Dealing with Pathological Lying Leftists and Gullible Liberals

Liberal science is more political opinion than actual science.  Leftists lie, period.  Liberals are just ignorant and gullible enough to believe them.  Every time we disprove a leftist lie, they, like the pathological liars they are, just invent a new lie to replace it.  We’ve already reached Russian Collusion v.3.0.  Every global warming climate change meme invented by the left has been refuted umpteen times and it never ends.

I’ve reached the end of my patience explaining to liberals that leftists lie by uncovering every deceit they tell.  If they’re not going to wake up and open their eyes, but choose to remain in a stupor thinking they are “woke” when they are “broke,” then I just have to admit they are not just ignorant louts that must be educated, but just too stupid to be capable of learning.  Even when their world ending predictions fail to come to pass again and again, even when their impeachment delusions blow up in their faces over and over, they never let go of their negative hysterical hate.

Those who are embarrassed by Trump’s harsh words for Democrats that believe he should tone it down and be more measured in his response should remember George W. Bush.  Bush didn’t respond to Democrat’s slanders and over eight years they utterly destroyed his character and reputation.  Trump fights fire with fire and gives as good as he gets and then some.  That’s the kind of Christian warrior that Republicans have desperately needed as Democrats become more incensed, more poisonous, and more violent.  It’s easy for them to forget how nasty Obama and Clinton were.  As Democrats falsely accuse Trump of obstruction, strive to create crimes by which to condemn him, they obstruct and sabotage Barr’s investigation of their crimes at every turn calling him a conspiracy nut.

Democrats treat Republicans like criminals as they stand in front of cameras crying wolf, while at the same time playing victim, faking righteousness, saying they are upholding the Constitution and want to be fair.  They accuse Trump of obstructing them when they demand he confess to crimes he didn’t commit and command him to give them non-existent evidence by which to convict.  They warp and twist the facts to suit their lies.  They have no desire to receive evidence.  They just want to use his fighting back as an excuse to accuse him of having something to hide.  With leftists you are always damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  How about they release all the records of Obama’s dealings with the Muslim Brotherhood and how he gave them billions of American Christian taxpayer dollars to create the Islamic State to destroy them?

Like their Russian collusion frauds, their complaints about the Earth dying are bogus.  Keeping our environment clean is one thing.  But liberals want to give leftists power to impose socialism on the world making everyone slaves to the elites to “save the world.”  What kind of insanity does it take to believe that making everyone slaves is good?  What kind of fallacy is it to believe pathological liars?  What kind of blindness does it take to believe those who are creating the problems in the world are the solution just because they cast blame on the innocent?  This is all leftist ideology of doing wrong and blaming others, casting the innocent as guilty unless proven innocent – and then executing them anyway.

Arguing with liberals is pointless when they deny facts, filibuster, and change the subject to deflect from the truth.  Believing they can predict the future, that the Earth getting warmer is a bad thing that will kill the environment, is just absurd.  Theirs is the world of self-fulfilling prophecies and blaming the other guy for the problems they create for themselves is their excuse to justify their own crimes.  They speak about subjects of which they have little understanding and are easily misled and duped by those who would benefit from their ignorance.

Some have said that those who promote fossil fuels are just like those who promoted cigarettes back when it was discovered they caused cancer and lung disease that killed people because they wanted to make money.  How idiotic is it to believe that people would promote fossil fuels that would kill the whole planet just so they could make money without a care that they are killing themselves?  Did they see these cigarette pushers chain smoke?

Likewise, the homeless problem in California is not blamed on the Democrat government that has ruled the state for thirty years.  It’s not because of their sanctuary state and cities importing millions of illegal aliens.  It’s blamed on Republicans for “gentrification” pushing the poor out of their homes by raising prices using Trump’s tax cuts.  So why hasn’t the Democrat governor stopped this?  The rich are fleeing California, so the government passed a law to confiscate their wealth as they go.  The Soviet Union built a wall to keep their slaves in, while Democrats just take away what people worked for as another new tax.  The answer is that taxes are what has caused this crisis along with their importation of illegal aliens, so they blame Trump, which is SOP.

This is how Democrats have been blaming Republicans for what Democrats have wrought saying they are the poor people fighting the evil rich who would make a buck by killing people.  Their confused ramblings are indicative of how they irrationally believe their witch hunts and fishing expeditions by leftwing reporters could dig up dirt on Trump even as they slander him as using foreign governments to interfere in the election.  What could reporters do who are demanding to look at Trump’s tax returns believing they could find crimes that an army of IRS agents couldn’t?  It’s just leftist lies to smear the righteous and liberal stupidity to believe in them.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time.” – Abraham Lincoln, Republican

How many times must we explain that liberal science is bogus?  The arctic ice did not melt away forever in 2013.  They seas didn’t rise 25 feet by 2020.  The environment is not dying from acid rain.  Every time we debunk irrational leftist dogma that they think is science, they invent a new disaster.  It is the character of the pathological liar to never admit they lied, but to create new lies again and again and again.

Just say enough is enough.  It’s like dealing with a screaming child that is told they are doing wrong who keeps asking, “Why?”  After explaining that their science is phony and their predictions are false over and over, there is no point in bending over backwards for them.  Recognizing pathological liars is easy when you realize they are wrong, and they keep creating new lies to cover up their previous lies.

Conservatives have debunked 100% of liberal climate science and every time they do leftists invent another lie to maintain the hysteria that the world is ending unless Democrats rule.  After 100% of their predictions have been proven false, 100% of their science has been proven to be fictional, 100% of their memes have been proven to be absurd, it’s time to recognize that they are 100% irrational and just tell them to STFU.  Their efforts to shut down free speech with violence, whether physical or by shouting to drown out speakers, or by lying mayors like Minneapolis attempting extortionist racketeering, or by Internet moguls conducting shadow banning must not be tolerated but crushed!

