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Science in government – or lack thereof (Psychology of the Masses)

Democrats love saying that Trump Republicans “don’t believe in science.” They say we believe in witchcraft because of our Christian faith. This Democrat meme that Republicans, conservatives, and Christians do not believe in science is the ultimate conceit. The only … Continue reading

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This is the Democrat Zone

Imagine a world in which people believe what they are told without question.  Where people are told the innocent are evil and the deceivers are righteous.  Imagine a people who believe others are what they themselves are and condemn them … Continue reading

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Of Democrats, Moslems, and Cultural Corruption

Democrat’s Jihadi Loon Squad of AOC+3, Antifa terrorists, and their anti-America actions speak far louder than any words ever will when they claim to be patriots who love America.  The only difference between “moderate” Democrats and democratic socialists is that … Continue reading

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How Democrats Obscure the Truth 

Deception, Distraction, Denial.  These are the methods by which leftists subvert people’s minds.  President Trump is hated for his refusal to fight by their rules as hobbled Republicans always have but turns their own weapons against them.  President Trump has … Continue reading

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Leftwing “Journalists” – Not Leftist Bias but Outright Activists

Liberal media is openly advocating for Democrats.  Because Americans are abandoning their web of lies, their bottom line is suffering.  Now they are begging congressional Democrats to subsidize them with taxpayer money.  What did I tell you?  Democrat hacks pretending … Continue reading

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How Liberals are like Children

Liberals are easily misled by the corrupt because they are largely ignorant of how the world works.  Like children they can be taught to believe in Santa Claus and duped by the simplest of ploys (such as CNN running a … Continue reading

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Angry Democrat Mobs, Foreign Invaders, and – Republican bombs?

Save Democrats!  Government service is dangerous for Democrats.  Vote Republican and help save Democrats from being targeted by Republican bombers.  You have to be an idiot to believe leftist ploys, but liberals fall for them time after time.  Deceivers and … Continue reading

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