Liberal Democrat Socialist Groomers

Democrat’s weapon of mass distraction – don’t pay attention to commie fascist’s ballot fraud seizing power

Democrat’s Distractions from their coup:

  • Insurrection trial
  • Racist fools
  • Gender perverts
  • Antifa terrorists
  • Biden incompetence

All of these are just distractions from the gravest threat to Americas republic in our history – Democrat’s multimillion ballot fraud to steal absolute power from the people via their communist coup. While Biden insanely claims that America has “the fastest growing economy in history” even as Democrats deliberately crash the economy and send us into recession, teachers try to groom our children for pedophiles and perverts, racist fools take to the streets demanding the right to burn businesses, kill babies, and terrorize Supreme Court justices. Their perverts who cried out “oppression” against their immorality now cry against the “oppression” of those who would stop them from oppressing our children with their perversion. Christians truly dropped the ball on all of this in the name of “fairness.” Democrats threaten to abolish the filibuster and pack the courts with their activists to overturn the Constitution and abolish American law so they can remake the nation in their image – the image of socialism, aka the worst ideology from the 20th century that killed hundreds of millions of people and squandered trillions of dollars in wealth.

Drag the Kids to “Pride”

The Left screamed for decades that gays were “oppressed.” Now they are oppressing our children to force their conversion to embrace extreme immorality as righteous. This isn’t just immoral, it’s evil, hateful revenge.
The left teaches that the extremes are where the dangerous people are, but the center is the good people. This flies in the face of obvious reality in that the extremes are the same kinds of people. The true paradigm of life is that of good vs. evil which expressed as right vs. left or right vs. wrong. The right is liberty while the left is slavery. Leftist ideologies are socialism, with its subgroups of communism, fascism, Islamism, and anarchism (which is actually where crime lords reside each seeking to be the one in power over others). This makes the Democrat’s ideology perfectly understandable as they are the party of slavery. Their lies and deceptions, propaganda and indoctrination cannot conceal the truth.

Democrats have revealed themselves for who they truly are – anti-Christian, anti-liberty, anti-American. The rednecks that used to chant, “The South will rise again” have got their wish. Democrat ghetto blacks have become those rednecks transforming themselves into the people they hate. Democrats are taking their revenge on Americans for taking their slaves away by making all citizens slaves to their socialist dictatorship. They have stolen elections, deceived the nation, and inflicted their mental illness on the people. The convinced us that working with homosexual couples to obtain rights was good and now they are using that to inflict their dysfunctional psychotics on us as “normal.” They are striving to make every form of perversion, corruption, and crime acceptable by terrorizing anyone who stands against them. Expect them to inflict their ballot fraud machine on America once again this November as they strive to make the people accept the mentally deranged and wicked as our brethren. The only reason they want to make such things as the evil of pedophilia acceptable is because the Prophet of Islam was a pedophile who took a nine-year-old girl to his bed as his last wife just before he died. The goal is to abolish Christianity and replace it with either atheism or Islamism which are the two more virulent and violent anti-Christian religions. This is Satanism at work.

Democrats have revealed themselves as anti-American in every respect from anti-liberty to anti-Christian to pro-pervert to pro-criminal. They have exposed their communist slavery roots.

Christian Nationalism vs. Liberal Imperialism

Liberal fascist communism has proven to be the gravest internal threat America has ever faced. They have openly announced their intention to abolish the Constitution and remake America into their socialist dictatorship. Their deceptions, propaganda, and ballot fraud have enabled them to corrupt our culture, unleash crime and terrorism in our cities, and steal power in our government. They are using this power to cripple our economy and empower America’s communist enemies. Communism and fascism are two of the faces of socialism that have cost more lives and taken more prosperity from the people in the last century than even Islam has done in a thousand years.

