When Will This Farce End?

America remains on lockdown while the rest of the nations are returning to normal after China deliberately infected the world. American teachers threaten lawsuits and walkouts if even one child tests positive for Covid-19. Yet we already have thousands of false positives. Europe never shut down their schools. Yet Democrats believe that anyone who catches a Coronavirus is not just going to suffer a flu. They think it’s a death sentence. Will it only end if we vote Democrats back into power?

What good would that do? Then we just go back to Obamunism as if that was any good! Three years of Trump has proven beyond any doubt, at least in the minds of anyone who isn’t a brainwashed fool, that Obama was leading America into a decline of the Democrat’s design, and that President Trump has been leading the nation back to greatness. To deny this fundamental truth is to deny righteous reason.

Exposing the media lies about Covid

If one child dies, then the world comes to an end! How stupid is that? Kids get killed and die of disease all the time! It’s not heartless, it’s just reality. Liberal stupidity is driving this pandemic panic. Wearing masks has become the new hijab of slave wear for fear of the mask Nazis coming after you. We know that Democrats deliberately infected old people in nursing homes and denied people a known life saving medication to kill them and inflate this disease. It has been SIX MONTHS since we were told the nation needed two weeks to slow the spread. This is just another facet of Democrat terrorism. Refusing to obey Democrat government mandates has become their new witch-hunt of those “science deniers” to burn them at the stake! It’s time this farce be brought to an end!

“Millions of children and teachers are dying to Covid in Europe where they didn’t shut down their schools. Bodies are piled up in hallways until they can be collected for dumping in mass graves. Americans opening their schools are inviting the Black Death to kill their children!”

How stupid are you people who believe this BS? How stupid are you Democrats that you are so ignorant that you can be so easily and completely duped? Morons! It’s a disgusting shame that you people are allowed to vote. That explains why the American economy has been either been choked down or pushed into depression for the last century because dumb people vote Democrat. Years that defined America include 1930, 1986, 2008, and now 2020 as years that Democrats completely nuked the economy in an effort to dupe ignorant people into electing them to power. This is why America didn’t realize its full potential in the 20th century.

Just listen to pundits talk on leftwing networks. They talk in circles skirting issues hoping you will use their implied blame to scapegoat Republicans with false allegations. America is NOT “inherently racist.” Nations are not racist. Our Constitution is not a racist document. White people are not innately racist. ALL PEOPLE ARE! If bigotry were studied, they would find far more black people are racist bigots than white people. The left’s entire premise is based on a falsehood wrapped in an allegation contained in leftist bigotry. They are the bigots promoting racism to divide this nation and profit from the strife they create. To have a billionaire like Oprah Winfrey lecture poor white people about their “privilege” is a crime against humanity and morality in itself.

Billionaire Black Woman Lectures Poor White People on Their Privilege

Leftists making their eternal false accusations of racism are just a pack of a**holes that need to be told to STFU, eat sh*t, and die – NOT PANDERED TO, APPEASED, OR GIVEN POWER! If you give in to a leftist in even the smallest degree you only invite them to demand more until they take everything from you including your freedom and your life.

Democrat Gold Plated Stupidity

Biden says Hispanics are diverse but only a few blacks think for themselves as Uncle Toms. Are Democrats right to believe that blacks can’t see through the left’s duplicity? That they believe the lies they are told so completely that they can not only repeat those lies but believe their own lies. Trying to say that he was speaking about diversity of geography is just more leftist doubletalk to confuse the issue in the minds of the ignorant. Recognizing empty rhetoric, doubletalk, and making word salads of incoherent ideals is how the intelligent can recognize propaganda over substance, but to which liberals fall prey.

Biden and Harris are campaigning on smearing Trump as being incompetent in handling the Coronavirus. If they meant that he foolishly believed Democrat lies that this was a plague, I would agree. But they say that he didn’t do the brilliant things that doddering Joe Biden would have done. Yet everything Biden’s handlers say he would have done, since he can’t speak intelligently for himself, are the very things that President Trump has already done! Biden says he would have shut down travel from China sooner counting on his unintelligent base to have forgotten he fought against Trump restricting travel at all. The only reason Democrats don’t know this is because they listen to the other five networks besides FOX News leaving them in the darkness of leftwing media censorship. This is why they stupidly believe the best and safest treatment for this virus, Hydroxychloroquine, is poison.

Portland’s mayor tells his thugs to stop giving Trump newsreel footage to use against Dums. He doesn’t berate them for attempting to murder cops. He proudly stood with them against the police. He condemns them for giving Republicans video proof of their hatred for America and sponsorship of criminals. There is not a Democrat in this country, along with 10%-20% of Republicans who would work with them, that I would trust. Democrats are furious that Trump used an executive order to override their attempts to keep unemployment relief from the people so they could sow pain and discord.

