Democrat’s Radical Activist’s Covert Civil War

Beneath the façade of social justice warriors is the simple truth – they are rebels. The Democrat Party is once again engaged in a civil war to overthrow the Constitution. Johnny Reb has given way to Justice Riots. Anyone with a moral compass understands that riots are neither protests, about justice, nor righteous by any moral sense. They are just destructive. Democrat radicals riot, loot, and burn, vandalize and steal property, assault and maim police, and rape and murder citizens, and sometimes each other. AOC called for Democrats to “radicalize.” This is socialist speak for start throwing bombs and shooting people. Ask them what they mean by that. If you don’t think that’s what they are talking about, explain what else do you think they mean? Go ahead, say something stupid. Welcome to America’s 2nd Civil War.

The Supreme Court war is just another facet of the greater war the left is inflicting on America through their campaign of lies and violence. They were counting on the Supreme Court being in their favor with Roberts, or now split without RBG, to propagate their election confusion. Now they are faced with the cold hard reality that their destroying the judicial filibuster in 2013 to pass Obama appointees over Republican objections coming back to bite them in the ass! As the election heats up and President Trump refuses to bow to their mail-in voter fraud, he will appoint a Constitutional conservative who will work to stop Democrat’s voter fraud. That will cause Democrats to become more and more violent. They keep saying they can make America better, but they had their chance with Obama and chose to make it worse. Donald Trump is actually doing it!

  • Barack Hussein Obama said bringing manufacturing back to the USA was impossible without a magic wand! Donald Trump did it!
  • Barack Hussein Obama said he would destroy ISIS but that it was impossible because they had the righteous religious fervor of Islam on their side. Donald Trump did it!
  • Barack Hussein Obama said he would make America better and safer but couldn’t because it was impossible to defend a wicked nation and instead depleted America’s munitions stores because it was too costly. Donald Trump did it!
  • John Kerry said making peace between Arabs and Israel was impossible without submitting to the Palestinian’s demands! Donald Trump did it!
  • Joe Biden said Trump will bankrupt Social Security without the Payroll Tax because it is impossible to fund it without high taxes! Donald Trump did it!
  • Hillary Clinton said Trump will hijack the election with Russian help hacking again because it was impossible for him to appeal to enough millions of people to vote for him! Donald Trump did it!
  • Chuck Schumer said Trump couldn’t have become a billionaire without being a criminal extortionist like Bloomberg Democrats because it is impossible to make money like that honestly! Donald Trump did it!
  • Nancy Pelosi said Trump will not be allowed to put a conservative on the Supreme Court in place of Ruth Bader Ginsburg because it is impossible for Republicans to stand against Democrats! Get ready!

Democrats become millionaires through extortion and high taxes. Democrats get elected by cheating the vote. Democrats sell off American jobs to foreigners while importing foreigners to take over citizen’s jobs and votes. They keep saying they don’t do any of this. How many Democrat dupes need to grow up and get a clue! That’s like Al Capone saying he was just a businessman. Leftwing slavers were the people who created the Democrat Party, and gangster thugs are the people who made it rich and powerful. Now socialists are the people who dupe millions to steal away American liberty.

Democrats will doubtless smear any woman Trump nominates to be a filthy skank that was gang banged just as they smeared Kavanaugh as running rape gangs. After what they did to Kavanaugh, Trump should select Amy Coney Barrett and Republicans go straight to a vote skipping the Judicial Committee hearings. After Barrett is selected shout at the Democrats, “Kavanaugh! Kavanaugh!” Just drop a big ol’ turd right in front of them and rub their faces in it. They deserve NO consideration whatsoever!

Democrats have no right to demand that Republicans yield to their wishes to withhold the selection of the next Supreme Court Justice until “after the next president is elected.” There won’t be a “next president” this year. President Trump will be re-elected in a massive landslide and will not permit Democrat voter fraud to supplant him. In addition, he has a Republican Senate. In 2014 the people elected Republicans to control the Senate as well as the House to stop the Obama agenda including selecting a leftist justice to replace the staunchly righteous Scalia who died suspiciously. Now Republicans have the opportunity to replace a radical leftist with another staunchly righteous conservative. Donald Trump will not hesitate to do so.

