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Obiden submitting to Chicoms and Islamists AGAIN!

Leftwing media are censoring everyone who speaks out against Democrat’s massive mail-in anonymous ballot fraud. They are declaring them criminals and taking away their rights as spelled out by our Constitution. Democrats are doing away with the Constitution bit by bit until they impose their new laws on us. Their global warming scam has nothing to do with science and everything to do with their religion of leftism to impose socialism on America. Their taxation will not be of the rich but of everyone. When they reimpose their ObamaCare mandate taxes they will tax the poor who cannot to pay to have ObamaCare so will pay for the privilege of not having it. They are importing communistas from the south to replace the voters they lost in their coup against Trump Americanism. Now they are out to destroy Christianity in their Amerika and impose Islam on those who will not just all away into atheism. Continue reading

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Election Chaos 2020 – The Art of the Deal vs. The Art of the Steal

Democrat voter fraud is fully engaged to steal the election from the man who made a deal with America to make her great again and did. They spent four years trying to overturn the election of 2016 and oust Trump via a coup and failed. Now they are using millions of mailed in ballots submitted by their agents anonymously to flip this election. Continue reading

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They are Not Refugees and Immigrants, they are Raiders and Invaders

Obama Coyote-in-Chief In the past, foreign peoples sometimes invaded their neighbors as raiders to rape, rob, and loot, taking women, crops, and gold from the people who lived in other countries.  In the modern world armies and police forces make … Continue reading

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Leftist America Haters vs Rightwing Patriotic ‘Racist’ Xenophobes

Democrat’s 3Ms vs. Republican’s 3Ts.  We have a Statue of Liberty, not a statue of immigration. Another radical idiot leftist pundit declared that Republicans are racist xenophobes who are against immigration by non-white people.  He asserts that they are against … Continue reading

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