Trump’s moratorium on the payroll tax is being portrayed as eliminating Social Security. This lie falls on its face with intelligent people who recognize that his action of paying this through borrowing deficit dollars is far superior to Democrat’s proposal because it puts money in the pockets of the people rather than in the pockets of Democrats. Democrats lied to the president that millions would die and continue this lie claiming that millions will die if the economy is reopened. This farce has got to be brought to an end. Keeping healthy Americans quarantined through terrorizing them unless they give Democrats power over them must be crushed along with their insurrection. Their thugs in the streets and criminals in government must be brought to justice!

Trump’s push to reopen schools is being portrayed as murdering our children when the rest of the world is looking on at us in contempt for our fears. The campaigns between Trump and Biden are in stark contrast to one another. The media smears Trump for violating quarantine by not wearing masks and he throws their condemnations back in their faces saying his people are protesting which Democrats said was acceptable exception. If masks are so great why did they not issue them to prisoners rather than freeing them to commit more murders, rapes, and robberies? Meanwhile, Biden hides in his basement because he is better not seen or heard. This is not surprising. Have you ever listened to Joe Biden?  Like so many Democrats, on his best day Biden has always proven to be a halfwit on his best day like AOC and Maxine Waters even before his dementia.

President Trump also condemned Biden’s actions against the Christian church and God. The media immediately ran to Biden’s defense calling him a “devout Catholic.” This is as valid as saying the Godfather was a devout Catholic. On Fox & Friends, Cardinal Dolan said we must shine as Christians to bring others into the fold. This is wrong. We have been doing this passively and the left has risen up intent on silencing us and destroying us. Jesus said to turn the other cheek when slapped. That refers to insults, not to assaults. If we don’t fight back against evil, then we permit it to rule. Jesus did not tell us to give our children to those who would warp their minds, corrupt their hearts, and enslave their bodies. If Jesus instructed us to not fight against evil, to lay down for them as their whipping boys, He would never have overturned the moneychanger’s tables in the Temple.

Loving the Christian God or Submitting to Allah

Republicans love America. Democrats hate America. This is the essence of the two parties as exhibited by their public actions and declarations. Democrats claiming they love this country while hating those who do and call themselves righteous and loving as a divine joke of satanism. Those who spit in God’s Face believe themselves to be better than God. When Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, and Obama say they are devout Christians and Catholics, their pundits say we have no right to question their faith. All believe in killing babies in the womb, persecuting Christians, disarming citizens to enslave the masses, and promote the ideologies of atheism and Islamism.

Obama even took the name of his Moslem father. What is Christian about that? Those American pastors who invite Moslems to use their churches to worship are inviting satanists to stand over the Altars of Christ in the House of God. Just because they say Allah is God doesn’t make it so. Allahu Akbar when translated correctly is not “God is Great,” but is “Our god is greater,” which is why it is their battle cry against unbelievers who do not submit to Allah. The whole reason behind their Ground Zero Mosque was to build a shrine on the graves of their slain enemies.

Muhammad demeaned and persecuted Christians and Jews as “people of the book” with whom no devout Muslim should make their friends. For those who often forget, Jesus is a Jew and Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism. Muhammad said outright that Jesus was not the Son of God, that God has no son, and there is no Messiah. He speaks about his god Allah who is anti-God telling his followers to reject the Christian/Judeo God and submit to Allah’s will. Islam translates as “submit.” Muslim, if translated, would be slave, and Jihad translates as Holy War by fanatic zealots against unbelieving infidels who will not submit, not an internal struggle to overcome evil within oneself.

Islamists, like all leftists, believe themselves to be without sin. They say that Islam is peace. When the righteous point out the innate, fundamental hate within Islam they are called “haters.” They are then told that if they don’t stop pointing out that Islam is inherently oppressive, violent, and two-faced then they will be killed. Confusing good people who are Moslem slaves with the ideology of Islam is a great mistake to confuse Islam with good. The same confusion rules when people mistake Democrats for patriots or moderates. Kamala Harris was determined last year as more leftwing than even Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. Yet now the leftwing media is trying to pass her off as a “moderate progressive.” If being for disarming citizens while setting criminals free is now what Democrat’s call a moderate then they have truly gone off the cliff of leftism.

Swamp rat Carl Rove says his advice for Trump is don’t go after Harris because she is a woman of color who can finish sentences. He’s a fool to think Trump can’t stuff her leftwing ideological agenda down her throat. Was this the advice he gave to McCain in 2008 against Obama? How successful was that to not point out that the Barack Hussein Obama is a Moslem communist? The nation suffered eight years of Obamunism and millions of minds and hearts were twisted with his soft racist rhetoric. Now we are seeing the results of his hate being acted out on our streets with property destroyed and police being assaulted with deadly weapons while Democrats threaten them and citizens who defend themselves.

