Trump Exonerated! Perfidious Democrat Swindlers MUST Be Punished!

In the continuing saga of the schiffhead who cried wolf, Democrat’s star prosecutor, Adam Schiff (D-CA), ran to the microphones Friday as the Senate was voting not to hear more witnesses to cry, “I have a new witness who proves that Trump is guilty!”  Once again, Lincoln is proved right that you can fool some of the people all of the time.  Democrats say President Trump was not acquitted of impeachment because “there was no trial.”  They say there were no witnesses.  So, WTF have we been watching for the past few months?  WTF did we see with Democrats parading two shopping carts filled with 29,000 pages of documents over to the Senate?  WTF did we just see in the Senate if that wasn’t both sides presenting their evidence and witness testimony?  How the frack do these liberal wackos think they can gaslight the American people to this degree?  The answer is that they know they cannot dupe the majority of the people, only their simpleton liberal base.  These anti-American, leftist Democrat liberal saboteur’s lies must not go unpunished!

The BEST line I’ve heard, referring to the fact that there is no crime charged in their articles of impeachment, to throw in Democrat’s lying faces to stifle their crying that Trump can’t be acquitted without hearing from more witnesses in the Senate, is Jesse Watters saying;

“You can’t have a witness if you don’t have a crime.”

Hannity 1/30/20 summarized the entire impeachment process highlighting the lies being told by Democrats and the proofs being exposed by Republicans.  As usual, YouTube is an unreliable source that allows leftist propagandists to overwrite his show and flood the zone with bogus media in order to conceal the truth.  Liberals cannot stand in the light of day or see themselves in the mirror of reality.

Impeachment Exposed

Democrats charge Donald Trump as being a thug who accepts bribes and extorts foreign powers and domestic businesses.  Joe Biden says,

“This is a president who laughs at, insults, demeans, demonizes other people.  He’s more bully than president.”

Biden said this after he has been on video bragging about being a gangster thug extorting Ukraine after taking bribes to benefit his family, and was recently caught on camera shoving one of his supporters for questioning his dedication to their green agenda telling him to vote for somebody else.

Pelosi said that Trump’s legal team should be disbarred,

“All the president’s team is there to dismantle the Constitution of the United States.  I don’t know how they can retain their lawyer status in the comments that they are making.  I don’t think they made the case.  I think they disgraced themselves terribly in terms of their violation of what our Constitution is about and what a president’s behavior should be.”

This works with liberals who not only didn’t bother to watch the proceedings but didn’t bother to learn even the summarized facts from both sides.  Liberals are known for their naïveté being gullible simpletons believing whatever they are told without examining the facts for themselves.  Tell a liberal they are smart, and they will believe you despite knowing themselves to be stupid.  Tell the liberal a lie and they will invest their heart and soul into it despite all evidence to the contrary.  Liberalism is the failure of ego, knowledge, and intelligence.  It is all based on emotional, irrational thinking that leads to dysfunctional logic and erroneous conclusions.

Democrats say President Trump tried to extort Ukraine by withholding vital military aid from them in order to obtain the bribe of dirt on Joe Biden.  President Zelensky absolved him of any such crime as no aid was withheld and no reciprocal service required.  There is not a single instance of any person making charges against Trump except for congressional Democrats striving to undermine his authority.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is on video bragging about accepting a bribe from a Ukranian business to give his son a multi-million dollar job in a field in which he knows nothing, and extorting the Ukrainian government not to investigate his son’s corruption by threatening to deny them vital aid.  Democrats say that his actions are perfectly legitimate, legal, and ethical.  Once again, two-faced Democrats falsely accuse a righteous man of being guilty of doing what their own criminals did that they justified.

Likewise, Democrats say the Senate cannot hold a “fair trial,” i.e. not a trial in which the defendant is treated fairly but in which the prosecutors can railroad him without opposition, without any witnesses for the defense.  The House already had eighteen witnesses testify in their fast track impeachment and allowed the defense no witnesses.  Now they propose to do the same thing in the Senate by declaring the refusal of Republicans to allow this sham to be a coverup of their corruption.

