What does Biden stand for?

If you don’t know President Trump’s position on anything, then you live with your head in the sand. Joe Biden won’t even name his SCOTUS picks. He’s been caught on video saying he will raise taxes but makes campaign commercials saying he will keep taxes low. When challenged he says he will only raise them on the rich. But then he says he will reinstate the ObamaCare tax which hits everyone in the middle and lower classes hard! He says he wants to defund the police but then makes campaign commercials advocating for law and order. Democrat’s campaign strategy consists of only one thing – gin up irrational hate for Trump while concealing their true nature. What they offer is what Pelosi offered in 2010 in passing ObamaCare when she said, “You can find out what’s in it after we pass it.” Likewise, you will know Biden’s policies only after you elect him. The idea that you cannot test drive the car or milk the cow until after you buy them is for suckers who believe in Democrats.

“The only way liberals win elections is by pretending they are not liberals.” – Rush Limbaugh

Want to put your faith in Democrats? Every city and state that they have ruled unopposed has become a toilet, a third world style sh*thole. Their elites live in luxury while the rest of the people live in strife if not squalor. Capitalism throughout its history in America has produced the middle class that never existed before except under the last great republic of ancient Rome. But that great republic also fell to socialist ideology and became a tyrannical dictatorship. Socialism throughout history has produced only one result – the rise of the elites over the masses. People under socialism live just as they did under the feudal lordships of the Middle Ages. The ruling elites live in luxury while the masses of peasants struggle in service to them.

Biden says if Trump loses the election then his SCOTUS nominee should be withdrawn. They are already smearing her before the hearings even begin. Presidents don’t stop being president after Election Day even if they lose any more than they stop having authority in what could be their last year. Democrats demand Amy Coney Barrett either step down or recuse herself from the election turmoil they are creating. Why should she step down or even recuse herself? To clear the way for Democrat’s to commit the greatest voter fraud in history? They insanely call her a “white colonizer” for doing what so many Hollywood liberals have done adopting black children from impoverished countries.

Biden says he wants to unite the country, that he is not a socialist. Yet he chooses the most far left candidate from the primaries that nobody wanted to be his running mate. He allies with Bernie Sanders and AOC while denouncing them to the general public. He says he wants peace while Democrats send their thugs into the streets to terrorize people. He speaks very much like another 20th century socialist who spoke glowing rhetoric of unity while sending his thugs out to intimidate, lie, riot, and murder his opposition. Not to say Biden is as brilliant as his predecessor was, just that he fits the same leftist mold.

Democrats threaten that if Republicans fill the seat vacated by the death of their leftwing radical, RBG, with a conservative Christian, that they will put everything on the table when they win. First off, who says they’re going to win unless they plan on cheating with millions of bogus ballots? Second, what else do they plan to do? Impeach Trump? Defund police? Riot in the streets? Burn cities? Murder innocent people? Terrorize the populace? We already know their plans to seize absolute power by packing the courts and the Senate, taking away the filibuster, gerrymandering and using mail-in ballot fraud to usurp all future voting, and persecute Republicans.

What else could they plan to do? They have been dreaming of assassinating President Trump and persecuting him through the courts for years. Their plan is simple. Silence opposition debate through the 21st century method of fascist book burning by shadow banning and censoring conservative ideals electronically. Keep their indoctrinated youths and liberal morons ignorant and propagandized to demonize the righteous. Delude them into believing that they are fighting for right by smearing the righteous as Nazi racists. Convince them that the righteous are the ones who cheat elections. Therefore, they believe they would be right in denying them elections.

Democrats are even rerunning their scam that Republicans like Trump don’t pay income taxes. As if! Find one millionaire or billionaire in the country they don’t audit every year! Trying to claim Trump only paid $750 in income tax is no different than when Reid declared on the Senate floor that a friend told him Romney didn’t pay taxes. After the election he laughed about the success of his lie. Donald Trump became a billionaire by building great structures. President Trump donated his entire presidential salary to charity. They thought they could prove that Trump made his fortune as an agent of Putin instead of from being a building construction tycoon.

