Trump Capitalism vs. Democrat Socialism

Why?  Why?  WHY?  Why doesn’t Trump file charges against corrupt Democrats?  They are already accusing him of weaponizing the justice department.  Why doesn’t Trump pardon those wrongfully convicted by the Mueller probe?  Why doesn’t Trump write an executive order to disallow felons and foreigners from voting?  Why doesn’t Trump outlaw provisional ballots and ballot harvesting?  Obama Democrats weaponized their entire government against the people, yet none of them have been charged for their open corruption.  Why?  Why?  WHY?  Antifa Nazis and BLM assassins run rampant.  The nation demands answers why Republicans are being persecuted while Democrat criminals go free!

Schumer is out damning Trump for saying that Roger Stone has been unfairly prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to more time than most rapists get.  He said,

“What is more swampy?  What is more fetid?  What is more stinking than the most powerful person in the country literally changing the rules to benefit a crony guilty of breaking the law?”

The answer is – a congress that votes for a fraudulent investigation, a sham impeachment, and for the persecution of Republicans that turns up no crimes but those by which they can falsely convict the innocent.  How about the previous president, who put his boot on American business, forced the economy to decline, and made millions of Americans dependent on government taking taxes from working people to support them?  That certainly qualifies as a fetid swamp dweller.  Or how about the previous president using American intelligence agencies to spy on the Trump campaign, or funding the Muslim Brotherhood to create ISIS and renew the Islamic Jihad to recreate the Caliphate through their Islamic State?  That’s not just swampy, that’s treachery, that’s betrayal.  Pelosi keeps saying Trump is impeached forever and not fairly acquitted.  That’s like saying someone found innocent of rape is labelled a rapist forever.

The fetid Washington swamp is Democrats who slander Christian conservative Republicans as Nazi racist gun nuts.  It is Democrats that promote killing babies and freeing criminals.  It is Democrats who corrupt and pervert and infect the nation with the sickness of greed.  Biden says illegal immigrants are a gift.  Pelosi says illegal immigrants are a gift of love from God.  Let them say this to the face of the granddaughter of the ninety-two-year-old legal immigrant who was raped and murdered by an illegal immigrant criminal that their sanctuary policies set free rather than let ICE deport.  Democrats say we are all illegal immigrants.  What kind of stupid is that?  None of our ancestors were illegal immigrants.  They came here legally.

Illegal immigrants do not make the economy better.  Liberal’s lack the capacity for rational thought and this kind of dysfunctional logic is the result.  This is absolute proof that Democrats lack a moral compass and good sense.  They are witless fools who love criminals over law-abiding citizens that they want to disarm and silence to make them defenseless slaves.  And they send these same witless slaves to assault Republicans.  President Trump is trying to give citizens rights to sue these cities that violate federal immigration law.  How about a law to imprison these rogue Democrats for inflicting their immigration violations on the rest of the nation as if they run their own fiefdom?  How about imprisoning these Antifa and other Nazis assaulting Republicans and terrorizing students?  How about imprisoning these Antifa and other Nazis assaulting Republicans and terrorizing students?  All acts of violence are always perpetrated by leftists.  There are none by Republicans except in self-defense and those are the ones the leftwing media condemn as perpetrators.  This is their utter lack of a moral compass talking.

Sanctuary City Showdown – Republicans are pro-legal immigration, Democrats are pro-illegal immigration championing criminals over citizens

Another Nazi attack on a college campus GOP voting registration station

President Trump has vowed to uphold the law against these rogue Democrat governors and mayors by sending elite ICE troops into their sanctuaries.  Bloomberg stupidly says this is how a tyrant behaves.  So, only a tyrant enforces the law passed by Congress that shields citizens from illegal criminals?  Democrats reflect their jackass mascot that only sees within the confines of what their blinders allow them to see, while Republicans know about and remember everything.  Liberals following leftists like lemmings believe Republicans are brainwashed fanatics following a deceiver like cultists.  Liberal idiots like AOC falsely quote from the words of Jesus saying that illegal immigrants are the least of us for whom Christians are told to care.  Wrong!  The poor and the weak who are law-abiding, struggling, and being persecuted are the least of us.  Criminals who break our laws are the worst of us.  Jesus never said to give them benefits.  This is how backwards liberals think.

