Democrat’s Urban Suicide

When Democrats say they will “go high,” they are not going high – they are high. We are learning from the DNCC – Democratic National-Socialist Communist Convention – that leftists will paint a fantasy for liberals and that liberals will be enamored of fiction to the point they ignore all reality. We learned that speaking softly, weaving a fantasy that Trump is an ogre cowering in the White House creating chaos, while Democrats like Biden, Obama, Harris, Hillary, Pelosi, and Schumer are heroic geniuses who would make everyone safe and prosperous forever. Leftists pathologically lie and liberals unquestioningly believe.

Kim Klacik NUKES Democrat’s Obamunism

(I had to use the Daily Mail’s link because YouTube will be scrubbing this as racist hate.)

NYPD Officer reveals how Democrats are destroying police departments, law and order, and assisting and encouraging criminals

Kimberly Klacik Trounces Michelle Obama in Digital Metrics

“They believe their lying polls. They believe the narratives they tell each other. This is what’s happening to them, folks. There’re two things. They believe Twitter is America, and they believe, therefore, that they are America — meaning the media — and what’s happening is that they are actually just a circle, and they don’t do news. They don’t deal in truth. They create narratives — and the narratives are, by definition, not factual. They’re stories that they have created that are designed to influence people. So, they end up believing their own fairy tales.” – Rush Limbaugh

The Democratic National-Socialist Communist Convention is a study in the pathology of leftism gaslighting liberals to believe that Trump has destroyed the country and they are the saviors of the world. Their smears of racism creating irrational hatred for Trump and Republicans, Covid and climate terrorism, economic collapse caused by mismanagement, street thug rioters as patriots, witch-hunts to destroy everyone who reveals the truth about them, embracing criminals and illegal aliens against citizens, declaring they will steal from citizens by taking their guns to make them defenseless slaves, all while giving American power back to China, are being called “loving America.” High for leftists is rising to the sewer of humanity. Do you think you’re free? Do you dare wear a MAGA cap or put a GOP bumper sticker on your car?

Democrats are so dysfunctional, full of hate, and greedy for power that they are willing to burn down their cities in an effort to incriminate Trump and intimidate voters. Their combination of unleashing their thugs on the streets to terrorize the citizens with the help of Democrat mayors and governors who endorse them, by hobbling the police who are being maimed, is an outright act of treason engaging in civil war. In addition, their Covid terrorism to keep businesses shut down is forcing them to either close and move or to function from outside over the Internet. Their solution to their lost revenues is to raise taxes on the rich forcing them to flee to Republican centers where taxes are not confiscated from them. This all results in the middle class and poor suffering because they no longer have jobs amid the high costs of living in these places, so they, too, flee.

Blue states believe they can recoup their losses by taxing red state citizens more. They have been blocked from doing this by President Trump who canceled their federal tax exemption making their own citizens pay the price of the Democrat policies for which they voted. Democrats demand Trump bail out their cities from their greed using red state taxes. This is nothing more than redistribution of wealth via communism by stealth and subterfuge. Socialist Bernie Sanders is running the DNC with Biden as his puppet doing what their communist Moslem task master, Barack Hussein Obama, and his globalist elite masters demand. Now they are blaming Trump for the closures and the people who are adding to the welfare rolls as “mismanagement of the Obama Boom.” Do you think liberals understand economics enough to realize what Democrats have been doing to them for decades?

The blend of leftist lies and liberal gullibility results in liberals who believe their own lies, who become invested in those lies, and who are led by wolves in sheep’s clothing to pursue a course that is self-destructive without understanding they are fostering social fascism against freedom. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are prime cases in point. Biden is a half-wit on his best day and with his dementia he’s just a puppet. Harris, who declared she believed Biden’s accusers until she was selected as VP as potential president, was the worst candidate in the primaries. She said she believes Biden is a racist and now says he is not. Harris’ two-faced character goes as deep as Obama’s, Biden’s, and Bernie’s in her efforts to twist in the wind of portraying herself as whatever she can convince liberals to believe.

They endorse their street thugs tearing apart America culture and defunding police, then say they are for America. In which Kamala Harris do you believe? The one who says 18-24-year-olds are stupid or the one who says 16-year-olds should vote? Liberals are so dumb that when Democrats say Biden doesn’t have defund police on his stated agenda, but it does say to redirect funds from the police, they don’t understand that this is just two ways to say the same thing. How about we redirect their salaries and welfare to someone else? Do you think they would understand then? How openly two-faced must Democrats be before liberals open their eyes? How long can they be duped by platitudes and empty rhetoric of dreamy things? Liberal’s mentality is exemplified by the song, “Stressed Out” by Twenty-One Pilots, in which they express their anxiety at having to live life responsibly wishing they could be children again being cared for by their mother. This is what they desire from their Democrat master’s nanny state.

