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Who Jesus Hates

Leftist liberals see humanity through the mirror of their dysfunctional immature mentality projecting their own bigotry onto others. Their ideology that racism is systemic in white people is the pure bigotry of their own systemic racism against whites – especially Christian conservatives. Their version of justice is to convict people on the basis of false accusations just as the witch hunters of Salem did along with their predecessors of the Inquisition. Their truth is based on false facts rendered from twisted logic formed by dysfunctional minds. Their mentality is that of the ignorant immature being so arrogant as to believe they know better than others despite being devoid of education and knowledge. Continue reading

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Black lives won’t matter until they matter to black people

BLM declaring they want to save black lives by eliminating racist white cops is a black lie straight from the black hearts of leftists! They are not fighting racism; they are perpetrating it against whites. They are not fighting for … Continue reading

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Lessons from Captain Marvel; Conflating Trump with Hitler

A Case Study of Liberalism in American Politics: Making Trump Hitler “He who does not learn from history is doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana “We learn from history that we do not learn from history.” – Georg Hegel … Continue reading

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Invasion USA – Building the Great Wall of America

The Great Wall of China was built to stop Mongol invasions raiding to rape and pillage and steal and kill Chinese.  The Mongols invaded to steal Chinese wealth rather than trade with them.  This is the nature of leftism vs. … Continue reading

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American citizens vs. Uneducated Mob

Nasty Trump, Lyin’ Ted, Nazi Republicans, white supremacists, white nationalists, racists, xenophobes; these are just a few of the epithets used by Democrats to slander Republicans.  The left always dismisses their own bigotry that is their history and believes they … Continue reading

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How Leftist Democrats Perpetrate the Dumbing Down of America

Leftism relies on ignorance.  Their liberal fascist censorship is ruining the public forum.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google shadow banning of conservatives is not making America a better place.  CNN and the MSM promoting stories they know are fake and not … Continue reading

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Democrats are the Party of Hate Poisoning America

“Their party has no message, no leadership, and no solutions.” – Sarah Sanders Democrat’s only message is to hate America and Republicans.  Their only leaders all spew bile and poison encouraging their followers to violence against Republicans.  Their only solution … Continue reading

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The Cult of Trump – Why do you let other people tell you what to think?

For the last 80 years Democrat propaganda has been, “Democrats are for people, Republicans are for corporations.”  For the last 40 years they say every Republican president is both a blithering idiot and an evil genius, and you can’t figure … Continue reading

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The Delusional World of Liberalism

“Hitler was a Christian, which would make Jesus was the first Nazi.” Skepticism – a word liberals do not understand because they apply their beliefs through bigotry – another word liberals do not understand because they assign it only to … Continue reading

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Make America Great Again – Burn Stupid Snowflakes

If you tell a liberal “snowflake” you are for a border wall and he calls you a racist just reply, “I know you are, but what am I?”  BURN! Why does this silly elementary insult work with liberalism?  Because Democrats … Continue reading

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