Fifty years of this has gone far beyond ignorance.  It’s just stupidity and as Forrest and Larry say, “Stupid is as stupid does,” and, “You can’t fix stupid.”  Don’t bother explaining to them why they’re wrong.  Don’t bother trying to teach them science.  They will not listen.  They will not learn.  Just let them stick their heads in a bucket and scream their stupidity until it makes their ears ring and their heads hurt.  Then maybe, though it’s doubtful, they will realize they are just living in an echo chamber of idiocy.

Conservative Christians must recognize that they are hated for being who they are.  They are hated because they stand for righteousness.  Leftists always strive to infiltrate the right to create hate by which to smear them.  Republicans must recognize that the leftist media will always smear, that they will always be in conflict, because the war between good and evil is eternal, and the left will never stop until they wear the good people down.  Don’t give them what they want because they will only use it against you and demand more.  Give ‘em an inch and they’ll take a mile.  If we quit because of fatigue, or even just compromise, as Rush Limbaugh says,

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.”

And as Edmund Burke said,

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Leftists will constantly attack.  They will lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get their way.  The world consists of two kinds of people; those who take personal responsibility to do what is right, become educated, live morally, and help others, and those who believe they are victims that blame others for the problems they create for themselves.  They are the positive and the negative of humanity with the one being those whose glass is half full and the other being those whose glass is half empty.

The only way to be at peace with the left is to be their slaves.  And if you think being a slave will let you live in peace you are in for a rude awakening.  Those who have lived as slaves to socialism, Islamism, leftism of any kind will tell you,

“It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

Peace is the absence of opposition.  There are two ways to achieve peace.  One is by crushing your opposition, the other is by submitting to them.  In either case, those who yield are on the losing side.  Leftists always lie about their intentions and fight to conquer and oppress others.  They want to crush their opposition when they won’t submit to them.  The righteous strive to convince others through leading by example and only fight to defend themselves.  Can you tell which is right and which is wrong, or which political party is which?

Muhammad the Prophet of Islam is the best example of the model on which leftism has always operated.  First you cajole the gullible, then you coerce the uncooperative, then you conquer the rebellious until all are under the boot of leftism.  We are seeing this in America today as Democrats pander to voters offering them everything for free, send out their thugs in the streets to terrorize the people, and if they could get our guns then they will make American citizens their subjects with themselves as the elite rulers.  Only then will their true nature be revealed to even their most oblivious zealots – and by then it will be too late.

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[Author’s Note: Talk about delusional projection, after two years of a failed coup attempt that has ripped the country apart, Hillary says Trump is “obsessed with her” and she can “beat him again” as if the popular vote is a real thing.  When Democrats use every means of voter fraud, from dead people voting to Ballot Harvesting to counting additional ballots they “find” in the trunks of cars after Election Day, is it any wonder they don’t want Voter ID or the Electoral College?  The EC is what keeps the worst of Democrat controlled states from overturning an election by stuffing the ballot box with fraudulent votes.  Likely 10% to as much as 20% of votes cast are fake.  In 2018, they overturned over twenty congressional races by adding additional votes after Election Day.

This is American’s greatest fear, that Democrats will enact enough fraud across the nation to make their leftist dream of becoming a socialist dictatorship under Democrat rule come true.  Polling of Minnesotans, which was the only state to have enough voter fraud to vote against even Reagan in ’84, indicates they could vote for Trump, but don’t count on it when they find thousands of ballots after Election Day.  Pelosi hopes to keep her impeachment fiction alive until then in the hopes of deceiving those oblivious voters that make up their “noble center.”  They strive with this distraction to take attention from Trump’s great achievements in making America great again and exposing Democrat’s Deep State corruption.  The fact is that only the ignorant, the immature, and the America haters vote Democrat, while those who grow up to love this country vote Republican.

The best advice I can give is to believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say, contrary to liberals who believe everything Democrats say and none of what Republicans say.  Believing politicians without proof is for fools and believing their conclusions without thinking for yourself is for dummies.  Any thinking person should know by now that the Mueller investigation was a fraud and this Ukraine impeachment is just the second version with all the same elements as the first.  It includes false allegations made by a fictional person with no presentable evidence and threats of charges for obstruction.  These anti-Christian socialists saying they are defending the Constitution “prayerfully” should be the red light that screams in your brain.  Trump cooperated 1000% with Mueller who did a microscopic anal probe of his entire life to find no crimes.  He will not cooperate with the fraud.

Democrats criminalize Republicans for speaking while they unleash their Nazi thugs into the streets to terrorize people.  Trump’s resolve to stand against them has brought their Liberal Derangement Syndrome out into the open as the truths of Biden bragging about his corruption, Warren’s pathological lying about her past, Bernie’s insane leftist socialism, and Hillary’s insanity all are revealed.  Only the worst of liberals believe in these false prophets.  America deserves better and President Trump is well advised to enact extreme voter ID and ballot verification requirements by executive order before the next election because Democrats will certainly obstruct any efforts to do so.  They will cry suppression, but suppressing illegal ballots is a blessing, not a crime.]

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1 Response to Dealing with Pathological Lying Leftists and Gullible Liberals

  1. Ken says:

    All of this has been gone over again and again. The one problem that this entire country has is the question; when will all of us band together and DO THE RIGHT THING for America?

    Somewhere, someone out there has a solution; we should be working on that instead of fighting them.


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