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Social Justice Warriors – Amerika’s Brown Shirts: Understanding Liberalism

The Year of Fear descends into communism
Thanks to Covid and racial terrorism enabling a Democrat coup to overthrow the government, America has become a communist controlled dictatorship with OBiden obeying his puppet masters to sign orders overriding the Constitution. We are not seeing anything different today than we have seen in the last hundred years of violent socialist overthrows of governments followed by their erosion of liberties. All that is different is that there are oblivious, immoral people in Amerika today who believe they are endorsing righteousness as they support evil despite the lessons of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Red China, and their satellite third world despots. They censor truth and promote their biased, irrational opinions in which they have been indoctrinated to believe as fact and science. Antifa and BLM are Democrat’s new militant arms to replace their outdated KKK and neo-Nazis to terrorize the people. They are just a different façade to conceal their ugly face as Democrats strive to subjugate the people once again. Continue reading

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America’s State of the Union 2021

Communist Democrat fascists are making the good citizens of America criminals by reversing righteous law. Like all leftist thugs they make what is wrong legal and what is right illegal. They punish the good as they reward criminals. Their values are opposite that of God and what is good. This is why the left is never right because of how backwards liberals think. Continue reading

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Life in Communist Amerika

Allied with the Chicoms, Democrat Americoms are rapidly establishing themselves as the totalitarian dictators of the new Amerika. Premier Biden is signing every dictate that General-Secretary Obama puts under his demented nose. Puppet Beijing Biden is not long for this … Continue reading

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Donald Trump Empty Promises

What purpose does it serve to campaign for America when America no longer exists? Unless this was his plan to root out every leftist RINO and Democrat agent in the FBI and throughout the government, and he has generals ready to bring them all to justice, all Donald Trump has to offer is empty promises. Continue reading

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Will President Trump fail to defend America from Democrat coup?

Washington and Democrat cities have been militarized against – Republican insurrection? First of all, you have to be the government before someone can rebel against you. Donald Trump is currently president, so it is Democrats who have been conducting the insurrection in their 2nd Civil War Marxist Revolution via subversion of our culture, subterfuge in our media, and sabotage of our electoral system. They have successfully stolen power and will assume the mantle of government as our socialist dictators with Biden’s inauguration. Continue reading

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The Free World is Dreading America Becoming a Communist State

America’s future will be decided in the next two weeks. Will we remain a republic or become a communist state? Liberals may be in denial of everything they do wrong and every lie they tell, but those of us who don’t suffer from their dysfunctional backwards thinking know better. Donald Trump is America’s last hope to save this nation from the darkness of leftism. Continue reading

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Georgia Runoff may be sabotaged by RINOs

Democrats are screaming that it is Trump, not Biden, who is trying to steal the election. They deny that there is any evidence of election fraud on their part in the six states where Biden miraculously got more votes that Obama, even more ballots in a few counties than there are registered voters, when he got fewer votes than Hillary everywhere else. It is typical of the nature of thieves to decry the righteous as being the thieves when they take back what was stolen from them. Continue reading

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The 2020 Election Investigation Reveals Democrat’s Communist Plot

Where was the AG, FBI, and DoJ during Democrat’s election rigging? Why wasn’t anyone in place to immediately arrest Democrats when they violently pushed Republican observers out of the ballot counting rooms? Why wasn’t anyone ready to seize these voting machines the moment their cheaters claimed millions of Biden votes miraculously showed up to save the country from Hitler? Where were the Republican legislatures when authoritarian governors and their AGs illegally changed election law to allow anonymous mail-in ballots? Why is not every Republican screaming over this election being stolen from the people? Continue reading

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Are You Voting for Democrats? Pick Your Poison Policies

“A person can be smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it!” – Agent K, Men in Black Continue reading

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Science in government – or lack thereof (Psychology of the Masses)

Democrats love saying that Trump Republicans “don’t believe in science.” They say we believe in witchcraft because of our Christian faith. This Democrat meme that Republicans, conservatives, and Christians do not believe in science is the ultimate conceit. The only … Continue reading

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