Trump’s genius in drawing out the left to expose their lies is why he exaggerates. Leftist media utilize propaganda by omitting, obscuring, or outright lying about the facts in order to declare Trump’s facts to be false. They then must reveal the truth to expose his exaggerations that they call lies because their own lies will not refute his exaggerations. They are the ones who invented the concept of “alternate facts” saying that everyone is not entitled to their own opinion but must only believe in their facts despite being proven false. Donald Trump is brilliant in his tactics of exposing them as two-faced liars. They can say he is lying all they want, but when all of the truth is revealed, when you know all the facts from both sides, they expose themselves to be dealing in duplicity that any morally, right-minded person can see.

Nothing Democrats say or want to do is righteous. Biden says Trump didn’t close the border to the Chinese soon enough counting on his brainless zealots having forgotten that he fought against Trump when the president took that action calling it racist. Democrats want to shut down police or let thugs rule the streets. Biden declared that Trump “coddles terrorists” as if he didn’t blast Soleimani to Paradise. What planet is he on? How dysfunctional are liberal’s brains? Their plan to use mail-in voter fraud by shotgun mailing millions of ballots to whoever to overturn the election will result in their declaring Biden victor weeks after Trump wins then declare the president a usurper. These Democrats are overthrowing law and order to terrorize the people with violence and lies. Police are being fired and resigning. Who will stand up for the people? Who will overthrow these Democrat tyrants? Will the military stand behind the people or the politicians? Police are handcuffed by the people to not rise up and overthrow these lawless mayors standing with rioters.

What else can the cops do when it was the people who stupidly voted these commie fascists into power? What can we do with liberal fools who believe in their lies that Republicans are Nazis and they are the “good communists?” They lied about Russia for three years. They send their thugs into the streets to terrorize us. They lie about the virus to keep the economy crushed. When they are doing all of this, what makes anyone think they wouldn’t conduct massive voter fraud if their terror tactics don’t work to keep people from voting Republican? What does it take to educate an ignorant Democrat that they are engaging in a second Civil War? Shooting these terrorists would only be torpedoed as tyranny. But we must damn their torpedoes and go full speed ahead or we will lose this war! You don’t win wars by being reasonable. You don’t win wars by voting.


A righteous person lives his life in consideration of others. They work together for the betterment of all. Capitalism provides the incentive for each person to do their best. A leftist lives his life at the expense of others. Each person takes what they want from others to benefit themselves. Socialism takes away incentive by stealing from those who produce more to give to those who are lazy. American patriots comprise the righteous while the left is composed of crime families. Leftists always project their negativity onto others. They project their thieving mentality on the righteous to justify stealing from them.

They believe in their twisted minds that prosperity was stolen from them thus justifying becoming thieves themselves. They lie to themselves so much that they believe their own lies. This is leftism. This is the Democratic National-Socialist Communist Party. They have always been the American left. Today they are openly declaring their true nature only because they believe they have corrupted the hearts of young people enough that they will go along with their voter fraud to overthrow America’s greatest Christian president since Lincoln.

Everyone is born a leftist and must learn moral righteousness. No one has to teach a child to be selfish, to take food or toys from others, to scream when they don’t get what they want and leave things laying around. They must be taught to share, to be considerate of others, and to be respectful and responsible. Thugs do not learn or earn respect. They induce fear they equate to respect. These liberal fascist rioters are all guilty of crimes against the police, the citizens, and humanity. Those who stand next to the ones throwing stones and watching them shoot police with lasers are equally guilty as accessories. All of them deserve to have justice brought down on their heads. Their Democrat masters deserve to hang alongside them.

Leftists are negative. They see their glass as half empty and resent others for having more than they. The righteous see their glass as half full and are thankful for what they have. Leftists see others as being flawed, sinful, and unworthy. The righteous see the flaws in themselves, recognize their own sinful nature, and see themselves as unworthy which is why we turn to Christ. With such a malicious nature, what small step is there to realize that they would deliberately infect others with the virus? They created the KKK to terrorize blacks from voting Republican. Now they do it by duping the ignorant with lies and smears. Democrats don’t even know what republicanism stands for nor the agenda of their own party. Harris is portrayed as part of the black slave culture demanding reparations when he own father revealed that she is descended from slave owners. Liberals only know the lies they are told. And when we tell them the truth, they say were are hatefully hurting them. Grow up children!