This is the world of leftism, the world of Nazi communist fascism wherein the prosecution determines guilt and punishment on the basis of their false accusations rather than a judge and jury on the basis of evidence.  Stone’s only crime was in doing as Donald Trump has done – standing against the Democrat’s wicked lies and persecutions.  Why does President Trump not pardon everyone involved in this fraud?  Why are Manafort and Stone and Gen. Flynn in prison for supposedly lying to Congress when Comey, Clapper, and Brennan, who all blatantly did so, are not in prison?  Why was Adam Schiff allowed to lie to the people in the impeachment court?  Why was their impeachment trial held in the Intelligence Committee instead of the Judicial Committee?  Why do their crimes go uncharged?  Why are good Republicans allowed to languish in prison while these gangster Democrats run free?  Why?  WhyWHY?

Democrats, liberals, and leftists live on lies.  They accuse Republicans of racism yet cannot name one racist thing that Trump has ever done.  Falsely equating border security with racism, law enforcement with racism, and anti-socialism with racism does not make them racist.  Democrats were born as the party of slavery, the KKK, and Jim Crow laws.  That liberals are as ignorant of this as they are of the fascist slavery inherent in socialism is their stupidity talking.  This is the kind of stupidity that leads to their being duped by Chicken Little climate change and Boy Who Cried Wolf proofs of impeachment charges.  Leftist deceivers encourage their ignorance.  That’s why liberals cannot look in the mirror, nor can leftists stand in the light of day.  They cannot discern between their own corruption and Trump correcting their wrongs.  Trump is not undermining Barr with his tweets.  Democrats are demonizing him because he is exposing their lies.

Bill Barr Is Blowing Up the Mueller Travesty

Democrats have no problem with their own lies and acts of evil

When all Democrat candidates were asked if any of them had a problem with a democratic socialist leading the ticket not one of them immediately raised their hands.  That’s because they are all socialists at heart.  Democrats are drooling so thickly that they are frothing at the mouth to get their hands on the rich Trump economy and tax it to death.  Every one of them raised their hand to give free medical and free school to illegal aliens at the expense of citizen taxpayers.  Only the most ignorant people believe school is free or that doctors will work for free.

Leftists are always so greedy that they will choke the life out of the Golden Goose.  They keep falsely trying to credit Obama with this economy, but those who remember Obama saying that decline was the new normal as he held the economy under his boot with his pen and his phone saying manufacturing jobs will never come back know the truth.  Obamaism is how America declines.  Trumpism is how America prospers.  Capitalism is the rising tide of free trade that lifts all boats.  Socialism is the sickness of greed that is infecting the minds of people to become society’s parasites.

But that doesn’t stop Democrats from being dupes.  Sixty-five percent of people know the economy is doing great, but how many credit Obama?  How many forget that Obama said America in decline is the new normal, that manufacturing jobs weren’t ever coming back, and shut down coal mining and offshore oil drilling?  They forget.  They don’t understand why the economy skyrocketed with Trump’s victory.  They don’t know how Trump eliminated Obama’s regulations to free businesses to create this great prosperity.

Instead, Democrats concentrate on claiming that Trump saying make America great means America alone.  They say Republicans are racist Nazis working with communists.  This lie falls on its face as America’s prosperity trickles down throughout the world.  They keep saying trickledown economics doesn’t work, that only by stealing from the rich and giving to the poor do the poor prosper.  Even Lincoln said,

“You cannot make a weak make strong by making a strong man weak.”

Likewise, you cannot make a poor man prosper by taking prosperity from those who work for it.  Capitalism is the rising tide that lifts all boats, while socialism makes all the people equally poor.  Bernie Sanders and his ilk believe rich people all got their wealth by stealing from the poor rather than through production of goods and trade.  That’s because leftists make their wealth through theft, bribery, and shaking down businesses.  As Rabbi Yahuda said,

“He who does not teach his son a trade, teaches him to steal.”

