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Romney beats Obama, loses to Hillary, and Barry mocks GOP

A new poll illustrates voters’ remorse, but the same people would vote for Hillary over Romney by the same margin.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEIR BRAINS? A new poll shows Romney would now win against Obama 53% to 44%, but … Continue reading

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Dastardly Republicans won’t help Obama destroy America

Obama laughs as he tells his believers that he is trying to help the nation and Republicans are just haters.  GOP has made impotent efforts to stop Obama’s deconstruction of America. Political pundits say it is ironic that Obama is … Continue reading

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Giving foreigners the right to vote in American elections

Obama is making illegals welcome by forcing federal border agents to bring them into the country rather than turn them away.  As president, he acts to bring in as many illegal immigrant foreigners as possible in order to fill the … Continue reading

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Hamas is a humanitarian organization and crimes of American Jihadis

Hamas puts rocket launchers and missiles in schools and hospitals so that when Israelis bomb them they kill women and children.  Despite Israeli advance warnings of bombings on the way the Palestinians are kept in place by Hamas to die. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the U.S.S.A. as Obama announces his banana republic

Where Republicans sought to reign in greed in corporations to benefit the working class, Democrats seek only to profit from shaking down corporations under the guys of helping the little guy.  Where Americans want to protect their wealth from illegal … Continue reading

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Son of Hamas leader condemns Moslem terrorists and courageously converts

Yousef, son of a Hamas leader, converts to Christianity and condemns Jihad Jesus is life.  Mohammad is death. Christian conservatives have been condemned by leftist liberals for even suggesting there is any evil in the religion of Islam.  This author … Continue reading

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Obama regime abandons blacks as he flies illegal immigrants here as ‘refugees’

Protesters are told, ‘Get to da back o’ da bus, nigga, and stop hatin’ on The One.’  Obama abandons his Democrat voter slaves to fly his “hope for the future” to America.  The next generation of voter slaves – illegal … Continue reading

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America is moving left because it’s the right thing to do

America has taken a hard turn to the Left with Democrats at the wheel and people are finding the road being pulled out from under their feet because Obama says “it’s the right thing to do.” As America enters the … Continue reading

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The 5 greatest lies children are told in school in the last fifty years

Propaganda teaches children to believe what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right America has been corrupted by the Left who have propagandized and misled our children down the path of their immorality.  These leftists, socialists and … Continue reading

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Impeachment of Obama gaining momentum as IRS gets bloodied

No president in American history has done more than Obama to tear down the USA.  He not only engages in gangster politics stealing American wealth, but has done all in his power without being openly allied with America’s enemies to … Continue reading

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