Democrats declared that this impeachment was of such vital national security that they could not wait to go through courts to overturn objections to any witnesses.  This was so vital, imperative, and crucial to national security that, after passing impeachment in the House, they took a month-long vacation before submitting it to the Senate.  Now they want to tie down the Senate for months to do so, even making phony promises to be finished in a week.  The fact is that the Senate heard from the House witnesses that Democrats said proved Trump’s guilt beyond any doubt by cherry picking from their testimony.  The president’s defense team tore them to shreds by using simple facts from the rest of their testimony.  The Democrat’s claim there was no witness testimony in the Senate is an outright lie earning Schiff & Co. another four Pinocchios.

The end result of Democrats demonizing Republicans while exonerating themselves of their crimes is that Trump will be acquitted, and Democrats will use this as their campaign for 2020.  Furthermore, they will slander President Trump as being illegitimate, any actions he takes as illegitimate such as appointing judges and making trade agreements, and his re-election to be illegitimate.  These are the people who say that Republican claims that Democrat’s impeachment has been ongoing since before Trump’s inauguration is a conspiracy theory when there are literally ten thousand examples of their Trump Derangement Syndrome on video.  One great thing has come of America’s Internet craze is that there are literally thousands of videos, despite all their attempts to conceal them, that Democrats do nothing but gaslight fools with lies and deceptions.

Here is a list of all the most important facts of the past ten years:

  • 2011 – Obama assists the Muslim Brotherhood with billions of taxpayer dollars to begin a new Jihad
  • 2012 – Obama relays a message to Putin that he will be more flexible after his re-election
  • Obama allows the ambassador to Libya to be assassinated reportedly to keep him from blowing the whistle on Obama funding the Muslim Brotherhood
  • 2013 – Obama scoffs at the Muslim Brotherhood’s creation of ISIS to create an Islamic state in an effort to conquer the Middle East and reform the Caliphate of Muhammadism to spread Islam by the sword
  • Obama depletes the U.S. military, chokes off coal production, puts his iron boot on the throats of American businesses, and cuts off aid to U.S. allies while giving aid to U.S. enemies
  • 2014 – Russia invades Ukraine to annex Crimea, Obama allows it
  • 2015 – Joe Biden takes bribe from Burisma extorting Ukranian government
  • Hillary Clinton is subpoenaed by the FBI and Congress to turn over her government servers and testify destroys those servers.
  • 2017 – Obama informs the people that he will dictate with his pen and his phone to overrule the Republican Congress that people elected to stop him
  • Obama shuts down coal mining and admonishes Americans that their manufacturing jobs are gone forever, that a depressed economy is the new normal, and then claims to be leading the greatest continuous recovery in history
  • Donald Trump announces his bid for president to run against crooked Hillary and her campaign to continue Obamaism
  • 2018 – Obama puts a FISA warrant out against Trump’s campaign to spy on them under the guise of ferreting out Russia agents
  • Democrats fail to install agents within Trump’s campaign to work for Russia in order to frame him
  • Hillary commissions the Steele Dossier from a British agent working with Ukrainian officials to create dirt by which to smear Trump
  • Democrat’s October Surprise Access Hollywood tape falls on its face
  • Donald J. Trump is elected by 30 out of 50 states
  • Hillary declares she won the election by popular vote after California and other states stuff their ballot boxes with millions of illegal ballots
  • The day after the election, Democrats declare they will impeach Trump
  • Despite Obama saying the election cannot be hacked, Democrats start saying that Trump had Russia hack the election
  • FBI Director Comey leaked to the press to instigate the Mueller investigation
  • Mueller spends two years conducting a microscopic anal exam of Donald Trump to find any crimes anywhere in his life and comes up empty
  • The Mueller investigation is concluded with no Russian collusion found and liberals suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome insanely declare there is more evidence because Schiff insists that he has proof
  • Schiff initiates the Ukraine phone call whistleblower scam by which to initiate a new modus operandi of impeachment changing the process to allow secondhand fictional testimony from his friend Ciaramella
  • Pelosi tries to keep their corruption from overtaking her office by delaying the impeachment investigation but fails as the communist Moslem squad and fanatical liars Schiff and Nadler endorse impeachment so that they can smear Trump before he is re-elected
  • Schiff holds impeachment in the SCIF below the House so that he can secretly interrogate witnesses and leak out only information he wants
  • Democrats declare this to be of the utmost importance to national security
  • The impeachment includes 18 witness testimonies, keeps the whistleblower secret, and the bipartisan vote is against impeachment but is overridden by the Democrat majority
  • They declare their case for impeachment to be absolutely overwhelming and of extreme importance to conclude for the sake of national security
  • Democrats take vacation for a month before bringing their case to the Senate
  • In the Senate they demand that more witnesses be required to supplement their “overwhelming proof” against the president
  • Democrats declare that refusing extra witnesses is a coverup of Republican crimes.
  • Schiff & Co. repeatedly make assertions that are baseless lies founded in opinion rather than fact always striving to smear the president
  • President’s counsel threw their entire case back in their faces
  • Republicans tell Democrats to take their impeachment and shove it!
  • Democrats declare that the president was not acquitted because there was no trial after spending three months having their trials in the House and Senate

