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Democrat’s Vomit a Whopping Load of Bullschiff at Senate’s Impeachment Schiffshow

For three hours the Senate was subjected to this bug-eyed, schiff-eating cockroach from the House spewing schiff from his mouth.  Democrats called this pile of schiff a “dazzling tour de force of truth.”  If this were a real trial Schiff’s … Continue reading

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Nazi Democrats terrorizing electors on E-Day, GOP infiltrated by Hydra agent

Obama/Hillary Democrats prove once again that the Left is the home and heart of Nazism in America. “The very people who told us that Donald Trump represented a threat to the Democratic process themselves are trying to undo and overthrow … Continue reading

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We are a nation of citizens, not immigrants

Obama’s legacy has been to weaken America economically and military while empowering the Islamic Jihad that would enslave the world under Sharia.  Donald Trump represents America that will not allow his anti-American legacy to survive. America is not a nation … Continue reading

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Democrat socialists got shafted as GOP got b*tch slapped

Draining the swamp will not be easy. On Nov. 8th, sixty million people voted for the corrupt Washington elites to be brought down, while another sixty million votes were cast in support of that corruption.  Hillary won the popular vote … Continue reading

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If Trump is not your president then this is not your country

“Obviously, when people look at the flag and say, ‘That’s not my flag, Donald Trump is not my president,’ then you know what, then obviously this ain’t your damn country!  LEAVE! “Quit causing destruction and preaching peace cause you’re contradicting … Continue reading

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America’s Nazis – the Democratic Socialists

The Left on display as the people of bigotry and hate. Democrats, the party of slavery, the KKK, monopolies, union thugs, gangsters, Communists, Nazis, and Islamist Sharia Jihadis, anarchists, atheists, America haters, and anti-Christians.  The violence of the Left is … Continue reading

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Who should be in Trump’s Cabinet and Congress

Some are wringing their hands about Trump choosing Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff.  Understand that there are insiders who have been on the Trump Train that can help the Trump Administration succeed. Some in the TEA Party who wouldn’t … Continue reading

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