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The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

With the election of Barack Hussein Obama in 2008, Democrats have come out from behind their façade to promote their true agenda.  Convincing America to elect a Moslem communist at a time when America is at war with Islam and … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh – Why does the Left aid Islamic jihadis?

I know the answer to this question.  What do atheist socialist communists and Islamic jihadi fascists have in common?  Both hate Christians and Jews. Just as Communist Russia allied with Nazi Germany at the beginning of WWII, the factions that … Continue reading

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Does Trump understand the Democrats are the America Haters?

President Trump expressed his dismay that the country has not come together to support his making America great again. When Barack Hussein Obama was elected, conservatives did not join with liberals to bow in praise of their messiah.  That was … Continue reading

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