The State of the Union is; Unstable, Volatile, Degenerating

America’s state of disunion is because America is at war with itself!  Make no mistake, the USA is already engaged in the 2nd Civil War between Republicans and Democrats.  They are warring over who will be in control of the government.  This time it is just as much about ending slavery as last time.  Democrats haven’t been this angry since Republicans took their slaves away because this time Republicans are trying to take their illegally imported welfare voter slaves away.

This isn’t about keeping America safe, but about who will reign in Washington.  Will Republicans serve the people as directed by President Trump, or will Democrats rule over them under the boot of Speaker Pelosi?  Democrat Pelosi just became the first Speaker in the history of this free nation to close the People’s House against the President of the United States.  Even anti-American socialist Moslem Obama was permitted to openly speak in Congress despite his repeated and egregious lies.  But Democrats don’t want the people to hear the truth from President Trump.  (Pelosi is also fearful that AOC Chiquita Khrushchev will humiliate her by banging her shoe on the table and staging Kavanaugh style protesters in the gallery.)

Pelosi cancels President Trump’s State of the Union Address in the House of Representatives

Obama told major lies in every State of the Union address

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln

Republicans and Democrats have been at war since the Founding.  Democrats would not join in the Revolution until Republicans submitted to their inclusion of slavery in the Constitution.  Eighty-seven years later the two went to war with each other to keep slavery from spreading.  Democrats lost and slavery was ended, but oppression was not.  Sixty-five years later Democrats lured the grandchildren of slaves back with the promise of free benefits.  The oppression continued and many blacks turned to gangsterism to prosper as northern Democrats always had.  MLK, Jr. led the nation’s civil rights movement that Republicans fostered, but Democrats co-opted it when Republicans passed it with even more benefits.  Today, America is at an impasse between Republicans protecting the people and Democrats importing foreigners to rule over them.

Democrats are smearing President Trump as “holding government employees hostage” by withholding their paychecks until Democrats agree to pay for the construction of border wall for the security of the nation.  Republicans hold Democrats responsible for not conducting proper border security and allowing criminals and terrorists to enter the country freely.  Withholding pay from some federal workers is hardly comparable to the citizens who have had loved ones murdered by Democrat importees.  It is certainly not comparable to Obama putting coal miners out of work.  Pelosi and Schumer are both masters at twisting words and slandering Republicans, but the people who love America are becoming more and more disgusted with their obstinance.  The two have voted many times for a border wall, but when it comes time to fund it, they balk.

Democrats have perpetrated one fraud after another on the American people.  They will hold up legislation on illegal immigration until the clock runs out on the Trump presidency so they can extend benefits to them.  Obama never deported anyone of the millions who crossed the border during his administration.  He just gave them tickets to appear in court.  Now Democrats have figured out how to use provisional ballots to stuff the ballot box.  Schumer says he wants the president to stay out of wall negotiations so he can’t get credit for it or argue against Democrats demands.  They do this to fool their rabid anti-American base.

Those who look no further than a headline believe that Donald Trump is racist, became president with Russian assistance, that illegal aliens are good, and that the world will end in a few years.  From MAGA cap triggers to Chicken Little socialist dreams the delusions of liberalism are proof of their mental dysfunction believing frauds.  They even want to censor President Trump from speaking directly to the people.  If Democrats are permitted to perpetrate their massive frauds in the media and at the polls to retake the presidency then the country will be lost to the despotism of the left.

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