Where the Trump family lost a billion dollars in becoming president and his sons stopped doing international business, Joe Biden became a multi-millionaire in government and his son started getting international jobs as the son of the VP. Not only do the Biden’s not pay taxes but Joe is being paid by taxes! Then they got hundreds of millions extorting foreign governments like Ukraine and taking bribes from China to ship American manufacturing to their country. What idiots are liberals who believe they can understand a billionaire businessman’s tax returns when they don’t even understand their own 1040EZs. Trump doesn’t understand his own taxes. He has fifty tax attorneys doing them for him. He merely has to point out that the IRS has no problem with what he pays in taxes, so why do Democrats who extort foreign governments?

How about we turn the tables on them? Appoint a sixth conservative Supreme Court Justice before Election Day. Keep them from a potential split decision when they throw the election into chaos with their millions of anonymous ballots they will count after Trump wins. We’ve already found tens of thousands of legitimate Republican ballots their operatives threw out. Throw out their bogus ballots and let them cry foul again – boo hoo. They never accepted the results of the last election, while demanding Trump agree to step aside when they win this one by stealing ballots. They threaten to rise up in rebellion taking to the streets to burn America down if Trump refuses. I hope President Trump is prepared for the war in the streets that communist Democrats will wage. Republicans certainly are just as they were in 1860. The full might and power of American patriots will be visited upon the head of their insurrection.

Democrat Science is as Accurate as a Broken Clock

The way to dupe people is by preying on their ignorance. Liberals suffer from colossal ignorance. The only time their global warming meme is correct is in winters and summers when the average temperature occasionally goes above normal. Ask any liberal if they can answer the question – to which political party does Abraham Lincoln belong and which party created the KKK? They don’t know because they are indoctrinated dumbasses. Their thinking is the result of emotional dysfunction. Dysfunctional emotional thinking afflicts 40% of men and 60% of women. Emotional dysfunction is a product of immaturity, lack of education and leadership by a father, and caused by mental and physical abuse. This is why Democrats want sixteen-year-olds to vote.

Girls mature faster than boys but are more often afflicted by abuse. Black culture is infected with abuse by absent and violent fathers and mothers who glorify gangster culture. As people age, become mature, and educated, they overcome this disability. But those who do not, those liberals that are over thirty, are the extra-dysfunctional people who suffer varying degrees of criminal sociopathy that enables them to justify their own lies. They cheat and steal and live their lies, believe their own lies, and delude themselves that they are the righteous. Immature egos refuse to acknowledge when they are wrong. That’s why they have so many scams in which they believe. These are what they inflict on young minds full of mush.

Democrat scams:

  • Russian collusion
  • climate change
  • Covid terror
  • BLM communism
  • defund police
  • disarm citizens
  • free criminals
  • tax the masses into prosperity
  • their Chicom alliance

They label the truth fake news then censor it. They stupidly project their own irrational hate on Trump saying he wants to be a dictator. They do this right after they tell us how they would be dictators and think we not only can’t see through them but can’t see the obvious right in front of our noses. Why do they believe we can’t see? Because they can’t. They are the jackasses with blinders on who can’t see past what is put in front of their noses. Then they say they are the benevolent, loving, democratic people of government as they take to rioting in the streets. It’s hysterical when you listen to them talk out of both sides of their faces. What’s not funny is that they are serious about wanting to kill off half the population to obtain power to enslave the masses.

These liberals are such pathological liars that half of them deny being liberals. A breakdown of the population shows it to be 40% conservative, 20% liberal, and 40% moderate. Half of moderates are liberals who lie to themselves about their ideological beliefs. Moderates are made up of those who are half educated and beginning to see the light. Many will grow up to become conservatives. This is why liberals will vote Democrat because they are the most oblivious, miseducated people in the country who arrogantly believe themselves to be morally upright, intelligent, and pure of heart when they are endorsing wickedness.

Biden’s “Live” Interview with Stephanie Ruhle

Biden on the upcoming debate with Trump;

“It is going to be difficult. My guess is it’s going to be straight attack, be mostly personal. That’s the only thing he knows how to do. He doesn’t know how to debate the facts because he’s not that smart. He doesn’t know that many facts. He doesn’t know that much about foreign policy. He doesn’t know about domestic policy. He doesn’t know much about the detail.”

Biden’s assessment of Donald Trump is as stupid as Hillary’s was in 2016. Stephanie Ruhle’s “live interview” with Biden to show how with it he is mentally is split by multiple edits. You cannot find this interview in full. NBC edited it severely both for the original broadcast and on YouTube. In it, Biden says Trump doesn’t understand domestic or foreign policy, that he’s not smart but only makes personal attacks. This is Democrats projecting their own character of only being able to make personal attacks without substance onto others. It only scores with liberals who are so ignorant that they think Trump won by gerrymandering that only affects representatives.

