This has been expressed by terms like Trump Derangement Syndrome in which liberals do all they can to smear and sabotage President Trump only to have their lies blow up in their faces.  The same has been said of Sarah Palin about whom there are liberals to this day that believe she said she can see Russia from her house.  Liberals reject facts that contradict their truth because they think backwards from their irrational conclusions to cherry pick facts which support their erroneous beliefs.  Social liberalism is the result of being ignorant, naïve, and gullible resulting in believing falsehoods, and being easily distracted, manipulated, and misguided.

Signs and symptoms of Liberal Derangement Syndrome;

  • Believing what you are told without investigating the facts for yourself, e.g. Trump lies
  • Believing erroneous facts despite evidence to the contrary, e.g. climate Armageddon
  • Believing in falsehoods despite proof of the truth, e.g. Republicans are racist Nazis
  • Russia; believing that Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election and is somehow a Russian agent or under the influence and control of Russian oligarchs.
  • Racism; believing that Trump is a racist who wants to exterminate illegal aliens, put children in cages, and has no heart to assist refugees.
  • Recession; believing that Trump is imposing an economy for the rich to steal money from the poor, that America’s economy will crash because of Trump’s policies, and that the country is going into an economic recession because of tariffs against unfair trading partners.

The American economy is booming because President Trump eliminated Obama’s high taxes and crushing regulations.  Democrats impose these on businesses to shake them down to get money for themselves.  Believing that Obama saved the economy after Democrats sabotaged it to blame Bush and win the election is the pinnacle of idiocy.  Democrats like Harry Reid even bragged about how successfully they lied to the American people.  Democrats bragged about how successfully they lied about Obamacare taxes.  They bragged about how successfully they lied about the Iraq War to sabotage both of Bush’s victories to win the war and then the insurgency.  They then snatched defeat from the jaws of victory so Obama could help the Muslim Brotherhood create the Islamic State.

The fact is that liberals who believe that socialism is benevolent have been deluded.  The indoctrination our children into these false beliefs by leftist teachers must be stopped.

Libtard – The emotional retardation of liberals resulting in immaturity

There are two kinds of intelligence;

  • IQ which measures cognitive ability and knowledge
  • EQ which measures emotional stability and maturity

Liberalism is a dysfunction of the latter that causes them to suffer from irrational logic to reach unreasonable conclusions.  This results in two-faced bigotry, self-righteous hypocrisy, and self-centered ego that is the root of all leftism.  It stems from the ignorance in which we are all born, a lack of education, and embracing the immorality of lies and corruption.  Their lack of reason is why Republicans ask, “WTF is wrong with your brain?”

The retardation of emotional maturity results in a person having the attitude of a spoiled rich kid who expects to be taken care of rather than being a responsible adult.  They need safe spaces and recess time at both school and work.  This is why most young people are liberals and most adults are conservatives.  Those who never grow out of their liberalism are those who adhere to false beliefs like children.

“Liberalism is born of ignorance and bred on lies.  Conservatism is born of education and bred on morality.” – Dustin Koellhoffer

One of the primary signs and symptoms of being a libtard is belief that the American flag in any version represents racism.  If you believe this then your mind is twisted.  This irrationality of liberals to believe in lies like this results in situations like the Harvard psychology group that publishes a study explaining how it is liberals who are dysfunctional thinkers.  And when they go to a liberal editor for publication, he reverses their findings to create a false mythos that liberals are reasonable while conservatives are irrational.  They create these Big Lies in which they believe with all their minds, hearts, and souls.  Leftists are willing to lie, cheat, steal, and kill to impose their beliefs on others.

The mistake people make is believing that what Democrats and Republicans want is the same thing.  Both want to be in charge of the country, but both do not want the same thing out of that authority.  Republicans want the people to prosper while Democrats want the people to serve them.  Leftism is not about making life better for others but for oneself.  That’s why Democrats began this nation with slavery and have been trying to reimpose slavery ever since Republicans took their slaves away.  They do it by hook or by crook, either by fooling people into voting for them or by persecuting them and committing voter fraud.

The fact that people can be fooled so easily and completely by Democrats is what is so disheartening.  Part of that is that Democrats can point to some elements in their own ranks and the ranks of Republicans that are corrupt to claim they are the same.  But the truth is that 90% of the corrupt in government are Democrats, while only 10% of Republicans are as corrupt.  The reason these leftists infiltrate the right by subterfuge is to operate undercover to sabotage and undermine what they do. McCain and Boehner were examples of such as are NeverTrumpers who say Trump is “too crude” for them, so they voted Democrat despite his instituting all of the policies for which they have advocated.

Those Republicans who are referred to as RINOs that work with Democrats, not just those labelled by leftists to smear them, are no more to be trusted than Democrats.  The ten percent of Democrats who are actually conservatives are inconsequential because they picked the wrong master to serve.  Growing up from being liberal to become a conservative is necessary for a good quality of life.  Being ignorant can be alleviated, while being stupid cannot.  Education is paramount and, while ignorant people can be taught, the stupid never learn.  It is the difference between intelligence and wisdom based on morality and experience.

Ignorance plus naïveté times gullibility equals a moral compass

A moral compass plus emotional maturity times knowledge equals wisdom

The more a person learns and believes the truth over lies the more a person grows to understand the world and how and why people act as they do.  For some this can come to a realization in their teens, while for others it takes till late adulthood, and for some it never happens.  That’s why Winston Churchill spoke the righteous wisdom of truth when he said,

“If you’re over thirty and a liberal you have no brain.”

The inability of dedicated leftist fanatics cannot be surmounted by any education or proof of facts.  They cannot be reasoned with, but can only, and must be, defeated!  People who see God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator are beyond redemption.  Just as there is no compromise with Moslem jihadis whose only goal is that you either be enslaved or die, there is no compromise with the left.  As Rush Limbaugh says,

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.”

We cannot wage war without using the weapons of war including in the war of words.  That’s why it requires a supremely successful adult like Donald J. Trump who understands people and is willing to fight fire with fire.  He opposes Democrats using the same tactics they use against Republicans.  In war there are no gentlemen.  This is combat and there are no points for second place.  There are only those who win and those who lose, and you don’t want the left to win because that means subjugation of the masses to serve the elites.  Only a deranged liberal would believe that to be a good thing.

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[Author’s Note: Misdirecting and confusing liberals is easy to do.  Just look at how easy it is to blow liberal’s minds with erroneous:

Q – Why is it that when searching for something that is lost, it is always in the last place you look?  A – Because after you find it, you stop looking.

Q – Why is it a fact that 50% of traffic accidents happen within five miles of your home?  A – Because 50% of the time you spend driving is within five miles of your home.

Q – Why is it that 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Dentyne gum?  A – because the advertisers only used five dentists from all those in their survey and they chose four of them who liked their gum.

The same dysfunctional logic is what is used to warp facts to twist liberal’s minds when it comes to climate change, socialism, and any other leftist policy.  The moral lesson here is – don’t be so gullible.  Just five minutes is all it takes to disprove most anything Democrats declare to be the truth.]

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