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This 2020 Election should be declared illegitimate

Seeing this election with 20/20 vision doesn’t require hindsight. Millions of Republican ballots have already been found in the trash rather than at polling stations, and tens of millions of Democrat ballots have already been revealed as fraudulent, cast by … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas! God Bless Us, Everyone!

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When Republicans talk like Democrats

When someone says they’re conservative, but then embrace Democrat policies, don’t be confused.  Understand that they are lying in a deliberate attempt to deceive you as to their true beliefs and intentions. When what you say and what you do … Continue reading

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Democrats Violate the Constitution and Human Rights

Every mass shooting, every presidential assassination, every riot, and every terrorist attack in the history of this country has been carried out by either leftists or loons.  Democrats are inciting insanity in their base and this attack on congressional Republicans … Continue reading

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Leftist Democrat media delusionally believes they are without sin

As President Trump repeatedly chastises them for publishing fake news, leftist media pundit’s response is that challenging their authority violates the Constitution because, in their minds, they speak the Gospel Truth! The people who spit on Jesus Christ believe themselves … Continue reading

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God bless us, everyone! Thank God for the best Christmas present in the election of Donald Trump as a strong Christian Conservative to repair and rebuild America and undo the betrayal of the Moslem that Americans foolishly elected to power … Continue reading

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What righteousness has become in the propaganda of leftists

by Anonymous I never realized what kind of person I have become in today’s world.  It seems that lately my life has been getting more complicated, and I want to thank those of you who are brave enough to still … Continue reading

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Obama sets savages loose to shoot police over ‘legitimate grievances’

“Hands, up, don’t shoot” continues to be the lie by which black criminals live as they protest police protecting citizens as racist murderers.  Obama and Holder give them justification for their phony racial divide.  Rather than going to school and … Continue reading

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Charging racism in murder of Moslems, Obama speaks stupidly

The ten reasons Obama is a lying jackass Once again the president is inserting himself into a local crime using it to create racial division and strife where none should exist.  Saying that the murder of three students in North … Continue reading

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Chris Kyle’s murderer could be a converted Moslem

Two years after Kyle’s murder, the man who is the greatest American hero of this generation, the government is delaying prosecuting his murderer just like they have delayed prosecuting the Ft. Hood shooter.  The media has been claiming he suffered … Continue reading

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