Schumer said it would not be honorable of moral to select a SC justice before the “next president.” Democrats are more certain this year that their voter fraud will overcome Republicans as they were in 2016. Supreme Court justices have been chosen in an election year 29 times in the past. Of 19 times the president and Senate were the same party, 17 were confirmed. Of the ten times they were different parties only 2 were confirmed. That explains 2016 and 2020. The selection process didn’t used to have hearings. But Democrats want those hearings so they can conduct their character assassinations and smear campaigns in the most public way to demonize Republicans.

Democrats have loudly and repeatedly declared that everything is on the table for them including stacking the court with additional leftists to override Constitutional authority. They have made it supremely clear their intention to unmake America and make themselves totalitarian dictators for life, and they will do so by packing the court with additional liberal radicals, creating new states for new Democrat senators, and make Republicans irrelevant by taking away the Electoral College so that their big blue state’s voter fraud can overthrow American citizens. Trump Republicans are upholding the Constitution. It is Democrats who are violating it in their attempt to abolish America. Their two-faced condemnations of Republicans only succeed with their jackass followers. Leftists always decry the righteous for not submitting to their demands, but always happily walk all over the righteous when they have power.

“Elections have consequences” said Obama and Biden as they jammed ObamaCare taxes down the nation’s throats. They lied about costs going down. They tripled instead! They lied about creating jobs. They sent them to China and Mexico. Biden says Trump would be exercising “raw political power.” Meanwhile, Democrats burn businesses and kill people in the streets in an effort to terrorize the populace. They want a chaotic election to promote their voter fraud. Democrats are not to be trusted in anything they say or do. To trust a Democrat is to be a fool to boys who cry wolf and Chicken Little fraudsters. Putting your faith in socialists is to put your faith in gangsters. That isn’t security, that’s slavery.

AOC calls on Democrats to become radicalized socialists

Schumer press briefing with AOC instead of Pelosi

Democrats promoting lies, smears, hate, and division to overthrow America

Democrats are unhinged in their bid for permanent power

[Author’s Note: It is always disgusting to hear ultra-rich actors advocating for leftism – especially when they portray American heroes on the big screen. Mark Ruffalo of the Avengers is one such stupid liberal who can’t keep his big mouth shut. He recently said,

“Are we going to be a country of division and hatred, or a country of love, compassion, and kindness?”

Like all liberals he blindly follows leftists off the cliff of morality in believing their lies. So, what part of love, compassion, and kindness is there in Antifa/BLM riots? What part of unity is there in Democrats demanding Republicans bow to their will or be robbed, raped, or killed? What kind of stupid is between his ears? Ask him what he means by that? Who is dividing the nation and who is loving and compassionate? You have to wonder if, when he was playing the Hulk killing Nazis, was he imaging he was killing Republicans? Actors pretend to be heroes in the movies, portraying what we, the righteous, actually do when we serve others and make great sacrifices. They watch their stunt men and computer graphics take the risks that we lived. Then they go to their mansions and live in luxury.

How do these buttheads congratulate themselves on their heroism in fighting for what’s right in the movies, but then make their public stand in real life with those who are stand with evil against the righteous? Only rare ones like Tom Selleck, Kevin Sorbo, and Chris Pratt stand for American liberty. These others are like the other braindead entertainers in professional sports who protest against America, say they are slaves when they are paid millions, all while saying they are for unity as they demand a divided national anthem of their own. Do they think the rest of us are as stupid and morally corrupt as they are? WtF is wrong with their brains?

Leftists put forth stupid people who are mentally unstable, dysfunctional, and handicapped. They put forth minorities who promote their hateful ideology. They then demand that the righteous, intelligent, moral people submit to their ideology. Those who don’t are smeared as hateful, racist bigots who denigrate the downtrodden. To agree with a person who is mentally retarded when they endorse stupid ideals is the pinnacle of stupidity. The ONLY people who agree with Democrats are the hateful who want to destroy America and the stupid who don’t understand they are fools siding with the hateful people of the world. Democrats have made it clear that it is their intention to rule America, not govern, and to seize wealth and power by any means.]

The Coming Democrat Coup

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