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Obiden submitting to Chicoms and Islamists AGAIN!

Leftwing media are censoring everyone who speaks out against Democrat’s massive mail-in anonymous ballot fraud. They are declaring them criminals and taking away their rights as spelled out by our Constitution. Democrats are doing away with the Constitution bit by bit until they impose their new laws on us. Their global warming scam has nothing to do with science and everything to do with their religion of leftism to impose socialism on America. Their taxation will not be of the rich but of everyone. When they reimpose their ObamaCare mandate taxes they will tax the poor who cannot to pay to have ObamaCare so will pay for the privilege of not having it. They are importing communistas from the south to replace the voters they lost in their coup against Trump Americanism. Now they are out to destroy Christianity in their Amerika and impose Islam on those who will not just all away into atheism. Continue reading

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The Decline and Fall of America Mirroring Decline and Fall of California

This is the same as liberals being taught that America stole wealth from the world rather than created its own prosperity. How people are so obliviously stupid as to believe in such lies when it is obvious under even the most cursory examination that trade with America made all other countries rich is beyond intelligent understanding. The stupidity of liberalism is why America has fallen to the totalitarian dictators of the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. Liberals believe all the world is backwards from what is truly righteous and wicked. Continue reading

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Communist Democrats Establish One-Party Fascist Rule Via Mail-in Ballot Fraud as Law of the Land

Our Founders warned us. Eisenhower warned us. Reagan warned us. And Rush warned us. President Trump failed us when he stepped down without enacting the Insurrection Act to stop the Democrat coup. No election in the future will matter. They will just be for show as all communist elections are to keep fascists in power and give false hope for those foolish enough to stand against them. Continue reading

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How we know that Democrats are communist fascists

The primary characteristic of communists is their institution of fascism to persecute their political opponents and any dissident that does not submit to their regime. Socialism is just a rehashed version of feudalism in which the nobility rules over the … Continue reading

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Liberals ruin everything – How to lie like a Democrat

Lying like a Democrat is easy. You simply tell people you will do something beneficial, give it a title that sounds good, and then screw them over. You tell them you command the facts in direct contradiction of evidence. You … Continue reading

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Toxic Christian Conservatism vs. Toxic Liberal Fascism

Democrats have chosen their side as that of communist fascism disguised as reason and compassion wrapped in malice cloaked in deception. Only those with their eyes and ears opened by righteousness can see through their façade. Naïve liberals do not follow ethical values. They create their own and believe what they choose to do is righteous regardless of any measure. Their morality is that of children who take what they want and then justify their theft. They create TV shows where the plot involves bad people who commit murder because they are “extremist, militant terrorists.” They then depict those people as being the people who want to return the nation to its founding principles. According to them those principles are slavery serving corporate greed. This is how they corrupt people’s minds and poison their hearts against constitutional republicans. They will remake the military and law enforcement into their thug arms alongside their terror groups Antifa/BLM to impose their new laws on people who will not submit to their tyranny. Continue reading

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Fascist Media Censors Trump & the People by Demand of Hysterical Democrats

Accusing Trump of inciting a riot and insurrection gives them the distraction they need to take people’s minds away from the fact that they cheated the nation to steal the election – they think. Continue reading

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Democrats are going to extremes in the belief they can finish off Trump to rule America forever

Who did Donald Trump persecute while he was president? The answer for those too stupid to know is – no one. The lies and slanders that he is racist are at the feet of Democrats who lost a large portion of their minority voting base. President Trump didn’t persecute anyone. He made America better for everyone. What country would Biden put first? China? Mexico? Socialism doesn’t make everyone equal by lifting them up, but by beating them down. They always persecute those who want freedom and coddle the criminals. This is how you tell the difference between good people and evil people. Continue reading

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