The NeverTrumpers of the “New Lincoln Project” are not promoting republicanism. They are endorsing Democrats! They are saying that Republicans are the new Nazis. Only the most stupid, ignorant of people believe that these backwards, two-faced ideologues promoting leftism are righteous. They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing who have been leading Republicans to their destruction. Now they are exposing their true nature in damning the people they duped with their speeches about republicanism by turning on those people in the moment of truth when President Trump is fulfilling the Republican agenda. This is why he must fight ten times harder to overcome the deluge of lies being told about the Christian right. Democrats speak stupid lies like saying Obama created a great economy and had no pandemics while he was president as if 1% choked growth and the Swine and Avian Flus didn’t exist. Unless people speak up to thwart Democrat’s false premises then people end up believing their lies. Trump is the only one who does this!

Joe Biden has already declared that Democrats would mandate making the people slaves to their will from wearing masks outdoors to paying taxes. What is the difference between collecting no taxes and Trump giving the people a payroll tax holiday? Either way they collect no money. They only borrow against future tax dollars like Obama did to put our grandchildren into debt slavery and give that money to their blue state cronies. Democrat’s mandates for America would be to submit to criminals leaving citizens paying them both as their slaves. Thus, the left would leave the righteous between a rock and a hard place to live their lives in fear and destitution as all communists do. That’s why the police and military must rise up behind the citizens to overthrow Democrats before this nation falls to these lying tyrants who dupe so many. Don’t be that dupe.

Signed; We the people who cannot be fooled all of the time.

[Author’s Note: There is a reason that you kill, not capture, terrorists. The only reason to capture them is to interrogate them for intelligence – then you execute them! A dead terrorist can be a martyr to their cause to inspire others, but when enough of them are dead they stop being a threat. These Democrat terrorists and their masters need to be brought to justice. Biden and Harris think they are leaders showing us what “true leadership looks like.” True leadership is what Donald Trump exhibits. The only question is will he not only fight off the Democrats but bring the fight to them? AG Barr just began the first prosecution for the Obama spying crimes. Unless they reach the top then this will just be an exercise in futility.

Leftist Democrats are all about creating impressions about others that are based on the lies they can tell, from Blood Libel of Jews to portraying Republicans as KKK Nazis. Everything they say about others is a reflection of themselves that they project on to others. They rely on the immoral ignorance of liberals to become emotionally invested in their lies. Their backwards thinking, irrational logic, and dysfunctional immorality are all biased against what is known to be good and right in the world. Their only purpose is to smear others to make them appear worse than themselves while glorifying their own wrongs to appear superior.

They drag everyone down in the name of equality. They can’t tell the difference between fighting for right to defend freedom by stopping criminals and fighting to impose their sickness on others by making them slaves. Thus, they justify their hate as being based on love because they lack a moral compass. Communism and National Socialism have been the ideologies that have murdered and enslaved more people in the 20th century than even Islam that is responsible for murdering and enslaving hundreds of millions of people through the centuries. They are all leftist ideologies that endorse criminal terrorism of the people.

The left’s meme that Trump is a pathological liar who would need real time fact checking in a debate is how they would keep their lies alive like Candy Crowley did in the 2012 debate between Obama and Romney. She “fact checked” Romney’s “claim” that Obama didn’t call the Benghazi attack terrorism and confessed the next day after that this was true. They would do the same to Trump just as Chris Wallace did when he interviewed Trump declaring that Biden never said he would defund the police only to reveal later that he said he would “redirect funds from the police” which is the same damn thing. Leftist lies from their Democrat leaders and their propaganda media misdirecting them are what liberals fall prey to every day.

Democrat liberalism is based on creating lies that fools believe. They gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he even took office and he gave Iran the green light on developing nuclear weapons to use against Israel. Now Trump has gotten the UAE to recognize Israel, but no peace prize will come from that. He forces China to deal in fair trade with the U.S. and they unleash a virus on the world claiming it’s like Ebola and Democrats help them. They try to revise history saying the USA had no cause to use nukes on Japan claiming they would have surrendered. The truth is the Emperor himself wrote a biography about how he had to hide from his prime minister’s guards to force a surrender after the second bomb. Democratic socialism is based on their stupidly believing they are not destructive. This is what millions of Americans will be voting for in November. They cannot be permitted to usurp power.

P.S. Democrats are smearing the post office as being inadequate and sabotaged by Trump. They want 25 billions of dollars to “make certain ballots are processed.” That’s over $150 per vote. As in all things, Obama speaks up saying Trump takes responsibility for nothing while taking credit for everything. This is hilarious coming from the guy trying to take credit for the Trump economy while simultaneously declaring it worthless. As always, Democrats blame their own failures on others while taking credit for the successes of others. It’s all a big dog and pony show to distract people from what is important – Democrat’s insurrection, riots, and sabotage of the economy to convince fools to allow them to commit the most massive voter fraud in history.]

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