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The Gender Perversion Distraction – Two genders and a hundred mental illnesses

The result of their attacks will result in a backlash that won’t stop with the perverts. It will wash over gays and bisexuals and even over the young couples engaging in adulterous premarital sex. Continue reading

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Uneducated Indoctrinated Liberals are the Barbarians at the Gate

You’ve heard the term that civilization only exists until the barbarians at the gate burst in and burn it down? The barbarians to which ancient Rome referred were those invaders from the uncivilized Germanic tribes from the north, the desert … Continue reading

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America’s 21st Century Civil War – Democrat Insanity and Red China’s Revenge

This is what a nation in panic looks like as the lemmings flock to clean out the stores of toilet paper and businesses completely shut down over three thousand infected and fifty people dead by a common flu virus.  This … Continue reading

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Two-Faced Joe’s newest face plant

In just another in their Wile E. Coyote series of attempts to smear and slander President Trump, Democrats again stuck both feet in their mouths and swallowed.  When Trump tweeted out that the Democrat’s Star Chamber was not an impeachment … Continue reading

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Lessons from ‘The Lion King’ for Democrats and Republicans

The plot of “The Lion King” is found in Hamlet minus Shakespeare’s twists.  Instead of pretending to be insane, Simba runs away to become a vagabond.  But that is not what is of concern to Democrats and Republicans.  Instead, it … Continue reading

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Obama’s “You lie!” moment revisited

In 2009 at his first SOTU address, President Obama vowed to the nation that Democrats would never use their government power to give free healthcare to illegal aliens at taxpayer expense: “You lie!” moment; Obama says illegal immigrants will never … Continue reading

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Democrats Now Serve in the Church of Pelosi

Having faith in Democrats is for fools.  Just consider this statement by their re-elected Speaker: “Walls are immoral.” – repeat Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Democrats offer Trump a deal to give a penny for a dollar to … Continue reading

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Obama’s Legacy of Hope and Blame

Obama is trying to reignite his “Hope and Change” campaign of 2008 to “Take it back” at a time when people have the 20/20 hindsight of what his socialism wrought.  He blamed Bush for inheriting a bad economy, but now … Continue reading

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Only Monkey-Brained Democrats Believe Trump Republicans are White Supremacists 

Let’s face it.  The problem with America isn’t people.  It’s monkeys.  More accurately, people who have no more brains than a monkey.  Only a dumb ape would believe the big lies repeatedly told by leftists about the righteous to be … Continue reading

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Raise the Voting Age to 25

America is in a crisis because leftists are trying to impose democracy on the American republic following their corruption of American education to indoctrinate the young into their propaganda.  The Founders were ultimately wise in making America a republic rather … Continue reading

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