Joe Biden exemplifies this truth in how he got his worthless, drug addict sons jobs to make millions from companies under his boot while he was in Congress and as Obama’s VP.  Biden exemplifies how liberals can be duped into voting for someone who is a moron with an IQ under 100 who lies so well as to convince them he will work for their prosperity.  The entire Democrat Party is riddled with morons and fools who lead dupes like lemmings over a cliff.

The ideology of hate is preached by the left to tear down those who work and pay taxes for a living.  They teach them that Republicans are Nazis who started the KKK.  They can only succeed in this by their reducing American education to their Common Core that mis-teaches history.  America’s young are so indoctrinated into leftism that they have abandoned faith and freedom in favor of the false promise of leftism.

After listening to leftist Juan Williams tear into American prosperity on FOX News’ “The Five,” I wrote to them:

I hate listening to your show.  The moment Juan speaks and says all those stupid things he says, and no one slaps him down, I change the channel.  He just went on a tear against the great Trump economy with typical twisted liberal facts.  Our children are not being educated about socialism.  Trump needs to bring back McCarthyism to eject the communists that are teaching our children lies.  Juan says low unemployment is great but increases in household debt is horrible.  He doesn’t say that debts increased because more people bought homes and now have mortgages.  He says suicide rates are up.  He doesn’t reveal that’s because Democrats have been inciting insanity with their Chicken Little claims that the world is going to end.  Two thirds of NH Democrats would rather have a meteor destroy all life than see Trump re-elected.  How sick is that?  Let them die!  Encourage them to kill themselves if that’s how stupid they are.  Williams says 30 million Americans know someone who can’t afford their medical bills.  Surprise.  He makes it sound like 30 million Americans can’t afford their healthcare.  Such B.S.!  And somehow 30 million is 1/6th of the country rather than 1/11th?  How about some math, people?  Democrats are all doom and gloom as the nation prospers under Republicanism that they all believe is racist Nazism.  Democrats are dysfunctional.  Their hearts are twisted, and they would remake the nation into that which twisted them.

Democrat Primaries

Despite saying they want socialism, Democrats do not want a socialist like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren to rule.  They both fully intend to steal the wealth from all rich people, not just Republicans.  This is not what the Democrat rich want.  Ignorant liberals do not understand that most rich people are Democrats who became wealthy by cheating others.  They live at the expense of the poor rather than by providing goods and services for everyone.

Warren’s lies are becoming more well known like Biden’s and she’s likely to drop out soon.  Her voters will go to Bernie.  Buttigieg is hoping to benefit from Klobuchar’s popularity by enlisting her aid.  Biden is going down in flames, not because Trump dug up dirt on him, but because he provided his own dirt bragging about his gangsterism in Ukraine and treating voters like sh*t under his shoes.  He’s become so desperate that he wants Michelle Obama to be his VP.  Democrats say Trump is going to take away healthcare from people, but all he’s going to take away is Obamacare.  Sanders says he wants to eliminate private health insurance for 130 million Americans who like their healthcare and force them on Obamacare.  Biden vows to reinstate the Obamacare individual mandate to take money from those who don’t buy Obamacare.

When Bloomberg gets in the race and overruns Buttigieg and Bernie, what leftist democratic socialist is going to turn to the billionaire, especially when he wants to enlist Hillary as his running mate?  All of them are promoting AOC’s Green New Deal.  This would be the end of capitalism in America as the nation is subverted into a Venezuelan style socialist dictatorship.  This is why Trump needs to destroy Democrat’s voter fraud machine of using illegal provisional ballots to overturn elections.  This would stop those Democrats who pull illegal provisional ballots out of closets to stuff the ballot box.  Democrats cannot be trusted with the vote because even their pollsters cheat.  They want to give the vote to illegal aliens and criminals.  Even as they claim Republicans can’t be trusted because they’d let a foreign government hack the election, Democrats want foreign invaders to hack the election.

