Communism’s Ugly Fascist Face in Democrat Controlled Amerika

What would you do if you found out your parents, your family, or your friends were members of the Communist Party? What if they were Russian or Chinese spies subverting, sabotaging, and propagandizing Americans? What if they were members of the Nazi Party? What if they were part of a Satanic Cult? Would you be proud or abhorred? How do you feel about them being Democrats? Liberals believe that Republicans are Nazi racists. How did they come to this conclusion? Did they come to this understanding by examining evidence, or do they just believe it because someone told them it is so? Engage a liberal in debate and you will find confusion reigns in their dysfunctional thinking.

There are groups of liberal Democrat teachers around the country that are creating “enemies lists” of Republican parents who object to their children being indoctrinated into the leftist ideology of socialism. Socialists teach Critical Race Theory in which whites are smeared as evil racists. They see this as righteous to justify their actions. If someone wants to teach your child a philosophy to hate a certain group of others whose only crime is objecting to your teaching is that righteousness or is that fascism? Republicans do not teach their children to be racist criminals oppressing others. But Democrats are doing exactly that! Systemic racism exists in America only in the Democratic National-socialist Communist Party. They are teaching children to be anti-white bigots and that crimes against them are righteous attacks to stop fascism.

Liberals say they will spread love instead of hate. Then they do the opposite like these teachers. Liberals are being fascists and don’t even realize it. They justify their crimes as righteous by using false allegations that they have been wronged. They damn white cops and praise black criminals believing they can justify their crimes because their ancestors were slaves. Their two-faced, self-righteous hypocrisy is limitless. They are the witch-hunters, the Inquisitors, the Gestapo. Their slave mask Nazis blame problems created by Democrats on Trump while they take credit for the achievements of Trump all while promising to fix those problems only to make them worse. Covid and the border crisis are prime examples. Democrats are importing communistas who don’t want to become Americans but want America destroyed by communism, and many of them are being imported with diseases including Covid. Liberals believe a great many things that are not true. For example:

Which of the following statements is racist?

  • All lives matter
  • All white people are racist

Liberals get it backwards because their morality and thinking are backwards. Dysfunctional people cannot tell the difference between truth and lies. Examine these statements in which liberals believe and then read the truth that follows:

  1. The invasion of the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021 was an “armed insurrection” according to Speaker Pelosi.
    1. No weapons were used by or found on the invaders led by Antifa/BLM agitators with the only person killed violently being a Republican woman standing peacefully in a hallway shot by a Democrat aide, while all reports that Capitol police were killed by assault were proven lies.
  2. Donald Trump said white supremacists are fine people.
    1. Donald Trump condemned white supremacists every time he spoke of them and actually said peaceful Republican and Democrat protesters were the fine people, yet he was repeatedly smeared as endorsing white supremacists, and Chris Wallace had the gall the ask him if he would condemn white supremacy in the 2016 debate and again in 2020 as if he had never done so.
  3. Sarah Palin said she can see Russia from her house.
    1. Tina Fey said that as a joke on SNL mocking Palin who had said that Russia and Alaska are within sight of each other because Russia owns the islands at the far end of the Aleutian island chain.
  4. Global warming is caused by pollution from the USA and can be alleviated by the USA stopping the use of fossil fuels.
    1. Liberals don’t count China’s pollution because they are an “emerging 3rd world economy” even though China’s economy is surpassing the U.S. and their cities are newer and better and spewing ten times our pollution, and they are now using their wealth to build a navy with which to challenge the United States’ monopoly on the high seas.
  5. The 2020 election was the fairest election in history.

The 2020 election was the most bogus in history using the template Democrats reported to President Bush on what must be done to stop election rigging to rig the election with massive anonymous mail-in ballots accepted even after Election Day to overturn the results.