The Left is at War with America

Harris believed Biden’s accusers until she turned her other face

The Biden Bus Meets the Trump Train

Harris says Trump ruined the “Obama Boom.” Obama managed America’s decline. He said so! He said manufacturing jobs would never come back unless Trump had a “magic wand.” Trump’s magic wand turned out to be the same magic wand Obama used to squelch the economy – his pen that he used to scratch out Obama’s regulations thus creating the Trump Boom! She says Trump won’t let kids go back to school out of one side of her face while calling for schools to remain closed out of the other because of their faux plague. She and Biden want to reverse everything Trump has done to return it Obama’s decline into globalism. The leftwing media is trying to portray them as pragmatic centrist moderates, but both are well known leftist radicals promoting the anti-America, anti-Christian ideology that has become the DNC – Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party.

Democrats flee Democrat controlled cities and states they voted for because of the policies for which they voted and then stupidly vote for them in Republican places. Democrat policies have destroyed their cities and turned them over to fascist thugs. Now they will go to Republican areas to corrupt them. Talk about the galactically stupid thinking with their heads up their collective asses! Once they can flip a state by hook (fooling people) then they secure it by crook (corrupting the vote to steal future elections). Democrat leaders are happy to have this happen. Most of those fleeing are Republicans who feel the hopelessness of overcoming Democrat voter fraud. But some are their stupid slaves who will vote for them regardless of what they do. They only believe in what they say. Forrest and Larry say this about liberals; “Stupid is as stupid does,” and, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Democrats plan is to corrupt all the nation with their city ghetto filth mentality. The people originally fled the corrupt cities to create the suburbs because of their crime and corruption. Now Democrats want to relocate their criminals into the suburbs to terrorize the good people of the nation. This is why they endorse thug culture and why they now demonize Republicans as racists to justify in the minds of their criminals a righteousness that is founded in evil. This is identical to the ideologies of the Communist tyranny, the Nazi death camps, the Spanish Inquisition, the Islamic Jihad, and every genocidal tyranny in history. They create the ideal in the minds of liberals that it would be Nirvana to eliminate half the population so the other half can be happy slaves living an illusion of freedom.

The Democratic National-Socialist Communist Convention

I can’t go into the mountain of B.S. that the Democrat Convention piled onto the people’s heads to blind them to reality. But those who are not deaf, dumb, blind, and unable to smell are the only ones who are duped by them. Trump’s convention will be the exact opposite. While Democrats demonize him as being everything that they are, outside of their fairy tales, he will be exposing them in the streets, in person, in public. As they burn down their cities, they blame Trump, and only the most galactic of fools and haters will believe them. Democrat’s theme is that Trump has failed America and that they are “uniters” as they tear apart this country. Their campaign is 100% Trump hate with no plans to make America better. If Trump were Jesus, they would be screaming for him to be crucified.

Voter Suppression is a Good Thing

Democrats keep saying Trump had Russia steal the election for him as if that were possible. What is possible is for Democrat operatives casting phony ballots by the millions. They believe they are righteous and thus it is fair and justifiable for them to do so. America needs voter ID and extreme vetting to stop this. Democrat votes would probably drop over 10% if all their voter fraud were crushed. No one should be allowed to vote more than once. In addition, no one should be allowed to vote:

  • in multiple states and cities
  • as a non-citizen
  • if underage
  • on behalf of someone else
  • when they are dead
  • by filling in an empty ballot
  • through ballot harvesting

We already know that Minnesota has this down to a science as proven by their being the only state to vote against the Reagan Boom and having watched them steal the 60th Senate seat for Obama in 2008 by “discovering ballots” a week after the Republican won the election. In addition to stopping their multiple casting of ballots, there should be an intelligence and knowledge test. Liberals are the most ignorant, misguided, and stupid people there are that vote. Even Kamala Harris said 18-24-years-olds are dumb, but then turned the other face to say that even dumber and more ignorant 16-year-olds should vote. They are not only too young to understand simple economics, as liberals they are too dysfunctional to understand simple math. They simply believe when they are told that Trump mismanaged Obama’s great economy. They don’t know that Obama crushed the economy after Democrats nuked it with their mortgage bank crash to blame Bush. Now they are doing the same with Covid terrorism and blaming Trump.