Climate terror, Gender scam, Racist hate – all smoke to establish socialist tyranny

Lefty’s gender/racist insane stupidity is designed to distract from Democrat socialists corrupting our elections to steal power so they can tyrannize and steal from us. They are openly persecuting Republicans, conservatives, and Christians while glorifying criminals and anti-Christians. The laugh at us as they avoid prosecution for their crimes while imprisoning Republicans on trumped up charges. Hillary’s own campaign manager confessed in court to creating the phony Russiagate scandal by with Democrats persecuted Trump Republicans for years and was acquitted by a judge and jury of Hillary supporters. Meanwhile, Trump supporters are being sent to prison over lies. Their court corruption is so entrenched that courts would not hear the evidence of ballot fraud that stole the 2020 election and threatens to steal all future elections. This is how deeply the left has taken over this country and it may be too late as they have ultimately corrupted our culture to the point that America, the last bastion of freedom in the world, will fall. This is what we get for sitting back and letting the left take over the education of our children and promote the Satanic rite of infant sacrifice through abortion. Don’t blame anyone else when America burns.

Silence is Violence shouts the leftist

The left likes to conflate the truth with erroneous facts such as saying, “Silence is violence.” No, shouting is violence. Silenced people are the oppressed. Leftists shout down the truth to silence the righteous. This socialist coup of violence and lies will not stop until opposed by superior force. They have murdered police and citizens while importing socialist fools illegally. They terrorize the righteous at every turn and there is no sign it will end until the righteous stand up and fight back with everything they have. That’s why the Democrats allow criminals to run rampant and commit mass murders so they can convince fools to take the guns from good patriotic people. Tyrants will not tolerate a free people with power over them. Several good nations have already fallen to their lies and disarmed themselves. This socialist agenda will end as all of them do – with genocide of the good and decent people of the nation.

Dinesh D’Souza’s revelations of multimillions of Democrat ballots defrauding the people to steal the election vs. the bogus “Insurrection Trial” of the left to impeach Trump in absentia again.

The real terrorists

Leftists believe they have a right and are justified in terrorizing, oppressing, and murdering conservatives, Republicans, and Christians. They won’t stop until we start doing worse to them. The left is out of control because they have stolen power, and no one is standing against them using superior force. Democrats are empowering these criminal terrorists. America is now living under a communist dictatorship. Good luck having a fair and open election in the future. Tyrants do not relinquish power to the people’s choice.

Tucker Carlson – Republicans persecuted, Democrats skate

This is just more proof that we have already lost the country. Democrats can arrest Republicans on trumped up charges but face no prosecution for the real crimes they themselves commit. We are living under a communist dictatorship because we no longer fair and open elections.

Charlie Kirk explains what’s wrong with mass immigration

Democrats are importing socialists and Islamists both of whose ideology is exactly opposite that of American liberty. They are the communists and fascist anti-Christians that want to destroy America. Democrats have wholly become America’s domestic enemies from endorsing atheists and Islamists against Christianity to socialist communists and fascists against liberty to aiding and promoting criminals against law enforcement. Their purpose is clear – to enslave citizens and make themselves masters of this domain. They will remake America from the greatest country in history to a Third World s***hole in their image just like their cities where crime and corruption are rampant.

The Truth About Mankind

It’s nice to imagine that people are good at heart and care about one another, but Tim Pool is right. We inherently understand good and bad from our own personal experience, but morality must be learned. We must teach children to share and be considerate of others, otherwise they behave like animals. The miseducation of propaganda machines indoctrinating our children into anti-American culture today are intent on destroying that morality.

We don’t need more gun control. No, we need more crime control. And you’re not going to get that so long as Democrats are in control and can bail out their terrorists at will.

Democrat’s “bail reform” and “defund police” have unleashed the worst of people on the innocent.