As keeps being pointed out, Democrats are angrier with Trump for exposing Biden’s corruption than they are with Biden’s corruption.  This is par for the course for Democrats who justify their own crimes and strive to slander the righteous as being guilty of the same.  On the charges Democrats brought against Trump, Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress, he did nothing to obstruct Congress from conducting their impeachment.  They restricted themselves.  On abuse of power to ask Ukraine for information of Biden’s corruption calling it ‘dirt,’ since when is it abuse of power for the executive to ferret out corruption within Washington?  Are Democrats immune from prosecution for the crimes they commit because they are in office or when running for president?

The dysfunctional logic of Democrats, that Trump would somehow benefit personally from digging up Biden’s corruption, is a set of ethereal fantasies.  One is that Biden is the only candidate who could win the Democrat nomination.  Another is that he represents a real challenge to Trump in the election.  A third is that Biden is innocent of the corruption of which he bragged.  The fourth is that Trump is guilty of the same corruption.

Democrats smearing members of the president’s defense team is nothing more than the typical poisoning of the well that is always done by leftists.  The truth of liberal’s backwards thinking is that they believe the truth to be lies and lies to be true.  Because they are so closed-minded with blinders on, they think they are open-minded and only see the shining objects put in front of their faces by lying leftists again and again.  The truth is revealed in Democrat’s two-faced beliefs that are exposed when one listens to their words during the Clinton impeachment and their words during the impeachment of Trump when they say the opposite.

Democrats – gaslighting liberal wackos

This entire proceeding has been an exercise by Democrats to see if they could mold a pile of sh*t into a bar of gold and make people buy it.  Democrats speak out of both sides of their mouths when they say Trump should be imprisoned for interfering in Democrats running for president against him in order to have them removed from the ballot.  But they have four Democrats that are running against him standing in judgment to remove him from the ballot.  This is why it is imperative that President Trump have the DoJ bring charges against these corrupt usurpers before they are re-elected by their America hating dupes.  In addition, this impeachment should be declared null and void to shove it up Nancy Pelosi’s bum for declaring this to be a stain on President Trump foreverrrrrrrrr!

The difference between Trump and Democrats is that Trump tells white lies, while Democrats tell black lies.  There’s a fine line and a vast gulf between embellishment and exaggeration vs. deception and concealing the truth.  Democrats swelling the census with illegal aliens, giving them the vote, and stealing taxpayer benefits on their behalf are all undermining our democracy, not enhancing it.  Conducting their coup d’état from their FISA warrant spying to undermining the president to their impeachment scam is all revealed to be nothing more than their attempt to usurp power. Claiming they are defending the Constitution even as they have been working to overthrow the Constitution with their attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments and the Electoral College is nothing less than the pinnacle of self-righteous hypocrisy and two-faced gaslighting.

This duplicity and deception cannot be allowed to stand.  These people should be standing trial facing charges of treason rather than standing for re-election by a public in which 50% of the people are oblivious of what has happened.  Lincoln was right when he said you can fool some of the people all of the time, and that some of the people are the liberals that make up 25% of the people.  The other half of Democrats are those who truly want to destroy America and remake her into their socialist banana republic toilet.