Capitalism vs. Socialsm

The truth is that capitalism works for everyone equally and that socialism only works for the ruling elites who dupe the masses into stealing from those who produce with promises to give to those who take.  Capitalism doesn’t work for criminals who steal because they lose everything when they are caught.  Socialism doesn’t work for those who work because those who don’t are encouraged by leftists to steal from them.

For these reasons, Democrats will elevate Buttigieg and Bloomberg against Bernie since Biden has fallen on his face trying to play the national stage.  How do Democrats who claim they don’t want rich white men to rule rationalize their endorsement of these rich white men to rule?  Bernie became a millionaire like Biden by being bought out and stealing from others.  Buttigieg is a non-entity like Obama who just has a charming personality.  Bloomberg is a billionaire.  These are the people who say raise the minimum wage to ridiculous heights.

Who thinks that pitting mini-Mike against Trump is a good idea?  Democrats selecting their own Democrat billionaire who used to be a Republican to run against the Republican billionaire who used to be a Democrat.  One went from the right to the left and the other from the left to the right.  So, which is truly righteous?  Democrat ideology, despite their façade to teach false history, has always been that of leftist slavery of the masses ruled over by the elites.  Republicanism has always been freedom for all.

Bloomberg became a New York mayor following Giuliani as a Republican encouraging stop and frisk.  But he became an Independent over time giving criminals more rights.  He eliminated stop and frisk that allowed drug lords to prosper.  Why?  Because Democrats profit from the drug trade.  That’s why they want to keep the border open.  That’s why they give criminals rights and punish citizens.  That’s why they want to make citizens slaves by taking away their guns so they can’t protect themselves.  Now he is a full-fledged Democrat, while Donald Trump, who was a Democrat, is now a gloriously righteous Republican leader doing what swamp rat Republicans working with Democrats would not.

That liberal’s minds and hearts have been so twisted by Democrat lies to believe that the righteous Republican conservative Christians are Nazi racists and Democrat slavers are freedom fighters is as great a success as their voter fraud machine.  This is the reason that America is falling into decline and in danger of destroying itself from the corruption within.  Governors are giving foreign invaders rights over citizens.  They keep saying Trump is the most dangerous president in history.  That’s only because he fights their wickedness without apology.  President Trump must take action against Democrat’s lawlessness.  Their open border must be closed, voter fraud crushed, perpetrators prosecuted, and their victims freed from bondage and damn the leftwing media slanders.

This election is already looking like it is going to come down to Trump vs. Sanders.  If that happens then the Democrat’s true nature will be clearly revealed and their insane desire to remake America into a socialist toilet serving the Democrat elites will be utterly exposed.  The election will be between those who love America and those who want to destroy America.  The façade of Obamaism will be thrown off as people who didn’t know they were electing a Moslem communist to be leader of the free world will definitely know they are electing a socialist dictator.  With Sander’s supporters all saying how much they would love to institute re-education camps, and Sander’ pandering promises to give away taxpayer’s money to greedy freeloaders, criminals, and illegal invaders, America will have its chance to go over the socialist cliff into oblivion.

Democratic socialists champion criminals over citizens in their New Way Forward

A Glorious State of the Union

The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

[Author’s Note: While I have suspended regular publication of my blog, I will continue to post once a month or so just to share my insights and observations with the people who still follow my blog.  I hope you share these posts with many friends and that people learn the truth about how our political parties have manipulated them.  America needs to use the New Hampshire style of ballot counting.  As they say, a pencil and paper cannot be hacked, and all ballots stay out in the open to be counted in public. There is no corrupt ballot harvesting or provisional ballots without IDs, and no ballots pulled out of closets and car trunks.

What is more corrupt than Democrats endorsing the radical who tried to commit murder by driving into a GOP registration booth?  They blame Republicans for his actions to justify terrorism.  I’m surprised he didn’t get out of his van with a gun to finish the job.  He should have been shot on sight.  Now he’s just charged with assault?  He’s a terrorist!  The leftwing media didn’t even report the story but were quick to damn Republicans as being out for revenge.

