ALL Democrat policies are designed to steal wealth and are destroying families

Do you believe Democrats are for the little guy?  Do you think their policies are to help the poor and oppressed?  For the last century, Democrats have been enacting their agenda even against the will of the majority, yet an apparent majority repeatedly votes them into office.

America’s economy is in the toilet and her family values along with it all because Democrat policies of the last century have torn them asunder.  Every program enacted over the past century since Woodrow Wilson have been designed to take more wealth in taxes away from the people and put it in the hands of the Democrats in power.  A side effect of their good intentions has been the deliberate effort to rip apart the family and make people dependent on the government with divorce and out of wedlock childbirth at all-time highs.

Socialism works; it destroys life, liberty, and property of the people making those in power rich.  Societies are easily corrupted by the greedy, and this is the reason why democracies always fail.  When people vote for what they can get from a government that steals from those who are successful, the country falls into chaos and tyrants rise.

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what to have for lunch.” – Benjamin Franklin

The Obama regime and Democrats operate and survive on good intentions

Examine the results of their “good intentions.”

High taxes – By taxing the rich enormous amounts Democrats ruin the economy by sucking up the profits that would be used for companies to grow.  To a socialist who wants everyone to be equally poor this is a good thing.  To a capitalist who wants to give everyone the opportunity to become rich it is not.

Profits are portrayed as evil greed by the Left, but they are the benefit of those who work hard producing products people want.  The greed of Democrats stealing that wealth from those who succeed in business kills business.  Entrepreneurs do not work hard to provide for those who work for them at their own expense.

In the era of the Robber Barons when workers were paid starvation wages and cast aside if they protested are long gone.  The minimum wage makes beginner jobs for teenagers rare.  People are paid according to what they contribute to the company, and the uneducated, inexperienced youth must acquire some skills and prove they are willing to work before being given a job.

Social Security – When Social Security was enacted it was supposed to be a slight tax on the rich.  At a time when only a tiny percentage of people lived to be 65, Democrats expanded it to tax everyone with the promise that it would supplement those who lived to retirement.  In those days, parents who lived so long were taken care of by their children.

Now half the population can expect to live past 65, and the Social Security they paid into for their entire working lives is threatened with being dissolved.  Democrats extend benefits to illegal aliens, people who claim disability, and spend most of Social Security in the General Fund in which they shifted the $3 billion surplus the program had in 1968 to pay for the Vietnam War.  Whenever Republicans say they need to revamp Social Security before the program goes bankrupt, Democrats demonize them as monsters who want to take away grandma’s savings.

Medicare – Enacted in 1965 along with Medicaid and welfare, Medicare was meant to provide retirees with health insurance they could not afford on their meager Social Security.  As with S.S., it didn’t take thirty years before they started raiding that fund to provide for their supporters who never paid into the system.  Now the Medicare meant for retirees is being siphoned to pay for ObamaCare for the young who don’t work.

Veteran’s Administration – No one is owed a greater debt by society than those who sacrifice for the rights of others to live free.  Yet the VA system, while supposedly designed to provide for veteran’s healthcare, is a corrupt system of government that administers some healthcare to veterans.  But when it comes to serious conditions their purpose is to allow those people their best chance to die and be removed from the system so it costs less.

Medicaid – When poor people go to the doctor or hospital they generally don’t have the money to pay for his services.  Requiring hospitals to treat anyone who comes through their doors, government began this program to reimburse them in order to keep them from going bankrupt.  But like the VA, they will only pay out for minor health issues.

Welfare & Disability – These programs replace charities to assist those who cannot work.  What they have become is lifestyles for deadbeats and frauds who take advantage of the poor administration of these systems.  Because of high taxes of Democrats, charities suffered so much loss of revenue that they became unable to maintain operations.

Affirmative Action – Purportedly instituted to stop oppression of minorities, the result was advancing incompetent people to higher station and bringing down the productivity of the nation.  People with no more concern for advancing their education to obtain a better job were given opportunities they squandered, but companies were forced to hire incompetents and malcontents regardless in the name of equality.

Unemployment – Meant to assist those who lose their jobs in hard times, unemployment has become a lifestyle creating deadbeats who live off of the taxpayer to vote for more government to give them more benefits.  Democrat policies have led to an unending recession in which they extended unemployment benefits for years to keep people voting for more.  There are more than twelve million fewer people working after five years of Obama Democrats than there were under President Bush and Republicans.  Yet, when millions of people are removed from the unemployment rolls because their benefits are not extended for more years causing the unemployment rate to drop, Barack Obama hails his economy as a great achievement.

Food stamps – A program to help the poor eat well rather than starve, food stamps are often used for drugs and luxuries rather than necessities.

College loans – Want to see how government money makes something more expensive?  When a business knows they can have government force people to give them money they can charge all they want rather than be subject to competitive pricing.  College was for those who had the intelligence and drive for higher education to get the best paying jobs.  Now liberals want college to be extended high school for everybody, all at taxpayer expense.

ObamaCare – Ostensibly to provide health insurance to those who had no insurance, ObamaCare is designed to destroy the insurance industry and make the government the provider of health insurance.  Anyone familiar with how Medicare and the VA treat old people with life threatening illness should be afraid – very afraid.

When does right become wrong and wrong become right?  The malice inherent in liberalism is teaching children that the racist southern Democrats of old have become today’s Republicans.  Liberal propaganda is remaking Abraham Lincoln into the Grand Wizard of the KKK.

The reason the Founders did not give everyone the vote is because Democracies always devolve into the greedy masses voting for more benefits for themselves.  People are easily duped into voting in their own self-interests rather than what is best for all.  By convincing Republicans that everyone should have a right to vote, Democrats ensured that they had a solid base of greedy people who envied those who strove for success.  They are told, not that the American Dream is theirs if they would apply themselves in school and at work, but that it is stolen from them by those who succeed.

While Americans are begging for more government handouts, cheering the corrupt to steal from the rich, they are being fooled into permitting their government to take away their liberty in the name of providing for them.  From Social Security to ObamaCare, every program ever made by Democrats is designed to tear the family unit apart and replace it with government, and the end result can only lead to tyranny.  Socialism is an ideology of equality in which the masses are all equally miserable, while capitalism gives everyone the opportunity to work toward a better life.  The greatest danger is always the corruption that is the foundation of the Left.

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