Leftist Eco-Terrorism Increasing Mental Illness of Liberalism

Leftists are indoctrinating our children to be dysfunctional liberals.  Eco-anxiety.  Transgenderism.  White Privilege.  The anti-American, anti-Christian left is teaching our children to be confused, unstable, insane, hateful adults like themselves, if you can call them adults at all.  Being more advanced in years without being mature or educated does not make you an adult.  Giving these people their way when they are mentally, emotionally, and socially dysfunctional is not benefiting society.  It’s corrupting our culture.

Leftists are the wolf who cried wolf

  • Russian Collusion
  • Republican Nazi Racism
  • Climate Change

These are the frauds they are perpetrating on an ignorant, gullible, naïve public.

Laura Ingraham on climate change hysteria

I Have a Dream That Leftist Climate Change Child Abuse Begins to Backfire

That social liberalism is a mental disorder of irrational people is an understatement.  Leftists are ruthlessly striving to brainwash our children to be functional psychotics who are barely able to do simple jobs while being ungrounded in reality and incapable of exercising rational, logical thought.  The lunacy they have fostered with their Russian collusion impeachment fraud, their misrepresentation of Nazism and racism, are part of their eco-terrorism, all of which are easily refuted by those who truly understand politics, science, and history.

They create eco-terror in the minds of their dupes by teaching the stupidity that all life on the planet is dying from CO2.  They instill insanity by presenting ludicrous premises as science fact, such as creating more than two genders.  Their purpose is to redefine psychological disorders like sexual confusion as normal.  They incite racism against all white men on the basis of lies, propaganda, and miseducation.  They rewrite history and abolish faith to teach that God is the oppressor and Satan is the liberator.

Their purpose is to conceal their true nature while smearing the righteous.  Their goal is to emasculate America in order to make her weaker in the world so that she will fall to leftism.  They are accomplishing this by teaching corruption to warp minds and make their zealots incapable of rational thought as our enemies are arming teaching their children to destroy us.  America has a social sickness and it’s called Social Justice whose goal is to unmake America by making social liberals who will happily make themselves slaves to the globalist elites.

Leftists are teaching our children to disobey the law, disrespect authority, and act in an irrational, violent manner.  Democrats breaking the law and thumbing their noses at the Constitution as they claim to be upholding it are not making America better.  They are tearing it apart.  Unless they are brought to justice, America is on the left’s road to hell paved with their good intentions.  By the time social liberals figure out that they’re in a handbasket without knowing where they are going it will be too late.  They don’t need to be negotiated with but defeated.

“When good compromises with evil, evil wins.” – Rush Limbaugh

“All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

“If all human ideas, good and bad, are allowed a battleground, so long as Truth is in the field, Truth will prevail.”  – John Milton

Howard Zinn and Saul Alinsky are the modern minions of leftism teaching what is wrong as being right to instruct evil people how to overthrow the righteous.  Jefferson didn’t begin the Democratic Party.  Machiavelli did not teach evil but how to combat evil.  Jesus was not an extraterrestrial about whom people created fantasies.  The children of these idiot kids are not going to see the world as it is today because the West is allowing the backwards ideology of Islam to invade and destroy it.  Environmental wackoism is merely their vehicle by which they will do it.

Democrats incited ignorant young people to cut school in order to protest for their environmentalism.  Now the eco-idiot chant is “net-zero carbon emissions” by 2025 is their new mantra.  Net zero describes exactly how the Earth’s ecosystem operates regardless of human actions.  If more carbon goes into the air, more plants grow to take it out – without human assistance.  If people put more carbon in the air, then God’s nature removes it.  These children are trying to lead.  Before you can lead, you must be willing to follow, and who you choose to follow will make all the difference.  These children are following leftists who lead them into living lies and they go out to spread those lies through miseducation, fearmongering, and liberal insanity.

In 2006, Al Gore said that the sea levels would rise 25 feet by 2020.  Since that hasn’t happened, why don’t they take the win and announce that Obama saved the world?  The answer is because it never was going to happen, and they know it.  Their only goal is to dupe fools into electing socialist dictators.  That liberals do not understand the politics behind the science is why they are being so easily duped by socialists to sell their souls to Democrats.

Fox & Friends Saturday 9/21/19 6am – min 25:20-29:34 Climate Protests

Refuting global warming science is elementary


Liberal Climate Science is a Load of Gobbledygook

Biden’s Lies Reveal Democrat’s Two-Faced Socialist Injustice

The Naked Soul of the Democrat Party

[Author’s Note: Why is most of this article about faith?  Because that’s what the left’s climate science is.  It is not science.  It is religious dogma about humans killing the planet and abortion is their sacrament.  When you hear Democrats talking about this, they are using the same vehemence as old Bible thumping fire and brimstone preachers used to use to scare their congregations.  They don’t rely on facts but on feelings.  That’s how they are scaring these children to death.  Democrats use “children” (teenagers) like Greta Thunburg and David Hogg to portray them as sympathetic victims because they play well to the camera.  They call Hogg a “mass shooting survivor” when all he is just a student that was present at the school in which others were shot in other classrooms.

I remember when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded in the Gulf and opened her pipe to the sea and spilled ten times more oil than the Exxon Valdez before they sealed it.  My brother was telling all his friends who would listen, “Every coast in the Gulf is going to be soaked in oil.  The Gulf is gone!  Florida is gone!  It’s going to go all the way up to North Carolina and all the coasts will be black.”  The result was that Louisiana got some oily shores, and some tar babies washed up on shores as far away as Panama City Beach.  But that was it.  Liberals were convinced that there was a humongous cloud of death floating around under the surface because they have no inkling of how the oceans absorb oil all the time.

This is the kind of lunacy that leftists teach, and fools believe.  A low-grade moron like AOC and this Swedish girl are leading the left into stupidity.  Why isn’t this girl talking about the Moslems her country is importing who are gang raping free spirited Swedish girls when they catch them alone?  It’s not rocket science to understand that no one can predict the future, yet leftists keep saying they can predict the rising of the oceans and the scouring of the land.  It’s backwards thinking, contradictory idiocy on public display, and these poor little children are brainwashed into believing it is fact.  The only future that can be predicted with absolute certainty is that any nation that adopts socialism will be enslaved.  That is the kind of child abuse that must be stopped and the only way to do it is by taking back our education system from these leftwingnuts.]

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1 Response to Leftist Eco-Terrorism Increasing Mental Illness of Liberalism

  1. Roy says:

    The family structure has changed. Societal values have changed. Education has changed. Not all change is good. The problem is how do we change it back and instill common sense once again?
    Single parent households, leftist educators, judges, politicians, media and civil service employees – what a mess we have allowed to fester in this country.


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