jesus. Jesus taught that men were the children of God, that we should do right for others and not just ourselves. The Golden Rule was to … Continue reading

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Democrats are going to extremes in the belief they can finish off Trump to rule America forever

Who did Donald Trump persecute while he was president? The answer for those too stupid to know is – no one. The lies and slanders that he is racist are at the feet of Democrats who lost a large portion of their minority voting base. President Trump didn’t persecute anyone. He made America better for everyone. What country would Biden put first? China? Mexico? Socialism doesn’t make everyone equal by lifting them up, but by beating them down. They always persecute those who want freedom and coddle the criminals. This is how you tell the difference between good people and evil people. Continue reading

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