Cheers for Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Fascist Racism in America

Was the Blake shooting unjustified and were the riots justified? If you said yes to the former, you’re a dumbass liberal who jumps to conclusions with insufficient evidence. If you said yes to the latter, you’re a stupid liberal who lacks a moral compass. When is it right to destroy innocent people in revenge for a misperceived wrongdoing? This is no different than fundamentalist Islamist jihadis in the Middle East who, upon hearing that someone in the USA might have burned a Koran, murder some innocent person in their country as revenge. The left teaches that this is righteousness. It is not righteous. It is fascism that is the foundation of leftism.

This is how Democrats are waging their second Civil War. The media screamed in their first reports that an evil Trump supporter was shooting peaceful BLM protesters in the streets. As in all leftwing journalism the initial reports are false. As it turns out, Kyle Rittenhouse was attacked by BLM rioters trying to disarm him so they could beat him to death. What other reason would there be for them to try to take his weapon. He was running for his life when knocked down by two assailants trying to murder him after he killed the first attacker trying to seize his weapon so he would be defenseless.

Kyle went to Kenosha to help protect people from assaults and businesses from being looted and burned. He was doing what millions of righteous Americans wish they had the courage to do. But he was also being foolish in that he was putting himself in danger from Democrat terrorist thugs as well as the Democrat judiciary that persecutes righteous citizens. Now he may become the victim of leftwing Democrat judges like the one persecuting Gen. Flynn. President Trump has called on citizens not to take such actions. But that doesn’t stop leftwing journalists claiming that Trump supporters are murderous vigilantes. Democrats who are under assault by these radical thugs are begging for police protection, but the Democrat mayors and governors they foolishly elected are denying them that protection.

The shootings by Kyle Rittenhouse of BLM assailants trying to disarm him are entirely justified. What gives them the right, or makes anyone think they exercised good sense, of attacking an armed man? The only reason to do so is to make him defenseless against further attacks. Only an utter fool would allow himself to be disarmed by criminal terrorists. It was not the officer and Rittenhouse that acted immorally and inappropriately. The only mistakes that could be pointed out is that the officer didn’t club Blake to the ground before allowing him to get into his car to grab a weapon. That doesn’t make him a murderer. Blake deserved what he got and rightfully should have been killed.

That Rittenhouse was in a dangerous area around BLM thugs to begin with can be called his fault. But when the Democrat government is not protecting the people from these thugs then the people must do so themselves. It is only because of Democrats encouraging criminals, giving them rights over citizens and police, that we the people have instituted concealed carry laws. By the same logic the left uses to condemn Rittenhouse, none of the rioters had any right to be there rioting. Democrats actually have a small army of rioters that is traveling around the country from one hot spot to another. Starting with Minneapolis where a Democrat operative dressed as a cop deliberately murdered George Floyd in public to spark this season of black outrage, Democrats have been not only fanning the flames but throwing gasoline upon them. Low and behold, right after this being said in the media, Biden turns around and slanders Trump as being the gasoline thrower responsible for violence among his “peaceful” Democrat protesters.

Biden’s Bogus Narrative

Radical leftists call Kyle an evil vigilante who had no right to use a gun to kill those who were attacking him. So, what right did they have to attempt to disarm him? He wasn’t one of those leftist whackos rampaging down the street shooting innocent people at random. He wasn’t threatening anyone. No one was shot who didn’t attack him first. This is identical to the situations in which George Martin and Officer Darren Wilson found themselves when they were attacked by Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. They defended themselves against attackers who were trying to kill them and were demonized by the leftwing media as murderers killing innocent, unarmed, defenseless young black men when they were anything but defenseless. They were the aggressors.

The media told lies about Trayvon Martin being a ten year old black boy shot for eating his candy while black in a white neighborhood, rather than being a seventeen year old thug shot for trying to beat down a neighborhood watchman and take his gun. Michael Brown was portrayed as a “gentle giant” dreaming of going to college when gunned down, shot in the back while on his knees with his hands up, rather than a huge thug who had just assaulted a store owner while robbing him, and then insanely trying to take a gun from a policeman who only tried to warn him about walking in the middle of the street. Blake was shot over going for a weapon. This was not a case like George Floyd. 99.9% of the time blacks are shot by white cops they deserve it.

That the .1% that are killed like George Floyd offering no resistance to a corrupt white cop are the only lives that the left cares about is proof of their utter bigotry. 97% of the time blacks are killed by black criminals. When will those black lives matter? Black men and women are buying guns to protect themselves because Democrats are withdrawing police protection from their neighborhoods to give gangsters free reign. What we see happening in Democrat zones is defenseless Trump supporters like Aaron Danielson being murdered by thugs believing they are killing racist Nazis. Democrats demand President Trump condemn ALL violence regardless of who commits it. So, they want him to condemn men like Rittenhouse equally with the murderers of Aaron Danielson. This kind of immoral delusion is why leftism cannot be permitted to rule over America.

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1 Response to Cheers for Kyle Rittenhouse Fighting Fascist Racism in America

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    If you believe the Blake shooting unjustified and the riots righteous you are afflicted with a form of psychosis so severe that there is no cure other than Euthanasia, all those who support Antifa, BLM, agree with the agenda of members of the Democratic party and their deceit disseminating data source Bobblehead MSM commentators is a complete waste of resources.


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