Follow the money of the global warming scam

Algore global warming money

Do you believe global warming is based on science?  There are thousands of scientists and politicians convincing those ignorant of science that those who see through their fraud don’t believe in science.  Al Gore, who made a famous movie about how mankind’s CO2 is going to destroy the planet, has made hundreds of millions in promoting this scam.  In this case, liberals don’t follow the money.

Leftists say the burning of CO2 by man is destroying Mother Earth.  The scientific evidence of this is not found in a dying planet.  Their formulations that say the planet is warming and will cause the polar ice caps to melt and flood the oceans, and the land to become arid deserts falls flat on its face for those who do know science.  But the witch hunters of the Gaia worshippers declare that those who deny their science deny all science.

Refuting global warming science is elementary

Liberals are so ignorant of actual science that they are easily misguided by those whose political alliance inspires them to deceive fools that the sky is falling.  Al Gore has made a quarter of a billion dollars off of his global warming scam.  Follow:

Al Gore says CO2 is causing global warming which will cause the Earth to burn up unless we stop burning fossil fuels.  He makes tens of thousands of dollars doing speaking engagements to tell his tale.  In the process he flies private jets and big cars and has bought big houses so that his “carbon footprint” is a thousand times more than the average person.  How does he make up for this?

Al buys Carbon Credits from a company that plants trees and such that absorb CO2 to make up for it.  That’s just great except for the fact that he owns the company from which he is buying these credits.  Not only is he paying himself, his company gets tax deductions for being a “green company” and is subsidized by the government, so Al is getting paid by the government – our taxes – to run a company that plants trees.  Not only that, he also gets to claim tax deductions through a loophole because he is buying a product from a green company, which is no product at all.

You don’t need science to prove global warming is a scam

So Al Gore has made $250,000,000 dollars from money he gets from taxpayers that he pays back to himself and gets to claim tax deductions so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on it.  Taxpayers have given Al Gore a quarter billion dollars of personal wealth for which he pays no taxes back for a product that does nothing that lumber companies haven’t already been doing for decades.  Can you say “suckers?”

Happy Doomsday from Al Gore, Barack, and Muhammad

Do you think if Algore can make hundreds of millions of dollars by peddling a scam that there aren’t unethical scientists who would like a piece of that action?  How easy it is to present partial facts to convince ignorant fools to give him their money to “save the planet” because the “sky is burning?”  The rest is in their appeal to young hearts to save the polar bears that are dying because their icebergs are melting.

Democrats won’t allow oil drilling on Alaska’s North Slope because Caribou migrate through there and will die because drilling will destroy their “pristine wilderness.”  Well, children, there are more polar bears than ever because hunting them was suspended.  And nothing migrates through the North Slope because it’s an arctic wasteland and there’s nothing to eat there!  (Certainly don’t mention that oil wells in this vast wasteland would be as much an obstacle as a flea on an elephant’s butt.)

Liberals are parting fools from their money, nothing more.  Mankind can no more save the planet from his pollution than he can change the climate through science.  The Earth is an eco-system that has been processing waste for a billion years.  The scariest part of this is that when honest scientists call out the scammers then the witch trials are launched against them because “they deny science.”  Here’s the truth; there are no “flat-earthers who reject science,” just flat-headed bulls who spend their time in a gully when they’re not living on their Egyptian riverboat.

Gore making a killing on anti-carbon investment

The most important lesson to learn is that science is just like math.  There’s a saying in statistics;

“Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”

The same is true of science.  Science doesn’t lie, but scientists do – especially when there is money involved.  Just because they are scientists doesn’t mean they aren’t greedy or incapable of deceiving people for monetary gain.

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13 Responses to Follow the money of the global warming scam

  1. dustyk103 says:

    This is how badly people believe in this fraud. Read the comments of this woman who thinks it is conservatism that runs the global warming scam and cavemen who oppose it.

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  2. dustyk103 says:

    Another attempt by a global warming advocate to disprove a “flat-earther” like myself that politics and science have nothing to do with each other. He plays the Obama game of trying to sound like he is the rational, reasonable one yet he presents nothing of substance. Like Obama, he waits for frustration to set in on his opponent till they make the mistake of lashing out and then sits back and laughs as he declares them to be racist, bigoted, ignorant fools and “that’s not who we are.”

    While most liberals are easily destroyed by any rational person with the facts behind him, there are a few who are more intelligent than the average monkey who become the leaders, and they will use deception and misdirection to win the argument unless you are very wary and aware of their tactics.


  3. sarah snow says:

    Tie 0bama and his GREEN terr^rists buddies Al Gore/ Billy Ayers/Valarie Jarrett / Richard Sandor and Maurice to the Chicago Climate Exchange and 9/11/2001 where 1142 (42%) of the people killed were in DIRECT completion with the CCX and the KILLED Carlton Bartels and stole his CO2 Carbon trading computer program….


  4. Mike Camp says:

    Actually there are vast herds of caribou on the north slope. They eat lichen on rocks and that is their food. Every summer other wildlife migrate there and flourish quite well. As a non-scientist I believe that man is not causing warming, it is cyclic. The climate does change constantly. Is it caused by man? Believe me we are puny and would be lucky (or unlucky) if we were able to contribute 1% to it. Back on the caribou theory, The TAP is built so that the herds can migrate where ever they want to. and they follow the pipe line all the time because it provides warmth. Strangely enough it is followed usually to camps that are there with the drillers, to shelter the more adverse weather. All in all we are not the main cause of climate change, it is God, the cosmos, nature, or the Sun whatever you wish to call it. (These are personal observations and not necessarily the opinion of the Editors)


  5. Ralph Johnson says:

    Unfortunately, Mike, there are no other environmental variables that explain the warming we’re seeing now other than increasing CO2 and other GHG levels. We actually contribute 3-4% of the total CO2 released into the system. That may seem small, but that’s like adding 3-4% more water to a 100% full bathtub…you’ve got a problem. I am a biologist who has never received a cent of climate research funding, though I have worked on pollution from coal mining and coal-fired power plants. I keep up with the science and am dismayed with all the political crap and misinformation from both sides. Unfortunately, strip away all the politics, misinformation, and alarmist predictions, look at the multiple lines of evidence for climate change and you’ll still find a warming problem that correlates strongly with GHG emissions.


    • dustyk103 says:

      The whole fallacy of carbon emissions and that we are “adding 3-4% more water to a 100% full bathtub” is based on a lack of understanding of the Earth’s ecosystem. You cannot add more carbon to the planet. It’s been on the surface and in the air for a billion years. We’re not changing anything, just recirculating it.


  6. Joshua Martin says:

    “So Al Gore has made $250,000,000 dollars from money he gets from taxpayers that he pays back to himself and gets to claim tax deductions so he doesn’t have to pay taxes on it. ”
    He made his money from Current TV, Apple and Google.

    “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”
    But not very well.
    As for that first cartoon, do you know who takes the majority of the energy welfare? Oil.


    • dustyk103 says:

      Right, and that’s why corporate welfare needs to be ended. There is no reason government should be giving our taxes to ANY companies. Each side is picking their friend’s to support with our money. They don’t need to be given welfare, they just need to be taxed less. It’s absurd to levy a huge tax on oil companies and then give them back that money through subsidies. Only the fools are being duped by this borrow from Peter to pay Paul scheme.


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