2020 Electoral Map. This is not a map of Republicans and Democrats. This is a map of the middle class that is responsible for making America work to generate wealth. The little blue areas are where the desperate poor welfare voter slaves serve their elitist Democrat masters. The blue areas are where the greedy rich and greedy poor live. They are in the cities that are the heart of crime and corruption in America. They are the power centers of communist Amerika. The red is the backbone of the nation from which liberals want to steal.
2016 Electoral map. Notice the difference in these maps when Trump was elected over Hillary, and in the 2020 election when he increased his voter base by over 10 million officially but was actually over 20 million more votes. See how Democrat’s mail-in ballots flipped districts and states by taking away some 10 million votes from President Trump and adding 20-30 million bogus anonymous ballots to Democrats to keep their House seats and flip Senate seats. Notice the deep blue bastion of Minnesota that even voted against the Reagan economic boom is controlled by a tiny center where more ballots than registered voters are always counted. This year many Democrat cities recorded more than twice as many ballots as they had registered voters and Republicans were not permitted to challenge them in court.
Democrats have declared that the use of the word “supremacy” in physics is “racist!” How sick is the liberal mind to believe this kind of twaddle? The crap that comes out of their mouths originates between their ears as they hear and see the world in black and white. Liberalism is the study of dysfunctional thinking perpetuated by militant stupidity to force others to obey their commands while not living by their own standards. Liberalism is not fair and righteous. It is leftist injustice wherein those who are righteous are condemned by false allegations just as those in the past who were condemned by witch-hunters and the Spanish Inquisition. Democrats “inspire” their base by creating fear to generate hate. I will conclude this by declaring that it is THE SUPREMACY OF CHRIST OVER SATAN THAT DRIVES THEIR HATE!
Rush expounds on Democrat’s alliance with the Chicoms and how the Americoms work with them to suppress the free speech of the people and use terrorists against them, all while advancing the rights of criminals as justified and stripping away citizen’s protections by police and gun control to negate self-defense. Premier OBiden sold his soul to Satan long ago. Now he sells his body along with all Amerikans into slavery to China.
Rush understands that Premier Biden is a puppet with Obama’s hand up his arse as Kommie Harris awaits her chance to stand over the people of Democrat Amerika as their Americom dictator.
“Woke” Cancel Culture of leftism is not founded in love of America or patriotism. They are the America haters, the communist left that demands free speech as they terrorize the righteous to silence their free speech either through threat of costly lawsuits or actual violence. The illegal aliens the Democrats are importing are not America lovers who want to become Americans and live free. They are South/Central American communistas who are here to help the Democrat Americoms conquer this nation for communism.
Rush on how AOC exemplifies communist cancel culture and their methods of intimidation to impose their mis-education onto others through political correctness that is communist censorship of the righteous.

Obama keeps claiming his was “the most transparent administration in history.” Yet we know that they passed ObamaCare from behind closed doors and no one was allowed to read it until after they passed it, and his spying on Donald Trump’s campaign using U.S. intelligence resources and personnel is well documented. President Trump was extremely transparent in all of his doings, yet the media constantly smeared him as being secretly a white supremacist oppressing minorities. Liberals believe what they are told rather than believe their own “lying eyes.” Liberal’s backwards thinking is the sole cause of America’s decline into communism. Liberals don’t think they are greedy. They don’t think they are two-faced. They don’t think they are fascists. Their self-delusion is more than an impediment.

Fear, anger, greed, envy, and hate are the driving forces in liberalism. Fear is bred by insecurity and frustration. Envy and greed drive them to anger and hatred of those who are more successful or more moral than themselves. Of the Seven Deadly Sins from which we all suffer to some degree, I believe it would be found that greed, envy, and anger top the lists of most liberals. To embrace leftism is to accept the negative character of humans as being good. Liberals are defined by their ignorance, immorality, and immature emotional decision making. That is a common characteristic of the young and why older, experienced people largely become conservatives. That’s why Democrats want teenagers to have the vote to displace the elderly they want to be rid of in future elections. Communism always appeals to the ignorant as being the most fair and free culture of socialism wherein all people are cared for equally. History has proven this to be the ultimate lie of tyrants, and communist Amerika’s future will be no different.

[Author’s Note: I knew that nation was in far greater danger when Donald Trump won the presidency and then was stonewalled on investigating Obama’s spies while Republicans went to prison over the bogus Russian collusion scam. That became more evident when he was impeached over another lie that he was racketeering Ukraine when Biden had admitted doing so on television and nothing was done to him or his son. This all came to a head when President Trump was duped at long last by the left over the Chinese virus they unleashed on the world.

