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Trump drives a stake through leftist media’s lying black hearts!

The “Trump stole election with a Russian hack” meme in the lying Democrat media has shriveled up and died.  President Donald ‘Van’ Trump has driven the stake of truth through their wicked hearts by outing Obama’s illegal wiretapping of the … Continue reading

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The cognitive dysfunction of the underdeveloped young mind

Top Democrat officials admit Obama has instructed his media outlets to create fake news, anonymous sources confessed.  “It’s our job to control what people think.” – Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC Our brains are not fully developed until we are 25 years … Continue reading

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President Trump’s War on 1st Amendment or Media Fake News

Trump said, “Fake news is the enemy of the people.”  Leftists dropped the word ‘fake’ and denounced President Trump as an enemy of the 1st Amendment. President Trump slams media producing fake news at CPAC Donald Trump announced he would … Continue reading

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Liberals punk conservatives at CPAC

Liberals who create fake news infiltrated CPAC to put Russian flags into the hands of ignorant people to create an optic that conservatives and the Russians are working together. In order to propagate their story that Russia helped Trump win … Continue reading

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Fake news is Alinsky tactics meant to shut Trump administration down

Democrats who do not want Trump to make America great again are putting his entire administration and all of America under siege with Alinsky tactics designed to stop Trump from taking action.  They say they are impartial and unbiased, but … Continue reading

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Leftist Democrat media delusionally believes they are without sin

As President Trump repeatedly chastises them for publishing fake news, leftist media pundit’s response is that challenging their authority violates the Constitution because, in their minds, they speak the Gospel Truth! The people who spit on Jesus Christ believe themselves … Continue reading

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Adversarial Free Press or Nasty Democrat Propaganda Machine

Is the media exercising their 1st Amendment rights to “speak truth to power,” or are they just a bunch of hate-filled Democrat propagandists?  Does The Donald’s calling them out on lying constitute restricting the freedom of the press? Republican Senator … Continue reading

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