WKF – Wokkkommiefascism: The coalition of woke leftism including Democrats, socialists, Islamists, communists, fascists, and progressive social liberals. Liberal Democrats go through life with blinders on following their master’s signs without thought so stupidly that they think if they say they are not doing what they are proud of doing then we won’t notice. CRT and Groomers are corrupting our children’s hearts and minds with the sole purpose of making them obedient slaves to their masters. The left serves nothing but their own greed and desire for control over others. Call them what they are, two-faced deceivers. They follow the creed of Lucifer of “hurray for me and f*** everybody else” as their sacrifice their babies to Satan. They call truth lies, conspiracy theories, and “yesterday’s news,” as they perpetrate new crimes from which they skate while persecuting Republicans. They’re working on replacing America’s population with communist dullards by importing atheist socialists and Islamists to work with them toward their anti-Christian agenda. They call money evil as they suck it up the people’s prosperity to “save the planet.” They say men can be women and get pregnant but have no right to condemn abortion because they’re men. Two-faced! There is nothing offered by leftism except poverty, slavery, and suffering. There is no alt-right fascism. It’s all leftist hate, fearmongering, and the lies of propaganda as they unleash their criminal thugs to terrorize the people and demand the people be disarmed. Democrats are remaking America in their image through massive ballot fraud and illegal immigration to be as their cities and states they control to reform the greatest nation in history into another of their third world s***holes with themselves as masters!

These “rulers” are imposing their values of perversion, corruption, greed, and envy on the people through censorship, cancel culture, oppression, and terrorism. They say we are intolerant because we do not accept these things and claim that as Christians we should. Jesus did not tolerate any of this! That is what makes all of this not just an imposition of socialism, but an ideology designed to destroy Christianity and the moral compass that has made America great. That is why they ally with atheists and Islamists against America. Their ideology has been built and strengthened by leftist philosophers who promote anti-God hatred.

Trinity of Evil in Modern Leftist Philosophy:

  • Karl Marx
  • Howard Zinn
  • Saul Alinsky

These three “philosophers” dedicated their lives and souls to teaching hateful people how to impose fear on the people and overthrow the righteous. They have done is through years of indoctrination, propaganda, deception, and terrorism. These three wrote the books that the left follows. Their dichotomy of left and right extremism is proven false in that fascism is the same totalitarian system as communism except that they incorporate racism and corporate power over the bourgeoisie.

Trinity of Evil in America’s government:

  • George Soros
  • Barack Obama
  • Nancy Pelosi

The Unholy Trinity in Religion:

  • Satan
  • Muhammad
  • Marx


  • If you reject their ideology of sexual perversion, it’s erasure bigotry
  • If you embrace their ideology, it’s “cultural appropriation”
  • Guns kill people so people can’t have guns
  • Our bodyguards are armed
  • Babies are not people
  • It is right to kill unwanted babies
  • Men can be women and get pregnant
  • Men have no right to object to women having abortions
  • Illegal immigrants are Americans, too, and be allowed to vote
  • Legal immigrants must not be allowed to vote
  • The proletariat must be brought down to empower the bourgeoisie
  • Their elites must rule over the masses

The left says it is the righteous who are “two-faced.” As their proof they say the right objects to aborting children but allows people to have guns to commit school shootings. This insane dichotomy is proof of how utterly devoid of moral ethics leftists are who do not understand, obfuscate, and conflate issues with their erroneous, dysfunctional, immoral logic. Every school shooting has had red flags by which the authorities could have been prepared to stop them, but they have not because Democrats control much of law enforcement. Their new show trial in prime time of their persecution of the January 6 Capitol intruders claiming they are prosecuting “insurgents” when they allowed BLM and Antifa to burn down cities for months and none faced prosecution is proof of how deeply entrenched they are in our criminal justice system. Their seizure of power in government through massive ballot fraud that our legal system is not permitted to investigate allowed their corrupt local government to recover their financial losses while the people who lived and worked in those cities were destroyed. The same has been done through this phony pandemic in which they deliberately infected and killed people in nursing homes and not treat the ill but put them on ventilators till they drowned to instill fear and impose their control. America is on the brink if not already over the edge of falling to leftist communism. This November, with most of the country suffering under Democrat rule and ready to eject them from power will tell the story of whether or not we can recover fair and open elections and be subjugated under their totalitarian rule permanently.

The Criminal Left

Rediscovering the Right

The Five Laws of Stupidity

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