The Gender Perversion Distraction – Two genders and a hundred mental illnesses

Sexual immorality and perversion have always been anything that is not a married husband and wife. The original definition of biblical adultery is having sex outside of marriage, period, not the modern definition which has been twisted to mean a married person having sex outside the marriage. We all know that homosexuality has always been around but that doesn’t make it morally upright. We all recognize that we cannot stop people from immersing themselves in our sins just as God does, which is why He sent us Jesus. Even after we accept Him as our Savior doesn’t mean we will live without sin, only that our sins will be forgiven. The reason we became Christians is because we knew we failed every day. Anyone who thinks they do not does not understand their own sins.

Jordan Peterson – We are sacrificing our children on the Altar of Leftism

Liberals are so stupid that they declare you must be a biologist to answer the question, “What is a woman?” But even libtard biologists cannot answer. This is the depths of their depravity, insanity, and stupidity that they think they can put this over on the world as good moral sense. Leftism demands people embrace their absurdities as good moral sense, which is why they resort to propaganda, deception, indoctrination, and imposing brainwashing on people to believe in their lies. Socialism in all its forms from communism to fascism to Islamism to Nazism has always been an ideology of backwards logic. That’s why they are all totalitarian dictatorships demanding everyone without exception obey the will and act in unison in service of the state. Working toward whatever happiness you can find is one thing, but these militants are working against everyone else to force their ideology on them.

Sorry, Karen, but you’re a liar and you’re dead wrong!

Liberals warp everything in their twisted minds as Whoopi “Karen” Goldberg proves

Jordan Peterson explains how woke leftist perversion is corrupting people’s minds, hearts, and souls

Leftists have turned young Americans against God and America’s founding principles in Christianity leaving them searching for anything to fill their emptiness. This is why we say, “If you don’t believe in something, you’ll fall for anything.” We say that so you don’t turn to believing in evil for your salvation.

Christians try to be understanding of this reality that people live in sin, so when gay couples asked to have their unions recognized legally so they could receive spousal benefits like healthcare, we acquiesced in the name of being fair. We did not agree that this was moral, only that it was necessary in modern culture. We were warned this was the “slippery slope” of appeasement to incremental immorality by leftists. Now the left has gone full tilt perverted psychopaths demanding we accept all deviants, pedophiles, and bestiality as morally righteous – and we will not! Gays should be particularly wary of this onslaught by the left attempting to force us to embrace their perverts or be ostracized from society ourselves. We are the vast majority of people compared to the 2% of gays, bisexuals, and all the deviants.

The result of their attacks will result in a backlash that won’t stop with the perverts. It will wash over gays and bisexuals and even over the young couples engaging in adulterous premarital sex. As in all things, once the left corrupts their minions to the extreme, when the righteous rise up and strike back in righteous wrath, leftists will infiltrate them to enrage them further against other good people who simply stray from the path of righteous morality. This is how they infiltrated the Catholic Church to create the Inquisition. Now they use that as their example of how Christianity is akin to fascism. On the political scales, socialism, communism, fascism, Islamism, and atheism are all on the same side against Christianity and liberty. The left is the ideology of slavery, selfishness, deception, and greed. Once you recognize this fundamental truth then all of the Democrat’s history and machinations make perfect sense.

Understanding Christianity, not the fascism that the left projects onto Christianity because leftists infiltrated and corrupted it in history to things like the Inquisition, but the essence which is love of God and consideration of others rather than selfishness is required to understand how militant gay activism is destroying the country rather than creating a “tolerant, inclusive, accepting culture.” Gay militants are not acting out of altruism. They are acting out of selfishness in rebellion against God. They are not proud of being gay because they are doing what is right because promoting their sin is wrong. There are gays who are Christians just like there are adulterers who are Christians. But those adulterers don’t go around telling others to embrace adultery. There are Christians who suffer from road rage. There are Christians who want to murder people. There are Christians who are gluttons, and envious, and prideful. The difference is that they don’t express pride in their sins.

The left demanding that we not only tolerate but embrace their perversions to put men in girl’s bathrooms, let men crush women in sports, and force pre-pubescent children to be molested by pedophiles, which even forcing them to listen to one read to them is an assault, is a violation of God that we should not tolerate. These actions are all stigmatized for a reason in that they corrupt hearts and minds to damn their souls. Their rejection that there is a God or that they have a soul is just another form of their selfishness. Lucifer left Heaven out of pure prideful selfishness. Just because we can’t see or hear souls or spirits due to our own limited perceptions of our physical bodies during our temporary lives doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Our senses are finite and even our technology continues to push the envelope of what we don’t perceive. Science may have some answers, but it doesn’t have all the answers. Hating God for putting us hear to learn the lessons of love rather than selfishness is the true test of our lives. Embracing narcissistic pride and selfish greed is what leads people to reject God and embrace lies.

All of this economic destruction, inflation, gas prices, food shortages, crime promotion, illegal alien invasion, and ideological lies like climate change and coronavirus destroying the planet, to claiming they are about to “lose their democracy,” (i.e. their dictatorial ruling powers) is how Democrats are distracting people from the most critical issue of all – how they are stealing elections through mail-in ballot fraud harvesting.

