Liberalism and the Science Stupidity of their Global Warming Religion

When liberals say that hurricanes are becoming more powerful because Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, when they say these storms hit Republican areas like the Florida panhandle with greater ferocity because they voted Republican, when they claim that the solution to climate change is for America to submit to socialism, they have left behind every scrap of credibility by which they claim to follow science.  They are not talking science, but reciting the senseless dogma of their religion based purely on their superstitious beliefs of their pagan faith.

Lunatic liberals blame Republicans for hurricanes

Refuting leftist’s global warming “science” is elementary

Liberal’s belief in global warming is as backwards and contradictory as their belief in illegal aliens being lawful immigrants when the first thing they do on entering our country is break the law.  These invaders continue doing so dodging taxes and there are many who are just violent criminals escaping justice in their home countries.  Liberals conflate those who break laws that want to subvert America with actual immigrants who obey all laws and want to become Americans to falsely declare Republicans against illegal aliens to be “xenophobes.”  They don’t recognize that they are law breakers but merely label them as “undocumented.”  This is both a crime and an insult to those who follow the legal process to enter the country.  Liberals want to give these invaders the vote and some do illegally allow them.  Democrat states are even making laws to allow it.  This is a crime against the Constitution that should be prosecuted.

Liberal beliefs are as tenuous as their belief that Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is Native America.  Massachusetts voters stupidly support her, but that’s no surprise when blue states are making it legal for their criminals and illegal aliens to vote.  I am far more native than she when I can definitively say my grandfather’s grandmother was a Cherokee making me 6% native American by Ancestry’s DNA test.  Warren’s DNA test came out with something like .09%.  The average American is .18% which makes her whiter than most.  But she presented herself to Harvard as native.  Some colleges require 25% and a few only 1/16th.  So, I qualify for Native American along with everyone in my family, while Warren who, even if the one liberal liar that claims she is 1/32nd native is right, still doesn’t qualify her making her just another Democrat fraud.  You don’t get a check from President Trump for your pretenses on having a few drops of native blood and falsely claiming yourself as a native American.

Liberals say Europeans are all immigrants even when they were born here.  Being descended from immigrants is insignificant to be an American when even the ancient Indians migrated to the Americas.  It’s as counter intuitive as their claims that anyone born on the America continents is an “American,” which is term that is defined as being a United States citizen.  At what point do liberals ever stop their search to change history and the meaning of words?  The answer is never if it fits their lies.  They condemn everything Trump says or does on the basis of their hate without regard to anything he has done beneficial to all Americans.  They just damn him if he does and damn him if he doesn’t.  When people are so negative why would anyone want to believe what they say let alone follow them in what they do?

Warren saying Trump mocking her fraud is mocking native Americans.  This is just more backwards liberal thinking trying to twist responsibility around backwards on itself.  It’s the classic pathological liar calling the truth speaker a liar.  Like Democrats blaming Trump for Saudi Arabia murdering a reporter claiming his rhetoric about fake news emboldened them.  Since when has Trump racked up a body count of reporters?  Even the dozens of top media leftist reporters who have spread outright lies still have their jobs!  Democrats are the ones in bed with the leftist Islamist dictatorship of Saudi Arabia.  But like the time they nuked the economy in 2008, they are always willing to blame the Republicans for what Democrats do.  After seeing these kinds of lies and scams go on for decades, one must wonder just what has to happen before Democrat voters’ eyes are opened and they take their heads out of the sand?

Hillary Clinton Mobster Boss

Follow the money of the global warming scam

All of the leftwing media does nothing but smear Trump 24/7/365.  Every Stock Market dip is the end of the world, while every rise is ignored.  In his interview on 60 Minutes all Leslie Stahl did was try to force him to agree with her lies.  When he began to explain why she was wrong she constantly talked over him.  Liberals don’t use their two ears to listen, only their big mouths to talk and scream hysterically.  Perhaps if they used their ears then they wouldn’t be deaf, dumb, and blind to science that says their leftwing politics are not a science, but a religion of gullibility to surrender their freedoms to the elites of the socialist left.

There is not a poll in the country to be believed that says Democrats should win anything in this election cycle based on the mountain of lies, deceptions, smears, and violence they have unloaded on this country.  They can only win via voter fraud by having parasites, criminals, and illegal aliens voting in place of citizens.  That’s why the Electoral College is vital to keep their ballot box stuffing voter fraud from overwhelming the rest of the nation.  It’s why America is a republic and not a democracy because democracies always devolve into corruption that ends in tyrannies.  These governors and mayors need to be arrested for their crimes against the Constitution.

There is no excuse for allowing Democrats to rule this free nation.  Facebook took down the page in which forms of government are explained.  Democrats can only rule over the ignorant who fall for the lies of the left because that’s the only way they can dupe the people into giving them their money.  They promise deadbeats they indoctrinate into their ideology of greed and envy free sh*t as if there is anything in life that is free.  They slander everyone who speaks the truth as to conceal their own crimes as if they are without sin.  There is nothing the left has to offer to make America better, only to dupe the ignorant into giving them the power to steal.

Giving speeches preying on people’s fears, hate, greed, and envy should not be enough to sway people to their cause.  But recent history has proven how easily people are duped.  Obama was a man of no accomplishment who gave great speeches.  But so did Adolf Hitler and Muhammad and look what they wrought.  Hitler did nothing but create an organization of thugs and Muhammad brainwashed an entire culture.  Democrats have created a culture of thieves who believe they are justified in stealing from the rich and in terrorizing the righteous.  This is why Democrats cannot be allowed to continue their voter fraud and lying speeches.  Thank God for the Internet and may He keep their censorship from destroying free speech in America.

That free speech is why President Trump is not being overwhelmed.  In 2006, Republicans were disheartened by six years of Bush bashing without response and a Democrat wave took Congress just four years after Bush gained seats in the previous midterms.  Dumb people vote only for presidents while the smart ones vote for Congress and the greatest characteristic of Trump is that he fights the left tooth and nail to overturn their lies.  Obama was swamped by the Republican return to Congress in 2006, but Trump is set to convert their blue wave into a red tsunami so long as American patriots are ready to answer the call to defend their nation’s liberty to overcome Democrat voter fraud and their anti-American agenda.  Democrats want the economy to crash like 2008 when they nuked it to get Obama elected, and if they get power in Congress again then that’s what America will suffer.

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