Democrats are doing their utmost to crush patriotism in America through sports. They have banned anything that inspires patriotism because such feelings inevitably lead to the Republican Party. Democrats are not what they have always pretended to be – watching out for the little guy against monstrous rich people. They are the ultra-rich elites who would suck up the wealth to leave the people in poverty the same way Chavez and Castro have done in their formerly rich countries. They appeal, not to the least of us, but to the worst of us. They endear themselves to the ignorant while promoting the immorality of criminals. Their high taxes are designed to make people dependent on them for their survival. By this means they make everyone who votes for them their debt slaves. Gone are the days of Democrats pretending to be what they are not. Obama was the last stealth communist, anti-Christian Moslem who opened the way for them to divide the nation and declare their true nature as the scorpion on our backs.

But Donald Trump is a business genius and the economy is roaring back. Only in Democrat controlled cities is it floundering until it crashes. Saying Trump is a divider and Biden is courageous is a flaccid joke. What has Biden ever achieved for the betterment of America? Trump has brought back the manufacturing jobs Obama/Biden shipped out to China saying it would require a magic wand to bring them back. The nation hasn’t been this divided since the first Civil War and it took a Lincoln to unite it again. Biden says Trump is promoting division, racism, and hate by saying he won’t allow Democrats to put criminals into low income housing within suburbs. See what happens when these city thugs come out to invade our homes. The only upside is that we will reduce the criminal population that Democrats coddle in their cities. Living in suburbs won’t make life better for criminals. America will only be united again under the nation’s new Lincoln who is fighting and winning this second Civil War – President Donald Trump.

A New Low for Trump

Pathetic Convention, Pathetic Ratings for Pathetic Plugs

The Ingraham Angle 8-17 full show (scrubbed from YouTube)

American Cities Might Never Be the Same?

[Author’s Note: It is sickeningly disgusting to listen to Democrats spin their web of lies about how evil Trump is and how glorious they are when we know the opposite to be true – at least those of us who pay attention to what they do rather than what they say. Democrats are proving they are the fascists, the Nazis, the communists, the anti-Christian atheists, the Islamists, the League of Shadows, and Hydra all rolled into one. Yes, I am saying that our fictional villains are taken from real life villains, criminals, and tyrants. Destroying cities, oppressing the poor, terrorizing the righteous; these are how leftists have always ruled and how they operate to attain power. Give them an inch and they will take your life. Only perpetual liberal dupes believe their words coming out of their two-faces.

Biden/Harris is the worst ticket Democrats could put forth. He’s a half-wit on his best day and is now a demented, doddering old fool. She was so disliked that she was first to drop from the primaries. They are up against the new Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Reagan warrior – Donald J. Trump! What chance do they have without MASSIVE mail-in voter fraud? In a fair election, he would crush them and all Democrats like bugs taking the House and a Supermajority Senate. But this isn’t the case yet. Biden/Harris represent their desperate hope and also their sacrificial lambs because they are both worthless. If they can steal the election, they can be discarded. If they lose, they will not be missed.

Obama and Cuomo are the quintessential examples of two-faced Democrats blaming their own failures on others while taking credit for the successes of others and then pathologically lying about it. Obama says Trump takes American soldiers lives in vain by having them stop rioters, while he had put rules of engagement restrictions on them saying how wonderful it was if they died to jihadi terrorists. Cuomo keeps saying Trump is responsible for virus deaths when it was he who put infected patients into New York nursing homes. He still won’t count those who died after being transferred to hospitals in the total that he killed. Democrats keep calling this the Trump virus rather than the Chinese virus because they are complicit in infecting the nation with flu and fear just as they are complicit when they stand on the streets next to rioters assaulting police.

Conservatives know the truth. The NeverTrumpers have thrown off their sheep’s clothing and now are all in with Democrats. They demand that Republicans pay for the destruction wrought by Democrats. There is no working with them. There is only submitting to them as slaves or defeating them. And they must not just be taken down by election but brought to justice in our courts or in our streets! What will President Trump do if Democrats can steal the House again like they did in 2018? What if they steal the Senate, too? And what will he do if their mail-in ballot scam declares they have taken the White House? Surrender is not in his nature. What will he do in that eventually that is a very real possibility in states with Democrat governors willing to steal ballots?]

When Will This Farce End?

Democrats, Leftists, Liberals and Their Dysfunctional Thinking

Cancel Culture – A Study in the Two-Faced, Self-Righteous Hypocrisy of Leftism

Build Back Better – Democrats Have a Plan

The Irony of Democrat’s Ultimate Two-Faced Ideology

Trump’s Campaign Slogan Should Be – SAVE AMERICA!

Democrat Cities are the Third World Sh*tholes of America

Black lives won’t matter until they matter to black people

Democrat’s Continuing War on America, Christianity, and Liberty

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