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How do you teach idiots that Democrats are not their friend?

A sad truth in America today is that the vast majority of America’s youth gets their news from comedians, and knows less about science than the previous generations learned by eighth grade.  Democrat voters are dullards on whom corrupt politicians … Continue reading

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Religious lies, scientific facts, and the political fraud of climate change

Religion is belief through faith without evidence. Science is determining the facts through critical analysis. Politics is the art of lying to manipulate the ignorant. The climate change debate has long been over.  In its place there has arisen a … Continue reading

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Missing Malay airliner mystery (NOT) solved

[Liberal media pundits think MH370 may have fallen into a black hole, which another liberal said was a racist remark proving that the entire liberal media is a black hole of intelligence.] According to the Malaysian government, their missing airliner … Continue reading

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Science and religion at war! The eternal struggle for your soul and your money

Although Christianity condemned judging others, that never stopped those in power from using religion as a blunt instrument to impose their will on the people.  Those who did not bow to the rulers were branded heretics and burned at the … Continue reading

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Obamabots or Obamasites, what’s in a name

Barack Obama says he has the most transparent administration in history without a smidgen of corruption, and that global warming is the greatest threat facing mankind.  His policies have provided healthcare for the poor and made the rich pay their … Continue reading

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Democrats tell us how to win, ObamaCare can cure this cancer

There is a cancer that has been sweeping America, infecting millions of people, destroying millions of lives, and ruining the American Dream.  The cancer is liberalism and it has long ago taken control of the Democrat Party, spreading into the … Continue reading

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Missing Malay jet nukes D.C., Obama declares martial law

With all the far-fetched conspiracy theories surrounding the disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777, some are not so crazy as they may at first seem.  If this airliner was actually hijacked, it could not have been taken by a terrorist … Continue reading

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