Democrats aiding and abetting America’s enemies both foreign and domestic

America’s youth are lost in a culture of crime and corruption wherein one political party is demonized by the other one that is aiding and abetting her enemies both foreign (Jihadis/Communists) and domestic (criminals).  Rather than condemn, Democrats idolize criminals and coddle terrorists, while damning their fellow citizens both in word and deed.  They curse Christianity at the same time as they mount the cross.  It is a culture that has been twisted and desecrated by people who are the most self-righteous of hypocrites who project all of their own character flaws on others while denying the truth of themselves.


Like the elections of Barack Obama and Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren’s elevation to high station is a bad joke on Americans.  This radical left-winger like her fellows says she’s against Wall Street bailouts.  Democrats claim they represent the poor against the rich, but they give more taxpayer money to the rich while the ignorant believe what they are told.  Obama and the Democrat’s list of lies goes far beyond what can be contained in one image.  Democrat voters are easily distracted from what their politicians do.

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“A vote for this bill is a vote for future taxpayer bailouts of Wall Street.” – Elizabeth Warren

Democrats have been “bailing out” Wall Street for the last six years giving them $800B a year in “quantitative easing.”  They did this by borrowing that money, and spending over $4T is taxes on whatever they want, not passing a budget for five years to keep their spending hidden from the taxpayer.  And now an ultra-liberal Democrat who cheered these actions is pretending to be against it.

“Racism is deeply rooted in America.” – Barack Hussein Obama

Obama missed out on MLK’s movement against American racism in the 1950s.  Now, having inflicted huge tax increases on Americans that has destroyed millions of jobs, he’s is pretending to be sympathetic to his black brothers who suffer the highest unemployment and crime rates in the country.  If Americans were as racist as he and his fellow Democrats pretend then a black man could not have been elected president, let alone a senator from South Carolina.  It isn’t blacks that Americans hold in contempt, its leftwing radicals.

“We must empathize with our enemies.” – Hillary Clinton

Democrats blame Republicans for Islamic Jihadis murdering across the Middle East.  If it weren’t for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, they believe, Moslems would love us.  Their ignorance of fourteen hundred years of history ignoring the millions of people killed and subjugated under the boot of Mohammad’s religion is as profound as their foolishness.  No one needs to empathize with people who don’t want to talk, but to kill.  Those kinds of people only need to be destroyed.

“If you own a business, you didn’t build that.” – Obama echoing Elizabeth Warren

Democrats believe businesses could not exist without government supplying roads, education, and protection as if government only supplies these for their benefit.  Government is 100% taxpayer funded so it is the people’s tax dollars that pave roads, pay teachers, and hire police and firemen.  Those taxes come from the people who make their salaries working for those businesses, and those businesses and their owners pay the lion’s share of taxes, both business and personal.  Without those salaries and sales government doesn’t get the taxes to pay for these things.

“Hands up, don’t shoot.” – Sheila Jackson Lee echoing Ferguson rioters

Unarmed “gentle giant” Michael Brown was shot dead by a policeman.  His friend told reporters he was on his knees with his hands up in surrender yelling, “Don’t shoot,” when the officer assassinated him by shooting him in the back.  Other witnesses and the autopsy corroborated the policeman’s statement that Brown was attacking him when he was shot.  Democrats took the opportunity to riot in Ferguson and burn down dozens of businesses saying these business people had to pay.  These racist Democrats promise to continue unless white police are pulled out of black neighborhoods and allow the gangbangers to control their own territory.

“I can’t breathe.” – Eric Garner

Garner was arrested for selling cigarettes without paying taxes.  He resisted arrest (like he didn’t know the drill after being arrested thirty prior times) and was held in a head lock, but kept saying, “I can’t breathe,” because he had an asthma attack during the struggle and died.  Democrats claim he was choked to death, but the lie here is exposed in the video where Garner said, “I can’t breathe,” eleven times.  A person being choked cannot speak.

“Black lives matter.” – Al Sharpton

If black lives matter then why do they have ten times more abortions than any other race?  If black lives matter, why do they commit ten times more murders of each other than any other race?  If black lives matter, why do they deny education and jobs to those who want them and insist they live on welfare?  If black lives matter, why are they the most prolific drug dealers and users?  If black lives matter, why are they rioting and burning businesses rather than looking for jobs?  The people to whom black lives don’t matter are the Democrats who formed the KKK, created government welfare for voter slaves, and do nothing to advance black kids learning to become responsible adults instead of idolizing criminals and doing drugs.

“The CIA’s actions are a stain on our values and our history.” – Sen. Dianne Feinstein

Democrats claim the CIA “tortured terrorist suspects” and acquired no useful information.  They say law enforcement investigation techniques would have sufficed and the CIA broke the law.  First, Usama bin Laden was not found by giving terrorists milk and cookies, nor by Obama’s divining his location from the golf course.  American laws do not extend beyond her borders and the CIA is only licensed to conduct operations outside the U.S.  America is engaged in a war with Islam whether Obama wants to acknowledge it or not because of his own Islamic heritage.  Americans are being murdered by Jihadis and the nation is concerned about pouring water up a couple terrorist’s noses.  Here’s a clue; standard investigative techniques were in effect before 9-11.  America has a choice of either fighting for freedom or submitting to slavery.

Obama and the Democrats are more intent on destroying their political opponents in the U.S. than in stopping criminals within, conquerors without, and corruption in their own ranks.  After their defeat in the last election they are saying, “If we can’t rule then there won’t be an America.”  For all their claims that the Republicans would wreck the economy so they could blame Democrats and gain power, the truth of which party is truly guilty of harming Americans to gain power is answered with the actions of Democrats over the last six years.

IRS torture

From crashing Fannie Mae, to funding Wall Street with borrowed money, to inviting illegal aliens to take jobs, to condemning police, to trashing America’s military, Democrats have done more damage to America than the attack on 9-11.  America has declined to become the number two economy of the world behind Communist China, while Democrats press their boot heels down harder on the throats of business.  Perpetrating one fraud after another from ObamaCare to global warming, Democrats are sucking the wealth out of this country.  If Americans don’t wake up to the truth that everything Democrats say Republicans are is actually true about themselves then the land of liberty will fall.

People should get a clue when Obama, who claims to be a Christian, “quotes” the Bible’s saying, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” a saying that originated in the seventeenth century.  Like the saying, “God helps those who help themselves,” and comparing Mary and Joseph to illegal aliens, Obama’s profound ignorance of the Bible belies his declaration of being a Christian.  The latter saying is that of a thief in Aesop’s Fables making it no surprise that Obama uses it.

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