Democrats continue their gaslighting saying that President Trump cannot be acquitted because there was no trial will declare his administration a criminal overthrow of the Constitution.  Where do these blithering idiots get their scripts?  Who is writing for these stupid people?  More and more voters will see through their deceptions as they become more and more obvious.  Only Democrat voter fraud can keep them viable, and if they can produce enough of it, they can seize power over the nation to inflict Obamaism once again in the hopes of making it permanent.

Democrats gaslighting their liberal simpletons

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[Author’s Note: This continuing effort by Democrats to overthrow the 2016 election will not end until Schiff and his cohorts are brought to justice.  Democrats will continue to scream from the rooftops that Trump is guilty despite not only being exonerated but PROVEN INNOCENT!  They will declare all he says and does to be illegitimate thus setting the stage for them to undo all he has done, including lifetime judicial appointments, so they can corrupt the courts by stuffing them like they do ballot boxes to overturn constitutional law.  Unfortunately for America the likely result of this will be that Schiff will be elected to the Senate by California where Republicans are fleeing, and three million illegals are allowed to vote in their stead.  He will be rewarded for his pathological lies that drip so easily from his forked tongue and continue to be paid by our taxes to become a parasite sucking the life’s blood from this great nation.

The only hope is that President Trump not allow he and his ilk to stand for re-election or allow Democrat’s massive voter fraud to continue.  He should have the DoJ charge him with conspiracy and fraud.  Just because House Democrats make their crimes legal should not stand with the people.  He must send ICE agents to every poll in blue states and every city in red states and have the DoJ oversee every pollster to stop them from cheating with illegal votes, illegal provisional ballots, and giving criminals the right to vote.  They are not needed in the suburbs and rural areas where everyone knows everyone else and won’t allow cheating.  Then, once the House and Senate are fully in Republicans hands, pass laws rescinding Democrat’s protections of their crimes and make them retroactive to be the beginning of his presidency.

If this isn’t done, Democrats will continue to justify their crimes and falsely convict the innocent.  They will pursue their voter fraud and poison this country until it falls under their iron boots.  Let them cry foul when justice falls on their heads as all criminals do.  America needs justice or she will fall into the darkness of leftist socialist dictators.  Lying, deceitful Democrats are already saying that stopping their attempt to frame and defame Trump is a sham.  They say stopping their voter fraud machine would be the tyranny of a monarch.  Righteous people recognize that criminals always say being served justice for their crimes is tyranny.  Make them eat the sh*t sandwich they tried to feed America.

Sen. McConnell and President Trump wrestled with Schumer who forced them to wait until after the SotU to hold the vote to acquit.  This can only be so that they can smear Trump at the event.  Even Romney and Manchin are said to be voting for acquittal.  Democrats would like nothing more than to say their impeachment was bipartisan and wish for 51 votes to claim it is the majority despite needing a two-thirds majority to actually remove a president.  They will be accusing Republicans of a coverup of their corruption that makes Trump a dictatorial monarch.  President Trump would be right to use his SotU to crucify this Democrat coup attempt.

I’m praying that he brings charges against Schiff for his outrageous lies pretending he was testifying to facts, and conspiracy against the country.  I pray he institutes an ICE oversight of polling in blue states and cities to stop millions of illegals from voting to protect citizen’s rights, outlaws provisional ballots and ballot harvesting for the frauds they are, and cleans the voter rolls to stop Democrats from voting in multiple counties and states.  He needs to do it now to make its way through the courts which Democrat activists are sure to use to block righteous voter rules before the election.

If you don’t think massive Democrat voter fraud exists, then answer the question; why do Republicans get 60% of states yet hold only 53% of Senate seats?  Why did Republicans win 3084 of 3141 counties but hold fewer seats in the House?  California alone overturned twenty House seats with provisional ballots and ballot harvesting in 2018.  Democrats accuse Trump of doing what they have been doing because, like all cheaters, they can only imagine losing if the other side cheats more.  They will never admit that the vast majority of citizens love this country, not socialism.  Only law-abiding citizens should vote and only do so once.  This fraud must be stopped, or America is doomed!]

Democrats vow to impeach Trump again if acquitted

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