Convincing him to shut down the economy and have people wear masks that don’t protect anyone and be slaves to the government allowing them to create their mail-in voter fraud scam was the second most grievous mistake of his presidency. His most grievous mistake was in not enacting the Insurrection Act to stop them. President Trump surrendered to Democrat’s communist coup to seize control of the government rather than calling on America’s troops to arrest them all. America has fallen to communism and only the leftwing media continues to provide a façade by which they dupe most people into believing that elections are still free. No communist government has ever fallen to elections or protests.]


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10 Responses to Communism’s Ugly Fascist Face in Democrat Controlled Amerika

  1. allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

    I am going to proclaim that which is a constant, is Progressivism which is a psychosis so intense that only the total annihilation of those afflicted with the symptoms of it are not cured of it by their 14th Birthday the prior mentioned cure will need to be used if us Patriots are to save ourselves from enslavement.


    • dustyk103 says:

      That’s disturbing. Most people don’t become conservative until their 30s or 40s, which is why leftists want teenagers to vote and I say voting should be restricted until they are 25 years old or responsible youngsters with a job. The “kill ’em all and let God sort them out” ideology is pure leftism that forms that basis of their belief that we are defective and should be put in re-education camps or eliminated. You might want to re-evaluate you thinking. Educating liberals and exposing them to the truth goes a long way. It’s not till they are over 60 and devout leftists that I say they have crossed firmly over to the Dark Side. The only young ones I would put in that category are the worst of criminals. 😉


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        Sorry Dusty, there simply is no fixing what ails Progressives.


        • dustyk103 says:

          Before I turned 25, I voted for Jimmy Carter twice! Yes, there is a way to fix the ignorant young. It’s called education of the truth! We are all born ignorant and uneducated. It is up to those of us who have learned through experience and education to educate them to overcome the mis-education of leftist indoctrination. Older people have no such excuse. They are the liberals who grow up to become leftists because of their lack of morality. The young who refuse to listen, who are so arrogant in their ignorance that they scoff at opinions that don’t match theirs, or resort to violence to silence the righteous are the ones who grow up to become leftists. In their case, I fully agree that they must be defeated. And when they resort to violence is the time to use greater violence to defeat them.


          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            You forget they are still being fed Liberal lies by their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, we are speaking of hive collectives and why would they behave differently from what has been and is still being instilled within them?

            Liked by 1 person

          • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

            Clearly you have a very old photograph posted, I was 15 in 1976.


            • dustyk103 says:

              Indeed, they will not learn differently so long as we are controlled by Democrat communist fascism that now rules this nation. They will only learn from the “underground” of Americanism until the day comes that they launch then 2nd Revolutionary War. (I graduated high school in ’74. The pictures I have posted are of me at the WWII Memorial in D.C. in 2013, my Facebook page is me at the Arlington Cemetery, and one in front of my castle display case wearing my MAGA cap a couple of years ago.)


      • allprogressivesarepsychotic says:

        To be honest I did not become a tried and true Patriot until after “Bubba Slick Willy” was 1/2 way through his 1st term even then I voted for people like Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold over their Republican opponents, as for Ron Johnson many still are in doubt as to whether or not a RINO he certainly is not loyal in regards to upholding our Immigration laws not saying as treasonous in that matter as Tammy Baldwin but both tend to overplay the importance of illegal aliens in the workforce.

        I washed dishes for snooty elitists from the age of 44 to 47 at a Yacht club so do not tell me that us Whites will not take menial jobs to survive, just another lame age old claim by members of the Democratic party that us Whites think of ourselves as being too good to take degrading jobs to support ourselves.


        • dustyk103 says:

          Not sure who you are replying to as I certainly would never say white people think of themselves as too good for menial jobs. Though I have known some Millennials who thought being college graduates meant they should be CEOs right after graduation. When I graduated, I couldn’t get an interview in my degree field. I ended being a dishwasher at a mall restaurant where the only person who was a snob was the assistant manager who resented me being there washing dishes with a college degree. I ran into similar snobbery from Dallas Fire Department Captains who thought I should go somewhere else and leave my job open to some uneducated country boy. Not like they think they need smart people to be paramedic/firefighters. (duh!)


  2. FuqthademocRATS says:

    Democrats are disgusting vile corrupt sewer creatures that should be rounded up and shipped to iran without passports


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