Blacks voting Democrat are betraying their slave ancestors

“Blacks voting Republican are suffering from a mental illness.”

So, when Republicans freed the slaves from Democrats in 1865, and they then voted Republican, they were suffering from a mental illness?  When Democrats beat the descendants of their slaves to drive them away from voting booths, that was righteousness?  When the descendants of Democrat slaves turned back to the Democrat Party that had enslaved and oppressed their ancestors, that was moral?

This is akin to Jews who vote for the Democrat Party that supported socialist bigots in the 1930s, including Hitler, and vote against Israel today.  And they say those Jews who vote against them are the ones suffering from a mental illness?  Democrats were the party of racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry from the beginning, and they endorse them to this day.  Only now they just dupe the ignorant fools who follow them by promoting anti-white racism as they lead their former slaves back into slavery as welfare voter slaves against their liberators.  This is just proof that if you give someone enough drugs, a few freebies, and defend them from the consequences of their crimes, you can make them dance to your tune.

Democrats have been glorifying criminals in the minds of black youths for decades declaring them to be justified, so that young black men are ten times more likely to be criminals than any other demographic group.  This is the reason they make up half of the prison population when they are only 12% of the general population, not because of racism.  Add to that abortion of which blacks also make up half the people who kill babies in the womb and you have a perfect storm of how Democrats exterminate blacks by subterfuge.  It’s Margaret Sanger’s and Woodrow Wilson’s dream come true that they are killing themselves.

Prime examples of how two-faced leftists have led blacks astray is seen in Rep. Cummings (D-MD) who was beaten down at Selma by the KKK, and then joined the Democrats who thrashed him to curse Republicans.  Why?  What about Sharpton and Jackson who stood next to Martin Luther King, Jr. as he was assassinated by a KKK Democrat?  What were they paid to switch sides and create a racial divide between blacks and Republicans with phony claims that the KKK became Republican?  We all know that MLK was appalled at blacks flocking to the Democrat Party as the descendants of former slaves were duped by the descendants of their former masters.  What has occurred in America as Democrats waged war on the Constitution?  The black family has been destroyed and the media so corrupted that they have become the Democrat Pravda.

The history of Democrats

At the Founding, Southern Democrats demanded that James Madison remove the clause abolishing slavery from the Constitution before agreeing to join the Revolution.  Andrew Jackson formally created the Democratic Party (which we now shorten to Democrat because there is nothing democratic about them), but ignorant liberals don’t understand this because they were taught Jefferson, who formally created the Republican Party under the name Democratic-Republican Party, was the creator of the Democratic Party.  Their confusion is easily crafted and understood as those who are ignorant can be miseducated about the characters of Jefferson and Jackson to not understand the difference between them.

Jefferson was against government tyranny, while Jackson believed the government should rule over the people.  This is the fundamental difference between Republicans and Democrats.  Jefferson was the founder of the Republican Party.  The Founders were called liberals for a different reason than the social liberals are called liberal today.  Liberals are so ignorant of history that they are completely duped into believing the opposite of history.

For example, they don’t know that Democrats created the KKK and oppressed blacks for the next century after the Civil War.  They don’t know that both Democrats and Moslems in the 1930s endorsed and allied with Hitler.  Democrats gave high praise to socialist tyrants that led the world into World War Two.  Democrats in the 1930s created the economic depression the nation and the world suffered through.  They blamed Republicans for it and millions were duped by them just as millions were duped in 2008 when Democrats in Congress nuked the economy and blamed Bush to get Obama, a Moslem communist, elected to be leader of the free world.

Just because Hitler and Stalin went to war, and the USA was attacked to be forced into the war by the Axis, doesn’t make any of them on opposite sides of the ideological scale.  Hitler and Stalin were fighting for world dominance.  FDR and his Democrats were fighting to keep their place as the ruling power in America.  Wars between leftists is never about freedom for anyone.  What made the disparity that social liberal teachers use to confuse ignorant youths is that Americans, not Democrats, fought to free nations conquered by the Germans and Japanese.

After defeating them, Americans spent another forty years fighting to stop Soviet Russia and the Red Chinese from enslaving their neighbors.  Would it surprise you to learn that most of the generals who won WWII were Republicans?  Eisenhower, McArthur, Marshall, Nimitz, and most of the generals who won the war were all devoted to the Constitution and the Republican Party that freed the slaves.  Generals today who join with Democrats are the political animals that are usually dispensed with when a war breaks out.

21st Century Americanism vs. Socialist liberalism

Those who have the moral compass to understand history see that media smearing Trump and Christian Republicans as Nazi racists, and adulation of Obama with his atheist socialists and Islamist jihadis as liberators, is visibly opposite from reality.  That social liberals believe this is understandable when you know that they believe God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.  That anti-God atheist socialists should join forces with the anti-Christian Islamists is as obvious as the alliance between Hitler and Stalin.  Both are leftists.  Both believe in dictatorial tyranny.  And both are against God and Christ.  That they, too, will end up at each other’s throats is as given as it was in WWII.

Today, America sees the difference between Trump Republicans and Obama Democrats.  While Trumpsters wave the America flag crying out for America, liberty, and prosperity, Obamites riot in the streets, burn the flag, and demand free stuff.  Which is the people who are suffering from a mental illness?  Social liberalism is clearly a psychological dysfunction resulting from ignorance and gullibility.  To not clearly see the difference between the media smearing Trump as crude after they pandered to Obama, whom they portrayed as a messiah, when both men talk the same is key to seeing through leftist’s mental malfunction.

America’s future is in doubt as Democrats import Latino-communists to illegally vote replacing their black welfare voter slaves who are waking up to the fact that Democrats have been lying to them for decades.  Democrats believe they can turn Texas blue with enough illegal votes in Democrat controlled cities and counties to flip the state.  They hope and pray for someone to rise who can fool the people as well as Obama.  If Democrat voter fraud is allowed to seize power over America, then President Trump’s efforts to make America great again will be an utter failure.  The left wants the New World Order wherein America is just another servant to socialist tyranny and the world will fall into a new Dark Age.


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