Democrats curse Trump for not apologizing for being impeached as Clinton did.  Unlike Clinton, Trump didn’t commit any crimes, so why should he apologize?  Has the media apologized to the people for taking part in Democrat’s lying about having proof that Trump is a traitor for three years?  Do they ever apologize for their corruption, their lies, and their anti-American treachery?  No.  They believe their crimes are justified.

Democrat terrorism, media doesn’t report, blames Republicans

I say,

“Believe none of what Democrats say and only half of what Republicans say.”

Democrats must conceal their socialism behind a façade of caring about all Americans.  Republicans must expose their frauds, especially in voting, and put an end to those in their own ranks who work alongside Democrats in corruption.  America is at a loggerhead that will either be blown apart by Trumpism to make America great again or will be crushed under the boot of socialism.  Then our foolish young will discover to their dismay what history has proven again and again; You can vote yourself into socialism, but you’ll have to shoot your way out of it.

Democrat’s campaign on hate mongering, fear mongering, and class warfare promising to steal money from the makers and give to the takers, and when they don’t get their way they resort to slander and violence.  They assault and assassinate Republicans and police.  When Democrats kill Republicans, the leftwing media is silent.  But if a Republican kills a Democrat in self-defense, they cover it 24/7 calling it murder.  As Charlottesville proved, they don’t even need a Republican to be involved for them to blame Trump.  Leftists are inherently violent and believe in imposing their beliefs on others through force.

That Biden keeps talking about how he’d like to beat Trump up in high school tells you what a bully he thinks he is, and little runt DeNiro thinks he’s a tough guy because he made a boxing and gangster movies.  AG Barr talks about reducing Stone’s sentence and they go ballistic calling for his resignation and impeachment.  Then he announces he’s not going to prosecute McCabe or be influenced by President Trump to do what we know is right.  Why?  To mollify them?  This is how leftists extort the righteous.

Democrats are openly declaring their socialism in their criminalizing Republicans for being against their Nazi communist gangsterism.  They openly declare they want America to have internment camps ala communist Russia, China, and Nazi Germany.  Or they would have killing fields like Cambodia.  The oppression dreamed of by the left is to crush the righteous and force everyone to submit to their rule.  That’s why they see Islam as the greatest socialist ideology.

Republicans should return the favor by charging, convicting, and hanging every Democrat politician, judge, and administrator as the traitors, gangsters, and violators of constitutional law that they are.  All Democrat laws should be abolished.  All Democrat convictions overturned.  All Democrat actions be expunged.  From the Obamas and the Clintons, to Pelosi and Schiff and every Democrat in Congress, to Cuomo and DeBlasio and every last Democrat governor and mayor that creates sanctuaries for illegal invaders, including their staffs and legislatures.

Continue on through Brennan and Comey and their ilk, to Lois Lerner and every Democrat bureaucrat that screws conservative Christian Republicans.  To every leftwing judge in the country and every communist professor and teacher that corrupts our children with their indoctrination of misinformation.  And don’t spare all their lying media pundits and protesters right down to the last BLM and Antifa thugs.  They are the criminals that want to criminalize the righteous.  They are waging war on us to persecute the innocent so they can steal freely and kill babies.  Let’s see how they like when the sword of justice falls on their necks!  Then there would finally be justice in America.

But we know this will never happen.  The motto, “Kill them all and let God sort them out” is a leftist saying.  The righteous do not force others into submission – we teach.  Man can never eradicate evil because every generation is born with evil in their hearts.  Only by teaching the young conservative values will they develop a moral compass to recognize righteous ethics.  We must trust in God’s omniscient wisdom to separate the wicked from the righteous by putting our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Still, we are also told to stand against evil lest they steal our children’s hearts and minds, and for that reason we elected Donald Trump to drain the swamp.  Pray he has the faith and fortitude to see it through.  If he is obstructed and the perpetrators of this coup attempt go free, then be prepared for America to fall.]

