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Kerry announces Obama’s attempt to make Netanyahu his Christie b*tch

John Kerry falsely claimed BO to be Israel’s greatest friend and ally of any U.S. president, while simultaneously threatening to allow the UN to sanction Israel.  Leftarts would end Israeli occupation of Moslem lands that was sanctioned after Islamists allied … Continue reading

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Trooth in media – Obama’s shadow government sabotage

Obama and his media are waging Jihad to sabotage Trump so that America will never be great again. Trump will never make America great again if Obama and his Democrat media have anything to do with it.  Before leaving office, … Continue reading

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Flushing Obama’s legacy down the toilet

Obama’s new home. America’s experiment in banana republic socialism by making a Moslem leader of the Free World is bearing the fruit it deserves.  Obama’s legacy of stifling the American economy, shutting down American energy, unleashing criminals on police, and … Continue reading

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Migrants Jesus and Muhammad and their legacy

Pope Francis in his Christmas prayer reminded the world that both Jesus and Muhammad were migrant refugees.  Apparently his history education and current event understanding are both lacking and dysfunctional. Pope says refugees like baby Jesus Those of us who … Continue reading

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God bless us, everyone! Thank God for the best Christmas present in the election of Donald Trump as a strong Christian Conservative to repair and rebuild America and undo the betrayal of the Moslem that Americans foolishly elected to power … Continue reading

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The Obama’s “FU America Tour”

Killing the hopes and dreams of the Islamo-Nazi Commie Fascist Left would be the greatest blessing that God could bestow on a renewed America! As the day of his ouster nears and he realizes he cannot stage a military coup … Continue reading

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There are NO Moslem allies in the War on Islamic Terror

Leftarts say Trump is alienating our Moslem allies in the war on terror that they say is not Islamic.  NEWSFLASH!  America has no allies in the War on Islamic Terror from Islamic countries. Islamic nations are not helping the West … Continue reading

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The Trump Presidency – Hope is kindled

Donald Trump has taken the nation by storm and is preparing to take on the Washington elites that have brought down our nation under the Obama regime.   The Shining City illuminates liberalism with darkness The Obama’s “FU America Tour” … Continue reading

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Two-faced leftist Obama says don’t listen to the truth

Obama began his presidency telling Republicans not to listen to Rush Limbaugh whom he says does not speak the truth and he is ending his presidency the same way.  Telling the people to only believe what he says and not … Continue reading

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Russian hackers are the Leftart’s birther movement

Ray beams from space didn’t change the vote. Liberals have spent years mocking Trump and conservatives for their demands for Obama’s birth certificate which, when it was finally released years after his election, was rife with errors.  But it didn’t … Continue reading

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