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Nothing comical about raging liberal comedian’s bloodlust

Liberal rage is their comedy. Kathy Griffin is a comedienne and she’s sooooo funny!  Holding a bloody head of President Trump is a joke!  LOL!  It’s as funny as people posting pictures of Obama being lynched, making movies about Bush … Continue reading

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Memorial Day is not just for those who die in war

Memorial Day is the day that Americans honor the sacrifice made by those who died serving their country in the horrors of war.  While generally understood to be recognizing those who have fallen in combat, they are not the only … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is Running Circles around Democrats

President Trump is actually proving to be extremely shrewd, contrary to the Left’s attempts to portray him as a recalcitrant child. President Trump’s appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate “the Russia connection,” along with AG Sessions recusing himself from … Continue reading

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Proof of Trump-Russia Collusion as Liberals Demand a Unicorn Hunt

Fredo Cuomo demands proof that there is no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians to steal the presidency. Prove that unicorns do not exist.  Prove that the Moon is not made of cheese.  Prove that Democrats have a functional … Continue reading

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America Leading the World Again!

Donald Trump is making his first foreign trip as President of the United States.  Opposite of Obama he did not visit them to apologize for America’s leadership, but to assert it.  When in Rome you do as the Romans do.  … Continue reading

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Special Prosecutor Investigates Trump’s Russia Connection!

TRUMP IMPEACHED!  HILLARY PRESIDENT! Special Prosecutor Mueller to investigate Trump-Russia These are the fantasies of the Left.  Democrats keep calling for Trump to be impeached on their insane trumped up charges of misconduct.  As delusional as this is there are … Continue reading

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The Left has lost it – Obama’s Watergate and Fake News

Until you realize that Democrats consider American patriots to be their enemy you will remain confused by their behavior. “We know there’s no such thing as fake news. We live in a time when people don’t believe facts – and … Continue reading

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