Broke Woke Libtards

“Diversity and Inclusion” are Democrat “code” for elevating the worst of people to make their corruption the rule

Disney executives make “family friendly” corporation become gay platform to indoctrinate children into corrupt leftist ideology

Disney executives are changing the company’s mission identity from the family friendly corporation it has been for eighty years to Perverts Incorporated by announcing they will put out content for minorities and sexual deviants. This is a wholesale immersion into the entire Hollywood ethos of two-faced bigots lashing out against the innocent because they are angry at being told no to their radical leftist ideology. For the last few decades perverts have infiltrated Disney productions putting deviant sexual content secretly into programs. Now they will do so openly and deliberately with the blessings of those in charge. America can only hope that their stockholders take their heads as their company profits go down the toilet of democratic socialist corruption.

Liberals have as little understanding of words as they do of morality. That’s why they so maliciously try to change the meanings of words as easily as they express their two-faced hypocrisy. As they strive to Balkanize America by dividing their foolish followers into competing tribes, they slander Republicans as “tribal.” It’s just more dysfunctional insanity on display through their warped logic. They turn on their own to destroy those in Hollywood who don’t bow to their commandments just as Satan does to his minions that fail to perform his will. This is the nature of evil people. These two-faced scum violently attack the righteous screaming that they are fighting fascist terrorism by claiming that righteous speech exposing the truth about them is “violent extremist terrorism.” They are obviously insanely two-faced deceivers believing that by slandering the good as evil and claiming their evil is good can justify their evil. 16% of the country embraces this ideology of hate, lies, and corruption, while 71% firmly oppose it. One must wonder how the missing 9% of independents and moderates don’t see it? The only explanation is that they have their heads in the sand and are oblivious.

Now this content is brought to you by the people at Walt Disney Company. They have vowed to make 50% of their programming leftist indoctrination into their woke perverse ideology. Walt was spinning in his grave so fast that his body vaporized.

Matt Walsh destroys insane woman liberal talking out of her butt

Leftists manipulate kids into perversion by increments

Matt Walsh: immutable moral logic vs. liberal dysfunctional irrationality

Michael Knowles – Groomers transing the kids

Michael Knowles – Some people just want to watch the world burn

Liberal Democrat Socialist Groomers

Stochastic Terrorism – Democrat’s newest catch phrase by which to demonize Republicans as “terrorists” for speaking the truth about Democrat lies claiming that their speech “incites random acts of violence.” This is how leftists go witch hunting so they can justify their own acts of violence they have been committing for years against Republicans, conservatives, and Christians. Telling the truth about leftists corrupting our children’s minds in their schools is “stochastic terrorism” because it makes parents angry at their children being dragged to “pride” which is their euphemism for perverts. They want all perversion to be destigmatized so they can be free to impose their evils on the world. This is just libtards using a new word by which to slander the righteous and declare themselves to be more educated than us as if they understood more than a 5th grader.

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4 Responses to The Gender Perversion Distraction – Two genders and a hundred mental illnesses

  1. Roy says:

    Under the pretense of good, by the media and politicians, we’ve been allowing evil to flourish. Our moral values – especially for our young – are now established by media, education and government by twisting the meanings of the moral codes in the Christian bible. Mass psychological manipulation with evil intent.

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  2. chicagogal68 says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! You have been one of my favorite writers for many years. You always speak my mind and say it like it is! Thank you! Another great piece!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I too am so glad you’re back. When you went away about a year ago I was so saddened by it. And then I got an email from you’all and couldn’t be happier. I’m trying to alert friends of your great writings.


  4. Concerned Patriot says:

    “Transgender” is an insidious ideology that, for purely and solely sociopolitical reasons, absolutely refuses to acknowledge, recognize, honor or respect the various differences between male and female. It is entirely artificial and man-made, an attempt to supersede the realities of DNA, outright revisionism, a deliberate rebellion against not only G-d and nature but also customs, values and norms dating back thousands of years, a drive to put one over on society, and an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of G-d and Mother Nature. The motives for pushing such perversions, to turn people as young as 3 into little perverts, sodomites, and surgically-produced freaks for life, are wholly and entirely subversive. Among the biggest supporters of the spreading of transgenderism are ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter – both of which have OPENLY admitted that it’s all about “disrupting,” and ultimately destroying, the institution of the nuclear family, as well as destroying the Judeo-Christian foundations of society and the pillars of Western civilization itself. There is this to remember: Male and female are biology – “transgender” is ideology. G-d created man and woman – man created “transgender.”

    It is also about establishing out-and-out LGBTQ supremacism and imposing morally inverted, sexually perverted, radical fringe Greenwich Village/San Francisco/Fire Island/Key West “values” on society that, in its 100% reliance on fascistic coercion to carry out their tenets, are frankly indistinguishable from radical Islam and Shariah law. How different is throwing someone in the hoosegow for supposedly using “wrong pronouns” (which are rooted in G-d and nature, unlike the phony and bogus ones they seek to impose), for example, from jailing someone for, say, leaving bacon outside a mosque, or “desecrating” a koran?

    Also, any woman that votes Democrat on the basis of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision will frankly deserve whatever bad fate they get. The same party that uses the issue of abortion ( = genocide by attrition) to keep women on the leftist plantation, has been screwing them over big-time with the issue of anti-women, anti-children, anti-family, anti-morality, anti-humanity, openly supremacist “transgender” bathrooms (the precedent for which was states, localities, school districts, universities, colleges, airports and other public places caving en masse starting in the mid-2000’s to Muslim demands to install footbaths at taxpayer expense in all public restrooms), as well as putting their safety and even their very lives in grave danger at the hands of sex offenders who “dress up” to gain access to such places. Not to mention erasing their individual identity altogether with such insidious double-talk terminology as “birthing person(s).”

    And as for the bit about not believing in something and therefore falling for anything: A Jewish activist group has long said that leftists “stand for nothing, believe in nothing, and are nothing.”

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