The only people who believe this are people who never listen for themselves to what President Trump has ever actually said. They only know what they have been told he says and instructed how they should interpret it and what they should think of it. They are lemmings who are completely ignorant of Donald Trump’s genius that makes them look like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. They are ignorant of his massively successful domestic and foreign achievements that dwarf and overshadow those of the last four presidents combined! What previous president ever brought Arabs and Israelis together to recognize Israel’s rightful sovereignty? They will believe the leftwing media that has already written their post-debate headlines declaring Biden a winning genius.

This debate, if it even happens, is going to quickly devolve into Biden constantly ranting against Trump as a liar as if he is the Arbiter of Truth with his word proving what Trump says is a lie rather than what Biden says being a lie. He will smear Trump as making personal attacks rather than issues by making personal attacks avoiding issues. Only informed voters will know which is lying and which is telling the truth. Uninformed liberals will be cheering deliriously as supercilious buffoons. They are indoctrinated by propaganda techniques they understand even less than they understand science, history, or simple math. Don’t expect anything brilliant to come out of Joe Biden who cannot defend his economic destruction except by claiming Trump’s success came from him and Obama. Leftwing media is already declaring Biden a huge victor as they always do when they are faced with their pending doom.

Biden’s campaign commercials about Trump are all about him as a moron who never made an honest buck and despises the military – projecting two inbred characteristics that reflect Democrats. For Biden to say Donald Trump doesn’t understand duty and honor, Biden, who served a Moslem communist to deplete our military, deserves to be much more than just bitch slapped for his slanders. Such two-faced scum deserves to swing from the gallows lynched by the very mob he has instigated to rise up against this nation. Treason that Democrats scream at Trump is exposed as their sacrilege. Lady Liberty is screaming to be avenged on Democrat treachery! Democrats are deceivers and liberals are their illiterate fools who arrogantly believe themselves to be educated.

Biden says Trump is not smart – min 8:40-10:50

Trump refusing to leave?

Trump Latino vote

Biden compares Trump to Goebbels

[Author’s Note: There are those who call themselves Republicans who say that the Durham Report and other proofs of Democrat’s criminality should not be posted before the election so as not to “unfairly influence the outcome.” How stupid is that? Why should Democrats not be exposed as criminals and traitors before people vote? Only those who want Democrats to win say this. Their idea that Republicans must only speak from high etiquette when Democrats are out killing people are the leftists who have infiltrated the right. The purpose of NeverTrumpers is to undermine the Republican Party by declaring themselves the righteous when they are the worst betrayers. What was it Jesus said of False Prophets?]

We’re in the Midst of a Violent Revolution Started by the Left, Not by Us!

Leftwing headlines already written for presidential debate to declare Biden a genius and Trump a moron

It’s Frustrating, But 40% of America Will Vote for the (D) No Matter What

NY Times Meddles in Election with Dud on Trump’s Taxes

Leftists Go Full Low Road on Judge Barrett as a “white colonizer” for adopting black children

The Five makes bold predictions about debate Sunday 9/27/20

[Juan Williams defends Biden by first denying the facts, then lying about the facts, and then changing the subject. This is how the left manipulates the conversation for those who are unwary. It is Biden making personal attacks on Trump, lying about the facts of the economy, Covid, and anything Trump says. He keeps saying he takes down bullies. He is the bully! Trump makes jokes about the left that they call lies and rage indignantly. Trump’s genius is in forcing them to tell the truth they have been trying to conceal in order to prove his “lies” false. Just wait until Donald Trump has Joe Biden under the lights.]

The Next Revolution 9/27/20

HORRIBLE VIDEO: Multiple Injuries After Car Plows Through Crowd of Trump Supporters in California

Texas: 134 felony voter fraud charges in connection with 2018 Dem primary, including Gregg County Commissioner Shannon Brown

‘Stop spreading fear’: Kristi Noem slaps down Rachel Maddow over social distancing hunting video

Liberal Democrat’s Closeminded Two-Faced Stupidity Displayed

Democrat’s Radical Activist’s Covert Civil War

The Coming Democrat Coup

The American Voters – Informed, Misinformed, and Uninformed

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Banned on Democrat’s Nazi sewer Twitter by electronic book burning

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