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Americans don’t need Republicans who work with Democrats

  America may be facing a choice of electing the first female president to follow the first black president, and the choices among Democrats; Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Michelle Obama, are all far left liberal ideologues who will carry … Continue reading

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Bill Maher – the boy who cried ‘wolf’

Bill Maher likened the ISIS Islamic Jihadis to the Mafia, then slandered Navy SEAL sniper legend Chris Kyle as a “psychotic patriot.”  Maher doesn’t know where to turn for protection from the Jihad coming to America. Justice is paying Bill … Continue reading

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Addendum to “Christians crushed the Inquisition; Moslems endorse the Jihad”

 The complacency of Obama and the condemnations of the Left for those who fight the Jihad are made clear when examining their actions and motives being in conflict with their words.  Conservatives ask Obama; when is he going to tell … Continue reading

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Christians crushed the Inquisition; Moslems endorse the Jihad

Jesus did not create the Inquisition.  Mohammad did create the Jihad.  The Christ and the Prophet are opposites.  Jesus taught peace, love, and brotherhood, while Mohammad taught conquest, oppression, and vengeance.  Christ’s Commandment was to “love God with all your … Continue reading

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Leaders of the free world united in Paris to declare their stand for peace against the war by Jihadis on humanity.  Most notably absent was the Leader of the Free World or any high ranking representative of his – Barack … Continue reading

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Good Muslims of the world, turn from the hate of Jihad and seek Jesus!

Abandon the teachings of Mohammad to commit evil on your neighbors and come to know forgiveness and peace through the Christ!  Turn from the teachings of hate, oppression, and slavery of others and learn the teachings of the Prince of … Continue reading

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There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam

One billion Moslems can be wrong!  Leftists keep making excuses for Islam comparing it to the Inquisition saying “radicals and extremists” are hijacking their religion.  All anyone need do is go to the source, to the lives and teachings of … Continue reading

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Why are there no Muslims in Star Trek?

There is a joke that goes: While visiting the United States, a renowned Imam Ambassador visits the White House and talks to President Bush.  They go to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum where the Imam sees the replica of … Continue reading

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Mohammad – The First Terrorist and his death cult of self-imposed brainwashing

Killing journalists is what Mohammad did in his time, so why is it a problem for westerners today?  This was not unknown, and claims that it is a “radical few hijacking a religion” is a lie and they know it.  … Continue reading

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Washington gridlock is a good thing – if we had it

Obama and Boehner have Americans by the balls.  Republicans and Democrats are not opposite ends of the scale with Independents in the middle.  Their bases are the TEA Party that is farther right and OWS that is farther left and … Continue reading

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