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Obama achieves World Peace!

  “Peace in our time!” Barack Hussein Obama, hmm, hmm, hmm, has made a deal with Iran that guarantees World Peace!  Obama says the Iranians have promised not to make nuclear weapons.  The deal is a verbal agreement between Obama … Continue reading

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Climate change deniers vs. Chicken Littles

FEMA threatens to deny disaster relief to states that are “climate change deniers.”  States respond that they will withhold federal taxes if they attempt to do so.  The Left is heating up their witch hunt war to sustain their fraud! … Continue reading

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Islamic reform; people mistake Christian Reformation with religion ‘maturing’

Thinking that Islam can be reformed away from the horrors of Jihad and Sharia is foolishly thinking the religion can be done away with at best. People who think the religion of Islam is going through “growing pains” in the … Continue reading

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Foreign policy successes on the road to naming Obama Grand Mufti

Obama’s foreign policy can only be labelled a success if his goal was to make Islam powerful and America weak.  Would he like to be Grand Mufti of the New Caliphate?  Iranians yell “Death to America,” and he calls it … Continue reading

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Obama says ‘Call out the climate change deniers’

The witch hunt begins as Obama summons the tribunal of pitchfork wielding peasants to seize “climate change deniers.”  Sen. Cruz has denounced Democrat’s efforts to take more and more money from the people from ObamaCare to “saving the planet” from … Continue reading

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Refuting Global Warming science is elementary, part II

Leftist global warming hucksters create graphs to fool the unwitting.  Government reports of climate change can no longer be trusted to relay truthful information, let alone accurate reports.  The Left’s global warming scam to dupe people out of their money … Continue reading

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The problem with Obama’s reality is people listening to FOX News

Obama’s deep hatred of FOX News stems from their exposing his lies that he makes on a daily basis.  For the ignorant listening to the man speak whom they elected president it is fantasy – until reality lands on their … Continue reading

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Racism – the colossal ignorance of the Left’s language of division

The liberal’s understanding of racism is that of a child’s understanding.  Racism has nothing to do with the color of your skin, but bigotry has everything to do with racism. Ignorant liberals say Jews are racists against Arabs.  This is … Continue reading

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Netanyahu defeats Obama’s effort to unseat the Israeli Prime Minister

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu wins 3rd term as Prime Minister in a landslide despite Obama operative’s efforts to overthrow him for a candidate more favorable to Obama’s leftist regime.  Netanyahu will be a thorn in Obama’s side as the Democrat president tries … Continue reading

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Obama sets savages loose to shoot police over ‘legitimate grievances’

“Hands, up, don’t shoot” continues to be the lie by which black criminals live as they protest police protecting citizens as racist murderers.  Obama and Holder give them justification for their phony racial divide.  Rather than going to school and … Continue reading

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