Morality in humanity

House Democrats vote to remove photo ID requirement to vote

Trump meets with Gov. Cuomo over giving illegals NY driver’s licenses

Addendum: Much is being made of the video of the man on a plane punching the seat of the woman in front of him because she reclined.  Liberal leftists think he has that right and that she must ask permission to recline her seat.  This is the moral stupidity of leftist liberals.  That seat is her space and she has the right to recline it.  I once had a stupid old woman decide to put her newspaper on my head because I reclined.  I told her to stop and she didn’t.  I tore the paper from her hands, ripped it up, and threw it away.  We got into an argument and she said that’s what some big guy she once saw do for the same reason.  I told her if she was him, I’d punch him in the face!  That’s my seat and I don’t need the permission of others to sit comfortably – and they don’t have the right to make me uncomfortable because they want more space.  The seats are designed as they are for a reason.  If they want more space, then pay for a first class ticket or stfu!

Leftists are bullies who don’t ask permission, say excuse me and make a request, they just try to force you to obey their wishes.  Saying that we must ask them permission is also forcing us to submit to their will.  This is how they behave everywhere.  You see it on the road when you turn on your blinker to change lanes and they speed up to block you from getting in front of them or they get their little weenies all bent out of shape.  When I turn on my blinker, I am not asking permission, I am warning that I am moving over.  They speed unless they see a cop, then they crawl, or they will pass you and try to force you to slow down.  They tailgate to make you move over despite an empty lane insisting you obey the law while they break the law by speeding!  They have no right to block you anymore than they have a right to demand you receive their permission first.  Courtesy is for decent human beings.  Leftist liberals are not.  They will never be courteous or considerate but demand it of others.

Leftists think threats generating fear is the same as earning respect.  This is how morally bankrupt they are deep in their souls.  Believing that others must ask permission to use public spaces or act within their own space that is their right is the failure of leftist ethics when they use violence to get their way.  Liberal leftists expect others to respect them when they give no respect to others.  They only pay lip service to saying they would.  How else would you expect those who spit on Christ to behave?  They damn you for doing as they do, which they believe is perfectly right for them.  Just like the media damning Barr as being Trump’s “wingman” acting as his personal attorney attack dog when nothing of the sort is even happening, but when Holder declared himself Obama’s wingman in acting in violation of the Constitution, they all cheered!  This is how two-faced these leftist liberal control freaks are in their ethics because they lack a moral compass.  It’s because of these leftist liberals that we now have to carry guns to protect us from their criminals, and for that they want to disarm us.  They cry they are the victims even as the perpetrate their crimes making us their victims.

#liberalcontrolfreaks, #twofacedleftists, #immoralDemocrats

To whom do Democrats pray?

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4 Responses to Trump Capitalism vs. Democrat Socialism

  1. Roy says:

    Democrat voters have eyes, but do not see. They have ears, but do not hear. They have brains but have never used them. Common sense has never been acquired by them. The only hope we have is faith in God and the crowds that show up at a Trump rally.
    In the meantime, Democrat run states and cities are allowing illegals to vote, have drivers licenses, remove gun ownership from law abiding citizens, release prisoners and allow illegals unrestricted government benefits. No one is doing diddle squat about it.


  2. James Ritter [Pokey] says:

    I agree with Roy


  3. Jim McMains says:

    I am impressed you spent your lifetime studying military history, world history, American history, science, current events, and politics and somehow you gained zero knowledge..I guess that fits my preconceived opinion of over paid, under worked, gluttonous , medically obese, Fire Fighters and Paramedics.


    • dustyk103 says:

      I am impressed that you made a boatload of assumptions in one sentence that are not only all wrong, but failed to take one sentence of mine in a two-thousand word article and prove it wrong. Thus you affirm my opinion that liberal Democrats don’t think before they speak, and only say nasty things about what they don’t understand because they lack both morality and brains.


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