The Face of Evil

This is a cultural Rorschach Test.  What do liberals see when they see the Face of Jesus?  Do they see the Face of Love and Forgiveness?  Or do they see the face of hateful racist oppression?

Leftists and liberals who look at the picture of MAGA hat wearing teenager, Nicholas Sandmann, as he is being assaulted by an adult Democrat activist banging his war drum in his face, all while a group of black racists scream threats at him, see racist contempt.  I see a boy standing like a deer caught in headlights quaking with fear desperately hoping to avoid a physical attack.  These boys were simply standing at the Lincoln Memorial after their tour waiting for their bus when they were waylaid by these racists for wearing MAGA hats.  What teenager touring the nation’s capital wouldn’t want to do so wearing the hat of the President of the United States?  (My question is where were their teachers that they allowed these boys to come under threat without intervening?)

Hate-filled Democrats say this cap is the new KKK hood, which would be considered ludicrous by an educated public who would know that Democrats are the KKK.  But the media has warped people’s minds.  The sin of pride is considered the worst of sins for good reason.  It is the sin of the self-righteous hypocrite who judges others to be less than themselves and condemns them for the sins they themselves commit.  This is the heart and soul of leftism.  Greed, envy, and rage round out their ideology.  The left projects their hatred, their bigotry, their racism, and their contempt onto others.  They typically see a picture with a caption and fly into a mindless rage without knowing a single fact, examining an entire video, or reading beyond a headline.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph sneak across the Egyptian border as refugees and demand food, housing, and that their son be taught in Hebrew.

The Anti-American Left

The left sees God as the oppressor and Satan as the liberator.  With such a mentality of backwards thinking how can there be any good in the Democrat party of today?  The DNC has slandered the GOP as Nazis and racists and have done so successfully because they indoctrinate kids in school rather than educate them, and the Democrat media amplifies their lies.  But Christian schools still educate their students and these haters cannot abide that.  Democrats falsely create the paradigm that Nazism is far right extremism when it is far left.  The Democratic Nazi Communists have used propaganda to smear the Grand Old Party as the racists that they themselves actually are and half of America is fool enough to be duped by it.

But that half consists not just of fools, but also of criminals and foreign invaders.  This has always been the heart of the Democrat Party from southern slavers to northern gangsters.  Is it any wonder that they believe the way to become rich is by taking wealth from someone else?  Is it any wonder why they think that’s how Republican businessmen do it?  The mentality of the left is so backwards thinking from what is righteous that getting past their self-righteous hypocritical judgment is like moving a stubborn jackass.

Jesus said, “Judge not lest you be judged.”

Liberals don’t understand what this means.  Thousands of liberals have condemned this boy on Twitter and threatened him and his classmates with death and destruction over their false interpretations and lies.  The school’s attorney has given them notice to recant their words, apologize, and make restitution or face a lawsuit.  I hope he brings every last brainless, two-faced, immoral celebrity to court to face justice.  Their condemnations based solely on their twisted interpretation of a picture is why people are so easily duped.  When Jesus said this, He meant that man should not judge others as if they are God to determine who is forgiven and who has chosen Hell.

But judging the evil that these people have committed is open to judgment from all.  Leftists lack a moral compass to understand the difference between judging right and wrong and falsely condemning others to Hell.  Judging the wrong in instances like this are open to all men just as is judging murder, rape, and theft.  The left’s false dichotomies of moral relativism are the trash thinking of corrupted minds that lack a moral compass.  These boys were innocent bystanders made scapegoats and targets by the evil people of the left.

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