Obiden submitting to Chicoms and Islamists AGAIN!

Democrats are locking up law-abiding citizens over their flu virus restrictions as they unleash criminals like BLM and Antifa to terrorize the people and give criminals voting rights. They are importing illegal alien communistas to replace those citizens who are fleeing their socialist states like California and New York. Some of those fleeing are the liberals that stupidly voted for socialism but don’t want to live under it. They just want to impose it on others, so they go to free states to again stupidly thus infecting the entire nation with Democrat corruption through election fraud. This is how communist fascists rule with their backwards thinking morality.

Democrats criminalize the Truth about:

  • stealing the election
  • global warming
  • taxation
  • providing healthcare
  • illegal immigration at the border
  • Christianity, Islam, and atheism

Leftwing media are censoring everyone who speaks out against Democrat’s massive mail-in anonymous ballot fraud. They are declaring them criminals and taking away their rights as spelled out by our Constitution. Democrats are doing away with the Constitution bit by bit until they impose their new laws on us. Their global warming scam has nothing to do with science and everything to do with their religion of leftism to impose socialism on America. Their taxation will not be of the rich but of everyone. When they reimpose their ObamaCare mandate taxes they will tax the poor who cannot to pay to have ObamaCare so will pay for the privilege of not having it. They are importing communistas from the south to replace the voters they lost in their coup against Trump Americanism. Now they are out to destroy Christianity in their Amerika and impose Islam on those who will not just fall all the way into atheism.

Obiden is the puppet of Obama putting America back into the Paris Climate Accords to give away our prosperity. He is undoing Trump’s brilliant trade deals to go back to allowing China and Mexico to suck us dry. He is begging Iran to make a new nuclear agreement so that Islamists can have nuclear weapons with which to destroy Jews, Christians, and infidels. Their sickness is exhibited in the people they idolize. An examination of their heroes proves they represent the negative evil humanity against the righteous.  Just quiz them:

  • Was Jesus the Savior of mankind or a black prophet? They rewrite the Bible to suit themselves.
  • Was Muhammad a man of peace or a conqueror? Have you ever studied the man?
  • Were Stalin and Mao humanitarian heroes or genocidal murderers like Hitler? They glorify communism when it is virtually the same as fascism.
  • Is Obama a Christian American or a Moslem communist? Did you read his book?

Liberals are not smart people. To truly be smart you must be moral. How they conduct their businesses tells us everything about them. For example, they lost control of their workforce due to the people unionizing against their autonomous dictates. So, they had the Mob put ringers in who rose to power within the unions to corrupt them, thus making them subject to their rule once again. Business owners are of two kinds; those who make money by making a superior product, and those who make money by using their workers. An example of this is if your business is being run badly then you find ways to make cutbacks. If you lay off ten thousand people, but then take a multi-million-dollar bonus, you are not saving the business, you are stealing their salaries.

Leftists have miseducated young liberals to believe that socialism is separate from communism and fascism. They are just different names for the same ideology just like they change the names of their climate scam. Chicken Little never thought to say different things about the sky falling to dupe people into giving him their money, their freedom, and their lives. Climate change started as global cooling then became global warming then climate change then climate disruption. They are all names for the same thing that occurs naturally, but they use different words to claim that mankind changes the climate, not God. This is how twisted leftists are and how simple are liberal’s minds who follow them. The same thing happens when they demonize police and glorify criminals. So long as Democrats control this nation with their fraud and lies then we will continue to decline until a new George Washington rises up to reclaim freedom from our communist oppressors.

[Author’s Note: Democrats use flu virus terrorism to lockup citizens as they unleash their criminal terrorists of Antifa and BLM on rampages. They are already trying to make a diamond by putting a lump of coal up their lying asses. The two mass shootings the past week by two leftists, a liberal wacko and an Islamist jihadi, are both being blamed on Trump Republicans and Christians. The wacko said he killed those who tempted him and Islamist’s mass murder of Asians or a gay nightclub for immorality is the greatest evil. Jesus didn’t say to kill others for tempting you or to kill them for being immoral. He said to cut off that part of your body that is leading you to evil. How many body parts should these evil people have cut from their own hateful selves?

Both of these newest shooters were being watched by the FBI who did nothing to stop them AGAIN! Now Democrats are saying citizens must be disarmed to protect people. ALL mass shooters are leftist liberals. There has never been a maniacal Republican or conservative or Christian who has committed mass murder. If you want to make people safer then disarm Democrats! Their sole purpose is to make citizens into subjects of their authoritarian rule. Democrats never use laws to benefit the people. They benefit their own wackos, criminals, and terrorists, and especially themselves. They would use laws to disarm Republicans claiming they conducted an armed insurrection on Jan. 6th.

You can never rely on leftists to do what is right and just. They never examine the facts. They always leap to this conclusion whenever one of their own commits these mass murders and blames others. This is the fundamental nature of leftism. To have leftist tyrants rule over the people has been the normal state of existence for humanity, which is why America was the exception. Now, we are just another leftist state ruled over by dictators until another rebellion rises up to overthrow them. Good luck having another group of noble Christians lead such a campaign.]

P.S. OBiden’s press conference was a communist joke of pre-set questions with prevaricated answers all to blame Trump for the crisis Democrats have created and claim they are solving it. Reporters asked several questions at once while OBiden would go off on tangents and babble about how great Democrats are and how evil Republicans are every time. If you want to know the truth just listen to them for yourself and see how much sense you can make of their answers. The only thing they say that is not utter nonsense is “Trump is bad!” Rather than stop illegal immigration they encourage it! Rather than take gangs out of schools they put police in and accuse them of being racists.

Democrats are dysfunctional in the stupidity that they swallow whole believing they are enacting good moral sense. They can put any name they want on their policies or laws to make them sound good like, “The Affordable Healthcare Act” or “For the People Act.” When they institute those acts, they are the opposite. ObamaCare cost the poor out the wazoo to not have access to healthcare or something that was so costly they couldn’t pay for it even when subsidized. Their H.R. 1 is not meant for the people, but for Democrats to hold power permanently. Until the nation opens their eyes to realize that they now serve a communist dictatorship, this nation will continue to decline.

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1 Response to Obiden submitting to Chicoms and Islamists AGAIN!

  1. gbat2017 says:

    Technologies that brought the world together, movies, news media, internet and social media have always had power over the masses but today the oligarchs have no loyalty to a nation but only to their own power and wealth. Like a drug, American’s have become reliant upon whatever these media’s provide to the point of indoctrination. They continue to support and use these platforms even though many know the information provided is false. The technology has become indispensable and I’m afraid, as a nation fed falsehoods, we will destroy ourselves and I pray that we can rise from the ashes, like the phoenix, after contributing to our own destruction.
    There are alternatives to Facebook, Twitter etc but they need a lot more exposure.


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