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False Liberal Democrat Teachings

Leftists deceive people from youth by teaching them things that are false such as their sayings, “Those who cannot do, teach,” or “No parent should have to bury their child,” or “Never tell a lie.” The truth is that if it weren’t for teachers you wouldn’t learn how to do things. The fact that parents used to bury seven out of ten children prior to the discovery of antibiotics in the 20th century is lost on the ignorant. And the plain truth is that EVERYBODY LIES! Continue reading

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How to talk to a liberal dumbass

Having no moral compass or critical education, liberals do not understand the difference between what is right and what is legal or what is wrong and what is illegal. The righteous do what is right. Leftists do what is legal, and they can make any wrong legal. For example, they can send their militant terrorist thugs of Antifa/BLM out to riot, loot, and burn in their cities, encourage them to attack, maim, and assassinate police, but make their criminal actions legal. Continue reading

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Liberal Fascism, Leftist Greed, Democrat Cheaters

Biden talks about another lockdown that will finish many small businesses, and if that doesn’t do it then his $15 minimum wage will. He will reimpose Obamunism taxes on all Americans from corporate taxes on businesses that endorse Republicans to the ObamaCare mandate on the poor and middle class. His renewing Obama’s crushing regulations will drive industries back to China. Mobster run unions will rule jobs so only Democrat slaves will work. Tack on tuition forgiveness and the Green New Deal and you have a destitute America. The result will be millions of Americans in poverty desperately begging for salvation and willing to sell their souls to the left. Continue reading

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Liberal Beliefs to Follow Democrats to the Left is a Fatal Error

“If you’re under thirty and a liberal, you are ignorant. If you’re over thirty and still a liberal, you are mentally impaired.” Continue reading

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Election 2020: Trump – Keep America Great, or Biden – Make China Great Again

Joe Biden has vowed to return America to Obamunism, to reinstate the ObamaCare Penalty Tax, to increase taxes on businesses, to keep the nation in lockdown over Covid until a “cure” is found, to shut down fracking and coal mining, … Continue reading

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Obama nuked economy in 2008 wants credit for Trump’s boom

Trump’s boom is a result of dismantling Obama’s legacy, doing away with his business choking regulations, re-opening oil drilling and coal mining, making tax cuts Obama never would, and the Moslem socialist wants credit for the boom.  Obama was a … Continue reading

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Why do Democrats applaud Hillary instead of laughing at her?

What does it take for liberals to see the light? Rush Limbaugh has said this again and again and it always bears repeating because we see what’s happening.  Whenever Hillary or Obama make speeches about rebuilding infrastructure, renewable energy, schools, … Continue reading

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Hillary’s secret economy – the rich didn’t get richer, Democrats did

Democrats hand Wall Street trillions and hand the bill to the Middle Class. Hillary is busy damning the rich for getting richer over the last eight years while the economy stagnated under Obama’s Democrat policies, while Obama has been crowing … Continue reading

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Analyzing Tim Kaine – why Democrats campaign as conservatives

Hillary’s VP Tim Kaine – Patriotic American! Kaine’s acceptance speech was a study in how liberal Democrats campaign as conservatives.  He proudly spoke of his Republican friend who is now voting Democrat because, he said, Trump is a racist corrupting … Continue reading

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More liberals backwards thinking from Democrats

Brexit and Trump cause more dysfunctional backwards thinking by liberals.  Hill and Liz are Screech and Owl vying for the biggest whopper wreaking havoc on the campaign trail. Reminiscent of Al Gore telling elementary school kids, they “instinctively know things … Continue reading

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